Come for a cruise with me…

into Wellington breakfast time 067_4000x3000

The excitement of a new experience gets me out of bed early to explore this floating 5 star accommodation. Our “stateroom” (that does make it sound such a luxurious and up market space) is on the bottom deck, or Main Deck, of 11 stories that tower above us. The 3rd deck is the Promenade, perfect for early morning walks (are you with me Jo?) a sign tells me 2 circuits will be 1 kilometre. Great I will be able to keep fit doing circuits…

A staff member is busily washing the windows and I could see the teak wood decking had already been swabbed down. Everything sparkled.

cruise day 4 pc 033_3000x4000

I briskly walked 6 circuits breathing in the fresh ocean air. This is the life I tell myself I will do this every day…

Jack has gone to the gym, great he says it has his favourite cross trainer equipment. (I didn’t get any photos of the gym, which is a shame as it was a very impressive area) YES he will keep fit also…

into Wellington breakfast time 048_1984x1488

The staff are industriously polishing and dusting, see how he is using both hands, there are a lot of stairs and balustrades to keep sparkling. I found out there are 800 staff looking after us…

Time for breakfast, the Lido buffet Restaurant is on the 9th floor so we catch the lift, after all we have done some exercise this morning…

cruise day 4 pc 058_4000x3000

Notice when the lift doors open the mat tells us what day of the week it is, it is changed every day, one more job for the staff…

Akaroa from ship 014_3000x4000

Chrissie, one of the delightful dining room staff greets us with a smile. I cannot praise the staff highly enough. They are always smiling and helpful. Every one welcomes us with a cheery greeting. They set the atmosphere of happiness and relaxed enjoyment around the boat that has every one smiling and in a good mood.

The staff is all Indonesian or Filipinos and the Holland America Line has a training school for them. 

into Wellington breakfast time 086_4000x3000

We find a seat then check out the buffet… WOW… so much choice

I am amazed at the quality and variety and marvel at the amount of work that has gone into preparing and serving all this food. Apart from this restaurant the A ‘La Carte Vista Restaurant serves breakfast and you can have meals brought to your State Room. And all this food and variety is available for 3 meals a day plus afternoon tea and a snacks bar available all day on the pool deck.

Every meal we had was of the highest standard with a change of menus each day.

The food alone was worth going on the cruise.

But wait there is more. I will show you around the ship next….

As for the daily walk around the deck and Jack’s gym visits I’m ashamed to admit I only did 3 deck circuits during the 14 days. I did the occasional wander onto the Promenade deck to watch the sea go by. Jack did the same number of work-outs. After all, we rationalized, we were at the front of the ship and the dining room was at the back so we walked to our meal and back 3 times a day, so do the maths…Then there was all the walking when we went on shore…

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44 thoughts on “Come for a cruise with me…

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  3. Oh so glad you had a good time! It is quite a lot of fun isn’t it!!!!! 🙂


  4. poppytump

    You’ve got me fancying something more than just toast as I sit here at 7am Pauline 🙂 It all looks marvellous and such a change from your usual travels …
    Lovely relaxing in such surroundings with crew/ staff so happy and smiling too .


  5. I’m not surprised you got to know the staff and appreciate all the hard work they did – you seem just that kind of decent person!


    • Thank you for your kind comment. I always enjoy chatting to all the people I meet on my travels, to me it is what creates memories and new friends.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. loveintheairforce

    loved the photos! it’s getting me pumped for when I can plan my next cruise trip in June!


    • Where will you be going?


      • loveintheairforce

        Hoping for a Princess cruise around the Caribbean, but most likely the Carnival cruise to Mexico. It’s hard to plan right now until I find out when my boyfriend comes home from his deployment


  7. loveintheairforce

    Thank you for sharing! I loved the photos, it’s getting me pumped for when I can plan my next cruise trip in June!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you for giving me a taste of the cruising life without me having to go to sea. You are a good advocate with those wonderful sumptuous photos.


  9. Hmm, I’m thinking cruising could be an idea for some destinations….


    • To me that was the downside Sue. I enjoyed the cruise for the cruise if I wanted to visit a place I had not been to before I would be frustrated at the few hours that was spent in port.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, yes, although I guess you would get a taste of the place… Anyway, for now I have no plans to do it!


  10. Jackie

    Great to see what it was like on board.. 😉

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  11. What a fab buffet Pauline, I’d be in seventh heaven!


  12. Lyn n David n Meeoows

    Oh Wow Pauline you have sold us on cruising, it looks like a holiday fit for a Royal. Just beautiful. David thinks the food is enough to make him want to cruise, I certainly would enjoy the food ….but oh all that cleaning being done and not by ME. That has to be a winner. It looks like a dream holiday, so glad that you have had such a wonderful time. Looking forward to next instalment.


  13. Enjoyable reading. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  14. Jodie

    Oh you inspire me so much! It’s been 5 years since my last cruise and after seeing your last post, I went looking at cruises, found a couple of interesting ones, mentioned them to hubby and now we’re all booked to go on one of them next January. It’ll just be a small 4 day cruise as this time we’ll have the kids with us, but I can’t wait!


  15. Great travelogue, Pauline. Did I miss where you are headed or is that to come? Enjoy!


    • We are going over to New Zealand to stay with my son and daughter for a few weeks Jane. We usually fly over to see them so this time went the long way round!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Great post. I’ve never been a on a cruise so thanks for taking me along.


  17. Oh, I’m so jealous! And who’s thinking of exercise when one can enjoy those yummy meals? Where exactly were you cruising?


  18. It all looks so luxurious. Did you find you were more caught up in the cruise itself rather than your destinations? I’ve always wondered if a cruise would be my cup of tea. 🙂 It’s all very over the top!


  19. pattisj

    Thanks for sharing your lovely cruise with us. It sounds like you enjoyed it immensely. I need to learn to clean “with both hands.”


  20. Look at all that food!! How did you manage to exercise any restraint? I’d have wanted to, been compelled to sample everything. Great taster of life aboard the ship, Pauline.


    • It was a good job we had 14 days aboard as that gave us time to sample all the different things without over stuffing at each meal. Actually I was very pleased to find my weight was still the same when I finally got on the scales at my sons place. I guess all the walking helped…

      Liked by 1 person

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