Sydney snippets… 3 day roundup, Art, Architecture and Gardens…

We have settled in to our Airbnb accommodation in Bondi Junction, our hostess, Shona, has welcomed us like one of the family.

Our Airbnb accommodation.

Our Airbnb accommodation.

It is only a 10 minute walk to the railway station and from there, with a $2-50 senior pass, Sydney is at our beck and call.

The weather has been perfect so here is a roundup of what we have done in 3 days…

Sydney art gallery botanic gardens 035_4000x3000

First a visit to the NSW Art Gallery. Can you see Jack?

It can be very tiring being a tourist

It can be very tiring being a tourist

After a morning absorbed with the beauty of art it was time for lunch.

Across the road in the Domain is the Domain Kiosk.

A favourite place for lunch

A favourite place for lunch

Now to immerse myself in the beauty of nature.

Follow me into the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney

Follow me into the Royal Botanic Gardens of Sydney

I have over 100 photos, the light was superb for photography, so I have many more to show you at a future date.

Sydney art gallery botanic gardens 245_4000x3000

Suddenly from a blue sky a summer storm passed over. Torrential rain for 10 minutes and every one ran for cover under the huge, spreading Morton Bay Fig trees.

It past as quickly as it came.

Sydney art gallery botanic gardens 249_4000x3000

No visit to Sydney is complete with out walking past these 2 icons.

Day 2 was again perfect weather so this time we visit another favourite, the Chinese Gardens at Darling Harbour.

Chinese Gaedens Sydney 026_4000x3000

We had lunch in the garden Restaurant and then spent hours wandering around, sitting, sketching and enjoying the peace and tranquillity of these beautiful gardens.

Leaving the Chinese Gardens we walk through Darling Harbour to catch a ferry round to Circular Quay.

 On the way we pass under the “Old Coat-hanger”

Chinese Gaedens Sydney 160_4000x3000

Cruise liner in port

Cruise liner in port

In Circular Quay we see this cruise liner tied up. This is not the one we are going on but I imagine ours will also be this big.

Day 3 we take a train to Surry Hills and wander around the galleries and interesting boutique style shops.

Then catching another bus we search out the UTS (Sydney university of technology) to see the Frank Gehry designed building. I will do another post about this amazing building, but will just give you a preview of the building here.

UTS building Surry Hills 066_4000x3000

We have walked miles and our legs feel at least 6 inches shorter. We have one more day before we join our cruise to New Zealand. So this will be my last post for about 2 weeks. I will miss visiting you all and will probably have internet withdrawal symptoms.

By the way Jude, you may notice quite a number of benches scattered around…



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Bench Series : March, wooden benches.

red bus tour 187_3000x4000

Richmond pc 197_4000x3000

Tallangatta Hume sun set pc 007_3264x2448

3 more benches to finish off March entries.

I will be back with more, time and internet connections permitting, in April.

In the meantime keep an eye on Jude’s “bench series to see benches from around the world.

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Another adventure is around the corner…

On Tuesday we leave for Sydney to spend 5 days in  Airbnb accommodation. What??? You have never heard of Airbnb? Check the details here. I will tell you more about it when we get there.

Then we board the “Oosterdam” on Sunday March 22nd for a 2 week cruise to New Zealand.

But I am getting ahead of my self first I have to pack….

packing pc 005_4000x3000

Oh dear, will it ever fit in…

This is quite difficult for me as we have not been on this sort of holiday before, previously our travels have been exploratory experiences spending months, even years travelling around Australia in Matilda, and only needing basic shorts, jeans and t-shirts. Before that our overseas travel was with a minimum of clothes in a small backpack.

 So I am not too sure what I will need.

I am dithering about how many “posh” type things I will need. I can picture me swanning around the pool deck in my usual shorts and tops and I don’t think they will fit the bill so I have actually been shopping!!!!! Not easy as I don’t like and don’t have the patience for it, plus I never seem to find things I like… Any way this time I took friend June with me. She LOVES shopping, so I think between us we found some suitable cruise type outfits. Must say I don’t exactly feel comfortable all dressed up… Maybe that will change after 2 weeks of leisure…

Jack had a great find at his favourite shopping outlet, the op shop… He found a brand new navy blue blazer style sports jacket, very smart, and a matching pair of navy trousers and a very attractive tie for the grand total of $18, $10 for the jacket, $6 for the trousers and $2 for the tie. He is always finding great buys at the op shops. I never can… So now he is all set to be invited to sit at the captain’s table.

So for the past few weeks I have been preparing the garden to look after its self. Weeding, pruning, mulching and today the mower man came to give the edges and lawn a final cut.

Garden March 2015 029_4000x3000

It has been a long hot and wet summer and the flowers are slowly giving way to the ravages of the climate. The Bird of Paradise is starting to wilt

Garden March 2015 016_3000x4000

And the ginger flowers are past their best. But many other flowers are still giving me a lot of pleasure.

Remember the small veggie patch? (click on the link to revisit it)

Garden March 2015 030_4000x3000

Well the caterpillars are still munching the kale, but I am getting a few feeds from what they leave.

Beans are doing well

Beans are doing well

Garden March 2015 032_4000x3000

And I have filled the rest with herbs. Notice the thick layer of sugarcane mulch…

Garden March 2015 057_3000x4000

This was the sunflower patch, they are long gone and I have put in some small cuttings of a croton bush that I have been nurturing along. Can you see them among the protective mulch?

The compost bin is almost full.

Garden March 2015 044_3000x4000

Jack has given the fish ponds their annual clean.

Garden March 2015 088_3000x4000

Garden March 2015 072_4000x3000

Here are some more views from around the garden.

Garden March 2015 075_4000x3000

packing pc 001_4000x3000

Here it is all trimmed and tidy, I will miss it…

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Travel Theme : Graceful #3

Gracefully landing

Gracefully landing



Just another 2….


Wanted to put these 2 with the last post, but, I couldn’t find them. I searched and searched, I knew they were somewhere buried in the archives. I really should organise my photos….

But this morning I have found them….

So these will be the last I will post for Ailsa’s “Graceful” theme…

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Travel Theme : Graceful #2

Valla Beack Nambucca pc 123_1075x696

The pelican in flight is majestic and graceful…


Couldn’t resist posting just one more for Ailsa’s travel theme “graceful”.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Orange

Orange, the colour of sunshine, the glow of the setting sun, the vibrant shades of flowers. In all its shades it is my favourite colour.

“Orange you glad it is photo time?” I sure am…

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Bench Series : March #1 and a walk through Tyalgum

March is here.

I love March, the weather is not so humid, still hot, but bearable. Also in 2 weeks time we will be travelling again. I’m excited at the thought. AND it is my birthday month, actually Jack and I have our birthday on the same day so double the reason to celebrate.

Not having a car we have not been on many trips lately, but this weekend friends took us for a trip over the border to a small rural village with the strange name of Tyalgum. It is situated close to the rim of Mount Warning, the world’s largest extinct shield volcano.

Mount Warning

Mount Warning

There I found an old style village and benches every where, and they were all wooden. Excellent, as wooden benches is the theme for March.

Next door is a second-hand book shop.

Tylagum pc 029_4000x3000

 I spy another bench…

Tylagum pc 038_4000x3000

Interesting windows too. I love the colour. I’m sure Dawn of “Lingering Look at Windows” will like this one.

Tylagum pc 052_3166x2593

Further along the street is “Flutterbies” I am gong to have a quick peek in here, it looks interesting.

Tylagum pc 045_4000x3000 Tylagum pc 047_4000x3000 Tylagum pc 046_4000x3000

Did you notice the couple sitting outside having lunch? She had a very distinctive fashion style, very 1950’s.

Tylagum pc 056_3000x4000

This village is famous for its Community Hall as the acoustics are excellent and every year a “Classical Music Festival” is held here in September.

Tylagum jc 001_3660x2368

I enjoyed the day out in the country. Come for a stroll around with me. Here is a gallery of some of the other places around this village.

Tylagum pc 002_4000x3000

Jude of “Travel Words” loves benches and she would like us to share any benches we find on our travels in her “Bench Series”, I hope you don’t mind Jude but this week I have combined the benches with Jo’s “Monday Walks“, and even slipped in a window for Dawn at “Lingering Look at Widows.”

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Black and White 5 Day challenge : #5

The 5 days of this challenge have flown by and it has been interesting searching through for images to convert. I really liked the old cars in monochrome so here are 3 more.

into nt jc 020 crop b&w_1422x912

In the middle of nowhere along the Nullabor Highway. This ute abandoned, burnt out and trashed. A sorry site.

Oakabella PC 035 b&w_3264x2448

This farm truck after a life of hard work also stripped and left to rust in a paddock, probably where it came to a stop.

Murry Bridge to Meningie 252 b&w_3264x2448

This old girl may get restored as I found it hunkered down in a barn at the Old Tailum Town Heritage Village. This was a fascinating place, visit the post I did about it here.

Finally one more scenic photo.

Mungo senic drive pc 053 b&w_3264x2448

I have enjoyed doing this challenge and for my last day I would like to invite Jo of “Restless Jo” to join in.

There are only two rules for this challenge:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

Jo is a tireless traveller and her posts are a mixture of her descriptions of the amazing places she has visited and accompanied with great photos. She also hosts a Monday walking group inviting the cyber community to join her. Check it out you may have a place to take us to in your corner of the world.

So this is it. Thank you Gwennie of “Gwennies Garden” for nominating me to take part. I have enjoyed it.

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Black and White 5 Day Challenge : #4

Well I am really getting my teeth into this challenge, so today I am going to play around with a series of photos taken in 2012 at the jazz and vintage car festival in Tauranga New Zealand. (click on the link to go to a post I did back then)

family photos 018

I’ve decided to try people in black and White.

The era of jive was alive and kicking at the festival. I caught this couple dancing in the streets to a jazz quartet.

village jazz jc 004

The music created a happy vibe.

jazz tauranga jc 106 b&w

This group combined their music with a ride in a vintage car.

jazz tauranga jc 085

The vintage car owners all dressed the part and the sun shone on the parade.

jazz tauranga jc 066

I don’t know who is the oldest, the driver or the car…

jazz tauranga jc 083 sepia

Finally I have put these 3 photos in different styles. They must’ve been so hot in those fur capes on a sunny, hot New Zealand summer day, but they looked the part.


Gwennie of “Gwennie’s Garden” has invited me to join in. I love to visit Gwennie, her blog is filled with gorgeous photos of flowers and succulents from her garden and interspersed with stories of her travels. Well worth a visit.

There are only two rules for this challenge:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

Today I would like to nominate Dawn of “The day after” for this challenge, but only if you have the time Dawn. Dawn is a prolific blogger and loves both words and photography. The short stories and articles she does for the various challenges are worth popping over to read and her photos are always amazing. As well as those interests she runs 2  monthly challenges, “lingering look at Architecture” and “lingering look at windows” check them out, you may like to join in.

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Black and White 5 Day Challenge : #3

Rocks Burleigh Heads HDR black and white_3988x2983_3988x2983

This is the walking track through Burleigh Heads National Park.

I thought rocks are an ideal subject for my number 3 monochrome study

Many millions of year ago this was an active volcano. At this time the Tweed Volcano was active. Molten basalt lava from the volcano flowed all the way down the valleys and eroded them all. The valleys were covered in hardened sedimentary rocks before reaching what is now the Burleigh headland

If you would like to see more of this park come over to another of my posts for more photos, go here.



Gwennie of “Gwennie’s Garden” has invited me to join in. I love to visit Gwennie, her blog is filled with gorgeous photos of flowers and succulents from her garden and interspersed with stories of her travels. Well worth a visit.

There are only two rules for this challenge:

1. On 5 consecutive days, create a post using either a past or recent photo in B&W.
2. Each day invite another blog friend to join in the fun.

Today I would like to invite Wilbur of “Wilbur’s Travels” . I have just discovered Wilbur, he is an inveterate traveller having been to over 60 countries and has produced one book  ‘This is How it Feels to be City’ in 2012. And has another one in the pipeline. I’m enjoying travelling along with him. Go jump aboard you’ll enjoy the ride.

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