Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected

I often wonder about fate and where the twisted path of life takes us. Are our thoughts, dreams and desires connected to what happens in life?

Last week I received an UNEXPECTED email that started me wondering along these lines.

Now to set the scene I will take you back to 2010 when we travelled around Australia in our faithful old camper van, Matilda. Of all the States we visited Western Australia was my favourite and I often wondered if I would ever visit it again. It is so far away, almost 4,000 kilometres from the Goldcoast to Perth. But WA lives in my memory and occasionally I would dream of revisiting it.

Karijina It is an amazing place. An immense, mostly uninhabited landscape, raw and wild the red rugged ranges pitted with deep canyons.


The road winds along the coast with the azure blue Indian Ocean beating against the shore.



Coral Bay

I will never forget the image of the land awash with colour during spring as the wild flowers carpeted the land.

The sun setting over the ocean when the world seems to be on fire.

Glorious sunset

Murchisan river

Robe River

During the year spent travelling we couch surfed with a number of people (to see some of the places we stayed put couch surfing in the search box) and made new friends.

Now out of the blue, unexpectedly, one of the couch surf hosts has e-mailed us to see if we would be able to house sit for her from April to June 2014. She lives in Geraldton WESTERN AUSTRALIA…

Of course the answer is YES.

Now is that Fate? Did my thinking and dreaming of, one day, revisiting WA make the stars align to present this opportunity? 

We are also going to New Zealand, February and March, to visit family…

So suddenly from not really having any plans for 2014 we have the first 6 months planned.


The “Weekly Photo Challenge” this week is UNEXPECTED. and this made me think how random and unexpected things and happenings can shape what you do and where you go.

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37 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected

  1. Amazingly beautiful photos and a lovely surprise too. Isn’t life strange? 🙂


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  3. Joan and Terry Watson

    That also gives us something to look forward to in 2014, my mothers favourite place was WA, it must not be too bad coming back to the Goldie, but great to know you can get away.


  4. what a gorgeous sunset! 🙂


  5. that sunset and water splash are unreal! wow


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  7. How fabulous you lucky things.We have just driven back from Jurien Bay which is about an hour or two before Geraldton. My favourite part of the trip is that the Australian Christmas trees are putting on a show, the bright orange colour on the top is amazing. If you make it down to Perth, please message me, if you’d like to meet up. Rae xxx


  8. Beautiful photos, especially the last two. 🙂


  9. What great news PP! A win-win situation, you go back to WA, I get to read about it 😀

    I’m liking the sound of this house-sitting lark, maybe I should look into it – though it’s a long way to WA from here. Great photos – I love the first sunset, clouds really make a sunset special and you have captured those perfectly.
    Jude xx


    • G’day Jude thanks for the comment. House sitting is world wide and it is the perfect way to get to know an area from the inside.


  10. Such vivid memories. Thank you for sharing your travels. I enjoyed reading and looking at the photos.


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  12. poppytump

    Oh such joy PP !
    How GOOD is that …. those pictures are stunning . Going to really look forward to some more of the ruggedness of WA .
    .. and then NZ too … we’ve visited , but of course 3 weeks was never going to be long enough, maybe one day ….


  13. It sounds wonderful! Such lovely scenery…lucky you!!! 😀


  14. Wow! Know you’ll have wonderful times!


  15. fascinating life my dear with your memories preserved in ethereal photos of a magical continent~


    • Thanks Cindy, as I get older I appreciate having all the photos to look back on, especially now I am into blogging and have a reason to search through the archives


  16. what a beautiful post! i loved every word and every image, and it’s obvious what an effect that part of australia had on you!



  17. Yoohoo! from a fellow Aussie! Such beautiful, beautiful photos of a stunning country, pommepal… but then I’m biased of course!
    Lucky you, WA is one of my road trip dream locations. (Hmm, wonder if we can take the camper trailer across the Nullabor Plain one day?)


  18. My brother always wanted to motorbike across Australia, now I see why. Thank you.


  19. beautiful flowers..


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