Memories are made of this

This is the link to my second blog site. I have so many photos that I would like to share, so I have started this second blog…

As I get older I realize that over the years memories build on experiences, people you have met. Some for a short time, some become life long friends.

Family are deeply entrenched in your life and memories. The family grows over the years. Daughters and sons, marry or have partnerships.The extended family now includes in-laws. Children are born, grow and bring their special joy to be remembered. Weddings, birthdays, Christmas, special occasions, some happy, some sad.

Then, for me, a very special part of my memories involves my passion for travel.

The thread that runs through all of my memories are my photos. Thousands of them. I had a Box Brownie in the early 1950′s for my 10th birthday. Now that will date me. An Olympus SLR was my companion in the 1980′s as I travelled around the world. Photos take up room in a large cupboard, some in albums, some just in shoe boxes. All precious to me. Now with the advent of digital cameras it is a huge, largely uncatalogued, collection on the hard drive and various memory sticks.

When people are asked what they would save in a disaster, after family and pets it is nearly always the photograph collection. Sadly for many Australians who went through the natural disasters of floods, cyclones and bushfires during 2010, time and again it was the loss of a lifetime of  memories in their photos that they mourn as being irreplaceable

So I am starting this blog to gather together, in no particular order, photos that bring back memories for me. Of course a lot of my photos are not digital. Nearly 50 years of prints. Maybe I can scan and reproduce them… I will try…   I bought my first digital camera in 2001 at huge cost back then. So that is 11 years of digital.

I hope you, my blogging friends, will enjoy looking at these photos and sharing memories with me.

This is the link to my second blog site you may enjoy


13 thoughts on “Memories are made of this

  1. I would save my photos too. But then again, sometimes I get nostalgic seeing my sons as little kids and the years that were. Photos have such strength to pull us back into the past, and out of the present. Its a mixed bag of emotions.

    How to sprt and save them all…especially the older printed ones continues to baffle. The photobooks take too much space, am thinking of just storing in plastic boxes.



    • I have a large cupboard full of albums and boxes of old photos I can’t bear to throw them away but the thought of scanning them is just too much effort. So there they stay. I occasionally look at them and they bring back so many memories


  2. I knew you had a second blog but don’t often remember to look for it. I just spotted this page today. My powers of observation are extraordinary 🙂


  3. Glad you keep the shoe box filled with memorable photos. I’m sure your family who reads your blog will be tickled pink and thrilled to see your memories.


    • I sometimes wonder what will happen to the thousands of photos in both real shoe boxes and the cyberspace shoe box. I think they will mostly be dumped, but Jack and I enjoy looking through them.

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  4. Rosalie Kyan

    Hi Rosemarie, Thanks for sharing your travel blogs and photographs. You are an inspiration for all of us who have been around for a few decades and have focused on too much on the business of work and child-raising without taking time out for ourselves to travel more than we have. BTW (by the way) scanning old photographs is really very easy on many modern printers. I bought one for $100 a year ago and it scans amazingly well, directly to my computer which it recognises in our house through our wifi modem. Then you just save each image on your computer or hard-drive.


  5. We shared some of the great travels and yes it would be nice if you digitise the best of those photos. The paper in those albums are not acid free and the photos will deteriorate some need a bit of Photoshop work already.
    I will give you a hand when I am not busy with some other interest.
    With you as a partner their is never enough hours in the day.
    Probably is a good thing as I would go gently with the flow and the stream would dwindle to a trickle and stagnate.
    Better to wear out than rust out.
    This is crazy, why am i writing this to you?

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  6. When my father died in 2011 I started going through all my photos and photo albums. I scanned every single photo and slide, digitized them and put them on my computer and on an online photo gallery. My kids thought I was crazy, but it was very therapeutic to relive all the events of the past. I saw my father and all of my other friends and family who had passed on looking young and vibrant again. That was good because the recent years had been full of aging concerns, disease, and the spectre of death. I got to remember all of the happier times full of life. I applaud your work on this blog and look forward to following.


    • Thanks Rosemarie for calling in and telling me about your mammoth task I can appreciate the time and dedication it would take to preserve all those memories. Past photos can easily be lost and it is a shame that todays generation will lose all that history. I look forward to having you join my ramblings


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