Travel Theme : Numbers

 After nearly 8 months roaming around New Zealand and Australia. Visiting family and friends and house sitting in 3 different locations it is good to be home and getting back into rediscovering the things I like to do.

One of my favourites is going to the local Saturday Farmer’s Market.

when Ailsa gave us NUMBERS as the “travel theme” this week I grabbed my camera as I hopped on my bike to restock the fridge and pantry with the freshest produce around.

Burleigh farmers markets pc 035_3264x2448

Notice the bags of peas ready shelled and purple carrots

Numbers were everywhere.

Burleigh farmers markets pc 002_3264x2448

That is a very good price for an armful of sunshine. But difficult to carry home on the bike, especially as today is hot and sunny but also windy.

Burleigh farmers markets pc 029_2448x3264

farmers markets 037_1294x921

Here they are at $2-50 per kg. I consider bananas a staple and we have one every day with cereal for breakfast.

Burleigh farmers markets pc 028_3264x2448

Burleigh farmers markets pc 032_2448x3264

 There are other things you can find at this market. So after putting my fruit and vegetable purchases into my saddlebags I just love wandering around taking in the vibes and atmosphere.

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33 thoughts on “Travel Theme : Numbers

  1. A lto of great produce. I’d love to do some shopping on that market!


  2. Oh Pomme, I am so insanely jealous of your beautiful fresh produce. We are entering autumn here and soon all of our produce will be from places far away 😒. There is nothing in the world like local fresh fruit and veggies. But then I find we enjoy it that much more when we have it so I shan’t complain – SIGH.


    • We are lucky over here Tina. Another bonus is it lasts so much better than super market produce, I can buy a full weeks worth of fruit and veg and not have to throw any out because it has gone off… 🙂


  3. What fantastic pictures of the market – everything is so colorful!


  4. What a sweet way to settle back into your life at home–a bike ride to your farmer’s market. Combine that with a leisurely cooking session with the fresh produce for dinner and it would be a perfect day for me.


  5. poppytump

    Aha … this is where you are now then Pauline .Home . and re – acquainting yourself with everything local . Purple carrots just don’t seem quite right somehow Lol … bananas NOT from thousands and thousands of miles away would be quite a novelty 🙂


  6. Walking the farmers markets are a favorite activity in San Francisco. Glad you had some wonderful adventures traveling around. Enjoy being home for a while! Hello to Jack.


  7. Sounds and looks like we had a very similar day. I love the farmers’ market, especially when the weather is so nice.


  8. Bet you’re glad to see that home for a while. I went to the markets at Golden Beach recently and yes good value and good food! Read the article on the ‘Bell Injection’……the things we do not know! Think I’ll take the splotches…we all have them. One sleep and then I’m off home, 5 weeks and then down your way for at least 6 months. So glad to have lovely people renting my property. Enjoy!


  9. I absolutely love going to the markets. I’m actually about to head off to some Cairns markets right now! 😀


  10. Loveliness……I’m gonna start a mental pool. Who will stay home the longest? You or me? 😉


    • Now that is interesting, our next trip is March to NZ. That is unless an interesting house sit pops up before that… What is your next adventure?


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  12. Nice to be back home PP? You have been away a long time. And as you know, I adore a proper outdoor market with fresh, local produce. Tell me what on earth is a ‘bell injection’? (bananas)


  13. Never mind the numbers, I like the colours of the produce!

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  14. Welcome home!


  15. Fresh produce… yum… Wonderful photographs 🙂


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