A walk along Beautiful, Burleigh Beach : Joining Jo’s Monday walking group

Sunday beach markets pc 001_1984x1488

This is my street and that hi-rise is on the beach front, just one kilometre away. So join me as I hop on my bike to go down to the beach for my morning walk. Bring water, put on sunscreen and a hat it is hot and sunny.

Today is  a special day as it is the last Sunday of the month and that is the art and craft markets on the beach front.

Sunday beach markets pc 002_4000x3000

Only a 5 minute ride (10 minutes if you walk) and now I tie the bike up. The beach is just the other side of the bushes, from here we will head south, next time we will go north.

Sunday beach markets pc 005_3000x4000

I think I will wander around these markets, it is mostly local art and craft. I have never seen any Chinese or imported products here, great place to shop for gifts or Christmas presents. Be warned this could add an hour or more to the walk…

Sunday beach markets pc 048_3144x2262

It’s a great venue under the shady Norfolk Pines and next to the beach catching all the sea breezes. They are very welcome as it is going to be hot day today.

Sunday beach markets pc 046_4000x3000

That is my cup of iced tea waiting while I take a photo. It was delicious.

Still lots to see.

Sunday beach markets pc 050_2621x2068

This group of Hare Krishnas passed by chanting and playing their instruments. Times have changed as a few years back they would all be in their orange cloaks with shaved heads…

Sunday beach markets pc 052_4000x3000

This is Burleigh Beach, my local beach. It is very hot today and what better way to cool down, but you must swim between the flags as there can be very strong rips along this coast. Notice the surf life savers in their orange and yellow jackets.

That hill in the background is Burleigh Heads National Park and that’s where we will be walking round.

Sunday beach markets pc 053_2601x1606

The surf rescue boat and team are ready for any emergencies, and the sea is very choppy today.

The board riders club are having competitions.

The board riders club are having competitions.

Sunday beach markets pc 059_4000x3000

This is the surf club building, a great place to have a meal upstairs right on the water front. Downstairs you can have a coffee and a snack.

Sunday beach markets pc 062_4000x3000

Further along is my favourite coffee hole in the wall. I think she has recognized me!

Sunday beach markets pc 073_4000x3000

Notice all the seagulls on the scrounge?

Sunday beach markets pc 074_3058x2324

This is the entrance to the National Park.

Sunday beach markets pc 076_4000x3000

The tracks go round the hill in a figure of 8. The right hand track goes up the hill and is STEEP with lots of steps, quite a challenge. The left hand one goes round the bottom of the hill along the ocean. I am not very fit at the moment so we will go along the low track.

Sunday beach markets pc 100_4000x3000

Sunday beach markets pc 114_4000x3000

This gate is padlocked if the track is dangerous. You’ll see the rocks soon.

The day we arrived home a fire broke out on the hill and these gates were locked for a few days. I am interested to see how much damage was done.

10AM: A SENIOR ranger has revealed an illegal camp fire is thought to be behind a large blaze that engulfed Burleigh Headland overnight.

The fire began at about 6.30pm and burned well into the early hours of the morning.

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service senior ranger Henry Waterman said about three quarters of the sloping headland had been burnt.( go to this link to see dramatic photos of the blaze)

Sunday beach markets pc 086_4000x3000

How did these Pandanus survive?

The report was that three-quarter of the Park burnt, but in fact it was only a small section of the grass land, the bush was not effected.

Sunday beach markets pc 097_3000x4000

These are the rocks that caused the concern. They have been like this the 16 years we have lived here and probably very much longer.

Between 20 and 23 million years ago, molten lava from numerous eruptions in this area spread in all directions, some flows reaching the present coastline at Burleigh headland. Slow cooling of the thick lava resulted in shrinkage and cracking into six-sided columns. Many slid and rolled to the water’s edge.

So let’s quickly and safely move on.

Round into the shady, cooler bush track

Round into the shady, cooler bush track

Sunday beach markets pc 107_3000x4000

The 6 sided basalt columns line the track.

Sunday beach markets pc 099_4000x3000

Round the other side of the hill we look over to the mouth of the Tallebudgera River. Beyond is Palm Beach and down to Coolangatta and over the border into New South Wales. The wind is whipping up the foam today. No surfers out here in these conditions.

Sunday beach markets pc 119_4000x3000

Further along the river bank it is calmer. That bridge is the Goldcoast Highway, the major road south.

Sunday beach markets pc 120_4000x3000

On the other side of the river is another surf club, they certainly have the best beach front positions.

Sunday beach markets pc 124_4000x3000

This is the intersection of the 2 tracks, to go right it will be all up hill, straight ahead takes you to the Highway. I am feeling quite hot and so I think I will go back the way I came and leave the hill climb for another cooler day.

Sunday beach markets pc 128_4000x3000

There’s the iconic hi-rise outline of Surfers Paradise on the horizon.

I think I will stop for a coffee and ice-cream at that little kiosk.

Hope you enjoyed your walk in the sun.

To enjoy more walks around the world visit Jo’s blog and join her for Monday morning rambles.

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33 thoughts on “A walk along Beautiful, Burleigh Beach : Joining Jo’s Monday walking group

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  3. What a beautiful place, Pauline. But I get so cranky when people aren’t responsible with their fires. I’m just glad it didn’t do a lot of damage xxx


    • That grassland was a fire waiting to happen Dianne so in a way it was fortunate it had a burn off with out more damage. But I agree some people are very irresponsible


  4. wendy

    Pauline long time since I have seen you with your camera and interesting places you photograph.
    I have meaning to walk that track for ages. I go North nearly every morning.


  5. Lyn

    What a beautiful stroll. Such contrasts.


    • I was in Market heaven this last weekend, farmers market Saturday then beach market Sunday. Could do with some cooler Tableland weather at the moment…


  6. well i loved how you gave us all the people shots – then nature -and then wrapped up with a few more people shots. The guy at the shower in the picture with your bike was fun – and as usual, I just love seeing these candid shots – and glad you got your tea… I will have one of those fresh fruit smoothies I noticed on one of the signs… ha!


  7. Joan and Terry Watson

    Oh just love Burleigh, but you do need to travel around, like you do, to see just how perfect it is


  8. You have a great place to go walking, and right on your doorstep. Reminds me of our beach in Umhlanga, which now seems a million miles away. How awful to see the devastation caused by the fire. I do wish people would be more careful. 😦


  9. Oh, how I hope to find some similar walks over the next few weeks, though I am hoping it won’t be TOO hot in NSW. And I’m sure NZ will be cooler. I enjoyed this walk with you PP, nice and varied with the market to browse around, though some of those kids lights would give ME nightmares! I stayed not too far from here on my first visit to OZ – Currumbin – and got a nice shot of Surfers across an empty beach.


  10. Your walk was quite varied. My problem would be resisting buying anything at the craft fair knowing I’d have to carry it who knows how far!!


  11. Hi Pauline, this is my first time for here in your virtual home and I onjoy walking with you. The cartoon character lamp was catching my eyes, and the intersection make me wanna walk walk straight ahead by your side, while you busy take a picture and tell me much interesting thing. 🙂


  12. Wonderful and interesting walk, really enjoyed it – very inspiring… 🙂


  13. Gosh you’re having very hot weather over your way at present! We’ve had the occasional hot day but then it goes rainier and cooler again so very variable over here in the south west! How fortunate the fire wasn’t any worse – the regeneration of the vegetation after bush fires never ceases to amaze me. Fortunately we are near the coast and not close to bushland – I couldn’t stand the stress of living in a bushfire zone. Have enjoyed your walk thanks for sharing 🙂


    • Really hot for October and today set record temperatures all over the South-East. Fortunately had a brief shower that cooled us down slightly. Don’t usually have bush fires in this area so it turned into a spectator spectacle.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. I second Jo on her thoughts…a very different walk!


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  16. How CAN these people be so irresponsible with their camp fires, Pauline? Makes me furious!
    When I saw the high rise I thought ‘oh no’ but then your market looked such fun and the National Park looks beautiful (but beware of those falling rocks!) Amazes me how very different our worlds look, even when we go to the beach 🙂
    Many thanks for joining me again.


    • Fortunately the fire did not do a lot of damage and maybe helped by cleaning out the long grass. and didn’t get into the bush area, but those campers were certainly irresponsible. I didn’t see any bush turkeys and usually spot 2 or 3 on this walk. hopefully they will come back they are quite fascinating birds, the male does all the mothering of the chicks.


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