WordPress photo challenge : Luxury Afloat…

What a perfect challenge from the WordPress team this week. After 2 weeks afloat in luxury I would love to share it with you…

Obviously a great deal of thought and design has gone into the décor. I found it restful and refined. The royal blue of the carpets with lots of brass fittings, the sweeping stairs down into the Atrium with the large, impressive, magnificent, revolving Waterford crystal world slowly turning and catching the light from the chandeliers. Exquisite artwork adorns the walls. a warm palette of colors accentuating an extensive use of crystal, marble, inlaid woods and brass, lovely flower arrangements, antiques and a full wraparound teak promenade deck with padded deck chairs. Words cannot really do the atmosphere and ambience of this cruise ship justice so I will take you for a photo tour through this luxurious ship I called home for 2 weeks.

Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 051_4000x3000

Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 052_3000x4000

This impressive globe hung above 3 decks of the Atrium area. Behind it you can see part of the art gallery.

Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 028_4000x3000

Unusual light fittings glowed in the star encrusted ceiling that glittered with tiny lights.Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 040_3000x4000

 This corridor leads to the Casino. No photos are allowed to be taken in that area, but it had all the equipment to entice you to gamble the night away. This is a no cash environment, your door card, with your number and name, acts as a credit card for all purchases. So easy to run up a large bill. We were very careful, everything, including all alcohol, is charged at US$. But there is so much more entertainment available for free.

Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 043_4000x3000

Looking through to the Pinnacle Restaurant. This restaurant offered a fine dining experience and was the only restaurant that charged for the meal. From $29 to $69. We did not dine here as the other restaurants were covered in the cost of the cruise and we considered their food to be of an excellent quality.

Wellington on board Jc 003_4000x3000

But I did take a photo of this restaurant.

Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 032_4000x3000

This is the entrance to the Vista Restaurant, the A ‘la carte dining room, these meals were included in the cost of the cruise. When they had the formal evenings we would go here for dinner. Notice on the right hand side there is a hand sanitizer? They were set up every where and there was notices requesting us to wash hands and be aware of healthy habits, even told at the end of announcements over the intercom to wash our hands…

cruise day 1 jc 016 jack in suit

Jack all togged out in his formal Suit

This is the Vista Restaurant.

Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 030_4000x3000

Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 029_4000x3000

Wellington on board Jc 037_4000x3000

Seats are scattered everywhere.

cruise day 4 pc 022_3000x4000

Wellington on board Jc 012_4000x3000

Fresh flowers are everywhere.

ship drawings 4 pc 018_3000x4000

 All the dining tables have a dainty orchid on them. Jack carried his sketch pad with him all the time and did 2-3 sketches of ship board life every day. This is a sketch of the orchids.

cruise day 4 pc 040_4000x3000

The Vista Dining Room also served afternoon tea every day. This particular day it was an Indonesian theme with delicious Indonesian delicacies to have with our tea or coffee. 

 It was the small details that impressed me. Every day these delightful fruit carvings greeted us in the Lido Bistro Restaurant.

Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 045_3000x4000

I loved this “Tromp l’oeil” art work. I could imagine strolling around this classic Italian style garden, so peaceful.

Watson Bay cruise day 1 pc 034_3000x4000

These are the lift doors. Each lift  has a notice board on the wall alongside to let you know exactly where you are and what is on this deck. This is absolutely essential as the ship is so large I easily got lost in the first few days.

I realised that I didn’t get photos of all the areas. I missed the Green Spa area, where, for a price, you could indulge in various massages, facials, hair styling and cuts, manicures, pedicures and all that sort of pampering. The gym and a number of the bars I also missed. Maybe I will have to go on another cruise…

But apart from eating and wandering around admiring everything there was a great entertainment programme and of course there are the ports to be explored…

To be continued…


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48 thoughts on “WordPress photo challenge : Luxury Afloat…

  1. what awesome modern tech to think that all this grandeur can float – and love dapper Jack – also hius drawings – and I have not seen such a nice cruise ship so I soaked up every pic – and like the details – format he watermelon/fruit art – to the different lights – need to scroll again ❤ ❤


  2. OMG so OTT! This sort of decor usually nauseates me, unsure I could get used to it. The food and the friendly staff sound fantastic, and looking forward to the entertainment, and Jack’s sketches of course.


    • Good description Naomi certainly OTT!!!! I rather liked it in the short term, so different to my usual décor, but I prefer simplicity.


  3. Okay I got completely confused! I found your other blog and thought I was unfollowed from you two! Love your photos! Love your ship! So happy you went on this cruise. Rather nice no! I can tell you both enjoyed yourselves! So glad~


    • Not exactly my style, so opulent Cindy, but I rather relished in it for the 14 days. Staff, food and interesting people to meet.


  4. Wow! Your photos really show just how luxurious these grand ships really are!


    • I don’t know how this one compares with the other lines but I have been told by other travellers that have been on other cruises that this is a great line to sail on


      • Having never been on a cruise I have nothing to compare it to but it’s hard to imagine more luxury. Also forgot to say that I appreciated Jack’s sketch too and doesn’t he clean up nicely!!


        • Jack was doing 2-3 sketches a day. I will be showing more in future posts. He looks good doesn’t he? and the jacket only cost $10 from an op shop!!!!

          Liked by 1 person

  5. poppytump

    They really do go to town do they not on all the decorative features and finishings Pauline .. it must take awhile to get used to this every day … well 14 of them anyway 🙂 I do like the sound of trying something different though and you have … wonder what those Indonesian afternoon treats were …
    Jack looks the Biz 🙂


    • Yes I love trying new experiences Poppy, as I know you do….
      The Indonesian treats were very sweet and colourful, should’ve taken a photo of them!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. This is over-the-top fabulous, Pauline. It’s so luxurious all around. So impressive at every turn. I’m glad you had a wonderful time. 🙂


  7. I was on my first cruise about three years ago – mixed reviews. But reading your posts and seeing your photos make me question what didn’t I enjoy??! It is all rather overwhelming, isn’t it?!


    • I guess it is up to each individual to interpret the experiences they encounter and decide whether they are enjoyable or not. I’ve been told each cruise line is quite different and caters for different clientele. HAL caters for the older passenger therefore a family with children may have found it unsuitable.


  8. Nice post Pauline I don’t know what I would do without you.
    You have certainly shown what we do to together so well.
    I love being your second hand man in second hand cloths.
    You record how I manage to fit in, what ever i wear, where ever we go.


  9. Do you ever long for simplicity? This reminds me of the castle in Warsaw: so much gold and ornamentation, and then a few white rooms that were splendid in their plainness. I love the thought of Jack in his suave $10 jacket in all this magnificence, and your photos are, as always, stunning. I’m eager now for ashore.


    • I am really for the simple life Meg, to me small is beautiful, I loved living in Matilda and our Granny Flat is a very small one room and basic, but it was very interesting to see and live the other
      lifestyle for 14 days.


  10. One word: WOW!


  11. Luxury on the sea! I think this is what I will think of ‘grand and opulent’ for a while


  12. The flowers, carved fruits & beautiful details are a gorgeous feast for the eyes. I remember my Westerdam cruise & am so happy to have the memory. They’ve retired the ship, now. Your photos are lovely to behold, thank you!


  13. Fabulous….fabulous work!!!


  14. Very luxurious. Great photos 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Quite impressive!



    • I was certainly impressed by the whole cruising experience Janet


      • I’ve never been on a cruise and I’m not sure if I’d like to go on one or not, but you make it sound quite inviting.


        • I think it is totally up to the individual as to if you would like it. We have friends who tried a cruise and they couldn’t get off the boat fast enough. They hated the organisation. But I look on it as another experience to be savoured. Never really thought I would ever actually go on a cruise, so opposite to how we usually travel.


  16. It looks so very grand, Pauline, perfect for a cruise on the high seas. And golly gosh, doesn’t Jack look smart!

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Lyn n David @ Meow-land-a

    Magnificent elegance and beautiful photos. You would have both appreciated the Artwork, so many interesting spots to just rest, linger and absorb…..fantastic. What a handsome man you had to escort you to dinner. Awaiting the next instalment.

    Liked by 1 person

  18. It’s so ornate, not all my style but I love to see it, especially all the detail you ‘ve captured!


    • It was described in one review as “venerable” I wouldn’t choose that style for my own house but it certainly gave the ship a rather regal look.


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