Time for change…

I arrived back home from extended travel in January, that was 6 months ago, now I’m sleeping in the same bed every night. My days and weeks have become structured. I have enjoyed watching the garden change through the seasons.  See the garden in its summer glory hereIt is now mid-winter, but in Queensland that means slightly cooler days and nights and no humidity, ideal for working in the garden.

Back in January I planted vegetables and tomatoes in pots.

The tomatoes have done very well and kept us in a steady supply.

july garden-5_3000x4000

But, annoyingly,  the birds also found them. A bird net over them solved that problem.

I keep the salad greens and herbs in pots so I can move them around to follow the sun. They are now down the far end of the garden in a sheltered area, protected from the winter winds, and they get all day sun.

july garden-25_3492x2484

july garden-7_4000x3000

The raised bed for herbs, in the front garden keeps on keeping on.

july garden-10_3413x2543

So that is my vegetable supply and my entry into Jude’s (earth laughs in flowers) weekly/monthly garden photography challenge and for July the theme is “the edible garden”

But while you are here I will take you for a garden walk to see what is happening in July in my garden.

Today winter has arrived it is a rather grey and dismal sort of day, showers are forecast and the temperature is only about 18c degrees, but until this week we have had some warm sunny days and this flowering shrub is bursting into flower. I inherited this shrub when I moved in and don’t know its name but it has a most beautiful soft scent and flowers twice during the year.

july garden-24_3000x4000

july garden-23_3120x2535

july garden-15_2817x3756

I wonder if you remember the bat plant, the most unusual plant in my garden (see it here) It is a true tropical plant and look at it now.

july garden-8_2694x3151

It certainly does not like the cooler temperatures. (this is for you Sue)

The compost bin is full and quietly decomposing. It has been a busy time of pruning and mulching as this year there has been plenty of rain and the growth has been phenomenal.

july garden-17_4000x3000


After that wander around the garden I would like to invite you inside ( joining Ailsa’s Travel Theme, Indoors), through my front door. (Joining Norm’s “Thursday Doors” challenge)

july garden-3_2438x3444

Come into my very untidy “studio”. That is possibly a rather pretentious term for where I now like to indulge in my new passion.

july garden-2_4000x3000

So for a while I am going to be loving and leaving you all.

I took my first tentative steps into  the virtual world of the blogosphere in 2009. Since then it has become a major part of my life, journaling my daily and weekly happenings, joining in challenges, searching through thousands of photos in my archives to find the perfect submission for the themes. Taking photos with the ever-present thought of “will that be suitable for a post”, and, of course, making many dear friends from all over the world in this wonderful virtual world of Word Press. Enjoying the connection of “chatting” and commenting with other bloggers and the community spirit of friendship.

Now I want to take a break, spend more time practising art, trying and learning new techniques. Immersing myself in the flow of creativity, reading more books and of course spending time in the garden.

I’m sure I am going to have withdrawal symptoms, 7 years of regular posts is a major commitment, so I will occasionally pop by to say “G’day” and keep in touch with my blogging buddies.

july garden-1_4000x3000

The hammock hangs forlorn and unused waiting for summer.

spiders web 006_4000x3000

Maybe I will find time to do some house-work, but I will not disturb this spider I think they do a good job of catching mosquitoes.

So that’s it for now. I hope you all have a really great weekend. Bye for now…


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100 thoughts on “Time for change…

  1. This post was a great read! I enjoy reading your blog posts!


  2. Merry Christmas to you and Jack, Pauline. I know I haven’t been visiting in a while, but here I am to find you are now taking a break to paint, and having a glimpse of your studio is a treat. You have such talent. I look forward to reading your posts when you can get to them and please share your painting expeditions. Your garden is exquisite and I am sure a source of inspiration always!!


    • Hello Sue it was lovely to see you pop in. I didn’t intend to spend so long out of the blogging loop, it certainly doesn’t feel like 5 months, but I will be doing the occasional post next year so will see you around.


  3. Hi P
    Been thinking of you this week and had to drop on by to say hi!
    I read your reply to Jude and got the scoop
    Hello to jack too!


    • G’day Yvette, lovely to hear from you. Hope all is well in your corner of the world. We had a huge thunder storm last night, but no damage. Now sweltering in summer heat, but now we are back in our proper house and are lucky to have aircon. Hope it is not too cold for you. Have a happy and peaceful Christmas. Love and hugs to you my blogging buddy.

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  4. Hi PP my dear friend – I am just poking my nose in to see how you and Jack are doing. I so miss your lovely chats, but I am sure your life is full of things you love – the garden, the walks to the beach, your painting, and hopefully one or two small trips. I do hope one day you will return to the blogosphere, but until then stay well and enjoy your settled life in the Gold Coast and pleease send us some of that warmth it is getting a bit chilly here now!
    Jude xx ❤ ❤


    • G’day Jude it was so lovely to hear from you, great to know I am gone but not forgotten. I really don’t know where the time has gone since I was last on the blogosphere. I get twinges of guilt every now and again, but life seems to have just filled up and not left much time for blogging. We have done one house sit and had a weekend in Grafton to see the glorious jacaranda festival, lots of photos. How is your garden? I’ve really enjoyed watching my garden through the year. I will find time to pop over and come for a virtual stroll around your place. Weather here is glorious, hope it is not too cold in your part of the world. Are you coming over here to see your family in Perth? Take care my blogging buddy, bye for now.

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      • Ah, thanks for getting back to me PP – I appreciate you taking time out of ‘life’ to have a visit with me. Sounds as though you are having a great time and I hope one day you will be back posting – especially those Jacaranda trees 🙂 Love to Jack xx

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  5. Hope all’s going well with you & Jack, and you can warm up with Summer! xx


  6. I stopped by several times by your blog. I am relieved to hear that you are doing well, Pauline. Warmer days are coming for you now.


    • G’day Paula nice to hear from you. I’m not doing much in the blogging world at the moment, life seems to have taken over…
      Hope all is well in your corner of the universe.


  7. Hello Pauline .. this is Poppytump come looking for you 🙂 I too felt the need to drop out and focus a little more on what was important to me . Photography first , and then letting the art develop when the mood is right . It’s not something that can be forced I realise, AND not that easy , but then that’s the personal challlenge isn’t it 🙂 I wish you lots of fun with those brushes , paint and creativity … let loose and see what happens . You probably have done so already as you’ve been away alittle while . I do hope you’ll share at some point and maybe wander back into blogland as and when xx always a pleasure to visit you here , whether watching your garden grow or hearing about your adventures in new places when you were house sitting . I’ve much appreciated your warmth and encouragement in my ventures too … wishing you happy days ahead with it all Pauline , love to you and Jack xx


    • What a lovely surprise to see the born again Poppy arrive in my comments box. I’m going to “pop” over to see what you are up to. Welcome back….


  8. Wow, girl, that is quite the eclectic post. Were the tomatoes tasty? They look almost ripe. And yeah, just leave that spider where he is. Is he/she poisonous? There are lots of real deadly critters where you live, you know. Careful.


  9. Hi Pauline it has been lovely reading of your adventures. Your garden is wonderful , so many colors and surprises. Enjoy your break and new ventures, take care.
    Much love
    Sheila x
    ps I have still more of your blogs to catch up on.


    • G’day Sheila, lovely to hear from you. I kind of miss all the community connections. But am getting more into the art and enjoying it. I will eventually be back

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  10. Dear Pauline, I have been away in Spain, and haven’t visited until now – Here i found your wonderful garden and your creative mind again – but leaving us? A wise decision even if it hurts…because you chose to develop and redevelop other talents as well! I will miss your adventures and your happy comments and smiles, your interesting plants and adventurous biking (!). I do think you will pop by with a post or a comment now and then…at least that is what I try to read into your lines…
    You have been here for us such a long time…. – big hug and wishes for great new adventures in art and garden!


    • It was lovely to get your message Leya, I am enjoying my art, some hits and plenty of misses in my experimenting. I will pop back occasionally, I do miss the community connections, but there is a certain amount of freedom in not doing regular posts. I must come over and see your photos of Spain, I can imagine you had a glorious time there.


      • I am glad you enjoy your freedom and feel good! Thank you for answering- now I know you will keep in touch. And yes – if you want to, I recommend Thursday Thoughts- the beach entry. That day stands out…don’t we all love magical surprises? Big hug to you and yours💖


  11. I’m totally jealous of your garden Pauline. I have tried planting a variety of vegies this season but all that I have been successful at is tomatoes (and I don’t even like them) and parsley 🙂


  12. I like your article, very inspiring and thank you for your article///

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  13. Lovely garden photos…good luck with your break and new ventures, take care…


  14. Hi Pauline, I think taking a break is a good thing – I am happy you’ve found another creative outlet in your art. I have enjoyed gardening, traveling and musing with you and most especially meeting you in person when you graciously hosted me and my husband during our time in Australia. Enjoy and hello to Jack! much happiness to you. J


    • Thank you Jane, I will still be popping over every now and again. I am missing blogging already, but I’m really enjoying the challenge of painting. It was a lovely day we spent together. I will eventually be back…

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  15. Hi P !
    Wow – was surprised to hear you are taking a break – but also understand –
    and well the tomatoes look so good and I like the idea for containers for moving them too – I forgot that could be a bonus!
    And have fun with your art! The studio looks peaceful!
    I have something to add to it later – but will share later

    Anyhow – I don’t really have loved my blog breaks – I find they are hard at first – but then very natural and have also allowed me to assess my MO –
    Oh and on my summer breaks in years past I had the chance to find new blogs or just go slower at visiting – or stayed away fully – and it was such a gift!
    Ok – be back later –


    • I’ve really enjoyed our “chats” Yvette and I must admit to having a few withdrawal symptoms, but the bonus is having much more time to try my hand at painting, quite a challenge!!! I will eventually be back in the fold and will occasionally pop by to say G’day. Take care and best wishes.

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  16. I absolutely love your garden, Pauline. Mine is like a mini version of yours (all my plants are in boxes and pots because we will be moving house next year). I even have a hammock that’s identical to yours – I bought it when we lived in Spain. Enjoy your art, reading and of course your garden, during your break from blogging. 🙂

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  17. Joan and Terry Watson

    oh we will just have to bump in to you at Burleigh, sooo enjoyed your travels and marvellous photos you take, still love your garden too, have lots of fun with your new adventurex


  18. Wendy bruce

    Pauline,enjoyed looking at your garden and your travels when I received them. Thanks for remembering me. As I dont live far from you, if you feel like a break from your new venture, ring me and we will share a cuppa. Cheers


  19. The garden is so lush and beautiful, and so it your art work! Enjoy the change, and new journey.

    Looking forward to your next post letting us know what you’ve been up to.

    Oh, your front door is beautiful!


  20. Good for you for backing off for a while in an organized way and perhaps you’ll blog occasionally about your art? I’ve found it really hard to keep up during our summer – too much outside to experience before the big chill returns! I do enjoy your upbeat blogs though and always read them even if I didn’t comment. Have a great life of new pursuits and perhaps our blog paths will cross again.

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    • I’m sure our blog paths will intersect, I will eventually come back, but only on an occasional post. Enjoy your summer, hope it is a good one.

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  21. What a brave act!!!! I’d die of withdrawal. But then, the blog is my creative outlet. Enjoy the whole new shape of your world. It will be strange not encountering your wonderful posts.

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  22. We will miss you I have thoroughly enjoyed your posts and am envious of your green thumb. Good luck in whatever takes your fancy.


  23. wow your garden is stunning!!!


  24. Oh Pauline I’ll miss you so much and I’m not alone. I totally understand your need for change, blogging is so time consuming, but so rewarding. I’m wondering if Jack will be posting still? I really hope that you’ll let us know what you’re up to occasionally, you’re such a lovely and positive presence for me and our other blogging friends. Enjoy all the things you do and take care of yourself, with love, G.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I will be back at some stage and I will still call round to say “G’day” to my special friends and in the meantime may make the occasional appearance to keep in touch. I really enjoy the blogging community it is a great organisation.


  25. Wonderful photos of your garden and inside your house. I’m sure you’re going to enjoy your ‘new’ life. Have lots of fun. I’ll miss you. *hugs* 🙂


  26. Your garden looks fabulous, Pauline. I’m going to miss you! Best of luck with your art, creativity and garden xxx 😉


  27. It has been a pleasure and privilege getting to know you the past while through your weekly door posts. I’m sad to see you go but at the same time I’m happy that you’re leaving for other activities you’re passionate about.
    Take care and do stop in whenever like – cheers 😀


  28. Oh, Pauline, I shall miss you, but quite see your reasons for having a life away from blogging! Take care, both of you, and do be sure to let us know how you are getting on from time to time…


  29. It’s good to change things up. Blogging, with all it’s pleasures, takes time from other pursuits. I suspect you will find a whole new creative flow with your artwork, reading, gardening, and whatever else takes your fancy. Enjoy your blogging time off. I will certainly miss you, though.


  30. I will truly miss your regular postings. I will look forward to maybe an occasional tour around your part of the world. And there is always ‘archives’. Best wishes of creative energy to you.


    • I’m sure I will have withdrawal symptoms and I will be back in the future, it has become to much a part of my life to give up completely.


  31. A woman has to do what a woman has to do, but you will be missed. Maybe once a week and let us know what you are working on or reading? Take care and enjoy your time away. 🙂


  32. I’m going to miss you so much. You are the person I wanted to be, travelling around constantly, you on your own, you and Jack, the house-sitting years. Such fun, such memories. You have become a very dear friend and I always look forward to your posts and your visits to mine. But I am being selfish. Of course you must do what YOU want and spend time at home and in the garden and creating. Just don’t stay away too long. Pleeease…. in the mean time I shall have to go browsing through your archives to get my Aussie fix, what with Meg in Europe now too!
    Stay safe, stay well and have fun 🙂
    Jude xx

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    • That is such a lovely comment Jude and I consider you one of my favourite cyber friends. You and Jo and Tish make me long to visit England again with your beautiful photos and descriptions of the country of my birth. Blogging is such a great way to keep a record of events through the years and I know I will eventually be back, if only to record special places so they don’t slip into the fog of memories forgotten. I have been wanting to try my hand at different forms of art, but the old procrastination bug always turns me toward doing posts as they are easier than getting the paint brushes out. So time will tell and at least I will get this out of my system… Jack is also into art too, he is learning calligraphy and Chinese brush painting. Stay well and enjoy creating your new garden in your gorgeous piece of Cornwall. I will keep in touch

      Liked by 2 people

  33. d.

    Enjoy the change of pace…maybe at your own pace. Will maybe email you occasionally. Regards to Jack…oh, did i tell you my best mate from school and her partner are coming to house sit when we go to the wedding…only 6 wks away now.


    • So pleased you have found some one to house sit for you. I would like to keep in touch. Wow where is the time going. Enjoy the wedding if I don’t get in touch before you go, 6 weeks will fly by.


  34. Dear Pauline,
    Thank you for all the pleasure you have brought to me since I have followed you. I have loved my travelling around with you upon your many travels. To places I would never have seen otherwise.
    I have so enjoyed the delights of parks, buildings, flowers, benches, and your delightful shares of your art and of other peoples.

    I see many now within the blogsphere withdrawing, to do their own thing.. Me too I am here less, as I absorb Summer and my garden..
    You are doing the right thing, by spending time doing the things that bring joy, contentment with no sense of obligation.

    Your Garden despite being winter is looking so colourful. All of your veggies, herbs are looking like they have enjoyed your tender loving care over the last few months of staying in one place..
    Today it is more like October here than July.. And raining here, or I would be out in the allotment..
    I hope to see you when ever you feel the urge to connect back into WP again Pauline..

    Please also give Jack a Huge hug from me.. I do miss his posts, but know also how he too is doing what he loves..

    The world is in need of more of us going within, doing what pleases us, to bring that Joy back in our Inner Lives. And by doing so we are helping generate Joy back into the World as a whole..
    Take care of yourself Pauline..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue xxx ❤


  35. I was going to say ‘surrounded by beauty, as always’ Pauline (except for that bat plant 🙂 but you floored me by announcing your departure! I shall miss your kind presence so much, but I applaud a wise move. I know that it’s one I should probably make too, and do something ‘real’ with my life, while I still can. Hugs to you both, sweetheart. Take good care, and be sure to let us know how you are from time to time. With great affection 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Jo I really admire your enthusiasm and energy, wow all those followers and you make them all feel so special. I don’t know how you keep up with it all, blogging is so time consuming, but I have loved every minute of it and I certainly will be back. I have withdrawal symptoms already. It is also a good way to keep an on going record of what I do over the years so without the blog to refer too how will I ever remember where I have been and how long ago I did things!!! But this art thing has been simmering in the background for quite a while so I feel I must “give it a go”, but I will be back and you will see mr lurking in the wings putting likes and occasional comments, so keep up the good work and keep soldiering on with those so popular walks. Good health, safe travels and best wishes “till we meet again” I’ll go out on a song….


  36. Jackie

    Wow, this must be a huge decision for you to make, to take a change of focus!
    It sounds like you have chosen to focus on few other life interests for a while now that you have “settled” back.

    I Often think of your adventures and how much you have followed your desires to see Australia. And have definitely made the most of your ability to do that.
    I guess it can now be rewarding to settle and enjoy the community and surroundings and get immersed into life of some normality is not that bad!

    I know that I well overdue for a catch up…. but since coming home it has been literally hit the ground running! Thankfully I got the time totally away when I did as it will be another 12 months of focus as the business goes through a settling and growth period after the stressful re negotiating of contract period.

    For now I see that its important to rebuild and focus on the growth that is happening. Since getting back it has been a time to make sure everyone else gets some quality time off before we get busy… so its back to hands on deck – im covering dispatch on weekends, and raelene has taken a month off – so im doing her role to! Not a lot of spare time at the moment… but important the we get everyone else quality time off. Everyone felt the pressure of the contract review process so having to work our way through giving everyone time off as we were stretched for a period of time.

    That being said, no real excuse for not being in touch… but this weekend is the first weekend I will have “off” since getting home from Everest!
    In saying it will be off – I mean I wont be on dispatch, but I still have work to do. Really hoping to go for hike on Sunday if weather permits as it has been bit patchy lately.

    Anyway hope you are both well…great to see the photo and blog a it shows you have settled back an got everything looking wonderful.

    Well lots of love for now… and will get to chat one day soon… XXX

    Jackie Carroll
    Managing Director |Owner

    m +64 21 342766

    [Description: D:\TRANZLIQUID ADMIN\TEMPLATES\logo-tranzliquid.bmp]
    The liquid logistics experts
    Right product, right quantity, right tank- ON TIME- GUARANTEED!

    Web |www.tranzliquid.co.nz fb |facebook

    Liked by 1 person

    • So good of you to comment Jackie, it is quite a decision to make, but it won’t be for ever, I will be back…


  37. your garden looks great !!! but I am sorry you are going to leave us ! have a great time practising art, the garden is a fabulous inspiration for it ! make sure to pop by and show us your art !


  38. I loved your garden, and your vegetables look wonderful, especially compared to ours…covered in frost! I can understand your need to try something new and creative, art and photography and blogging are all quite similar….best wishes with your new ventures!


  39. I love your garden and your home, it looks beautiful. How sad that just when I found you, you’re ducking out of the blogosphnere. But I totally understand, enjoy your down time and your weekend xo


  40. Oh PP, I will miss you!! I always enjoy our little conversations in the blogosphere. But I understand you wanting to pursue a new direction. Creativity always calls to me and I think your studio looks like a great place to dive in. As usual, your garden looks gorgeous (well that bat plant is very strange). I’ve just arrived back to the Melbourne weather and am slightly envious of your QLD one. It was glorious up in Mackay (although not today I believe). Anyway, enough rambling from me, take care and enjoy your creative spell away. Xxx


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