Back Home in the Garden…

I said “no more veggie garden”…


garden Jan 2016 pc 006_4000x3000

The tiny veggie/herb garden is looking quite sad and empty, (do you remember when we built it?) It is very small compared to the veggie patch on the farm. So I couldn’t resist buying some lettuce, rocket and Greek basil from Bunnings.

jan garden 004_4000x3000

This is the “Bali” corner and also my small nursery area. Lurking under the tarpaulin is a mulcher which will soon be getting a lot of work. It has been a good season for rain and everything has doubled in size.

jan garden 001_3000x4000

Here they are, my new babies. I’ve just transplanted them from the cells they came in and will coddle them in here till this present very hot spell (30+ temperatures) passes.

Did you notice the pink behind the shade cloth?

garden Jan 2016 pc 004_3000x4000

garden Jan 2016 pc 001_4000x3000

It is the Crepe Myrtle in full flower.

A sure sign of summer in the tropics is the Frangipani now coming into flower.

jan garden 011_3000x4000

jan garden 015_4000x3000

Under the Frangipani is an unusual Bromeliad.

jan garden 018_3000x4000

It flowers for months.

In the week I have been home the temperatures have soared into  30+ and with a hot wind as well the garden can dry out quickly.

jan garden 021_3000x4000

So the hose is in use every night. Notice the handy bench to sit and have a rest on?

The ponds are looking good.

jan garden 005_3000x4000

Over on the door the masks that Jack made are keeping an eye on things.

garden Jan 2016 pc 040_3000x4000

Here is a gallery of some other things flowering at the moment.

garden Jan 2016 pc 046_3000x4000

Look at the lemons, this tree is only a year old.

So life goes on in the garden. Hope you enjoyed the look around.


I’ll join Jo’s Monday walk today, come over to visit her. Actually it is more a saunter, and if it gets too hot you can sit and rest on one of the benches.

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48 thoughts on “Back Home in the Garden…

  1. Beautiful crepe myrtle and bromeliad. Gorgeous!

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. I am back to comment – I enjoyed the garden walk so much P! And I am going to gets small lemon tree this year –
    And the pink crepe myrtle is a common blooming tree here in va so that felt like home – but some of your flowers I never see – so enjoyed them more – jacks masks are super fun – and the bench and wavy pathway photo is maybe another fav – I could feel the heat when i saw the hose too – and love your starter plants in the shade- have me looking forward to our summer 🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸


    • Pleased you enjoyed the wander around Y, I love my garden, always something new happening. A constant source of photos. That lemon tree is doing so well for its first year. Put one in full sun and give it lots of feeding and love it will do well for you.


      • Thanks for the tip! We lost our peach tree this year and so a small lemon tree might be a nice thing – even though I always gave away most of the peaches anyway – so not much loss really. But I will miss the spring blooms – so pretty! And side note – I wish I knew what the flower smells like – the one you said is the “smell” of summer to u!


  5. Thank you for the beautiful tour- it must be nice to be back. It is serene and welcoming garden.


  6. Everything looks so healthy, Pauline. Love your Hoya photo. t reminds me of my mom, who used to have a huge one on her porch. 🙂


  7. Wow what a bountiful garden….it’s beautiful and I’m sure I caught a whiff of sweetly perfumed air from the photos!


  8. Fabulous, I love exotic plants and Jack’s Green Man mask is a surprise 🙂


  9. Such a wonderful Garden dear Pauline.. and it is making me yearn for Spring.. In the mean time I am reading up on my Moon Planting.. 🙂 and ho to go and pluck a few lemons fresh from the plant :-).. Loved ALL of your Photo’s… Beautiful Garden you have. xxx Sue _/\_


  10. What a lovely garden to return to! Beauty all around and love the masques that Jack made.


  11. Your garden is so lush and vibrant. I love that bromeliad, am envious of the lemons, and wish I could smell the frangipani. I love growing veggies more than anything–something about eating them, I guess. Looking forward to seeing how your little patch does this year. Happy homecoming!


    • I have lots of bromeliads in my garden as they are great easy care plants and can survive drought conditions and can grow under trees, on trees in fact there is a brom for all conditions, I love them. I guess I am addicted to veggie growing too but I will try to contain my enthusiasm to just salad veggies (for now!!!)


  12. I can not get enough of your garden PP. I could happily spend hours wandering around, you have so many beautiful plants! And a bench. In the shade. What a lovely spot to sit and have a natter 🙂


  13. Toni

    love the lots of Lemons, where did you get your tree, mine is over a year old and its only got leaves on it. It almost died in the ground so put it into a pot seems to be doing better in the pot but not a sign of lemons yet. What do you feed it??? welcome back home cheers Toni


    • I got the lemon from Bunnings (where else can you get garden things from round here?) I feed it regularly with seasol and powerfeed, plus gave it a handful of slow release pellets before I went away. Lemons are heavy feeders.


  14. Oh I do miss my frangipani tree already! Lovely post PP.


  15. What a lovely garden you have, Pauline….the Crepe myrtle looks gorgeous


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  17. Summer in the tropics! How good does that sound? 🙂 🙂 Hot, I know, Pauline, as I sit shivering here! I always wondered what Frangipani was. It sounds edible, doesn’t it? And looks beautiful too. Thank you for sharing a little warmth with me,sweetheart! Love to you and Jack 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • The Frangipani has the most beautiful delicate scent too. For me it is smell of summer. Pleased this warmed you up a little my friend. Jack sends a hug back xxx

      Liked by 2 people

  18. I think I’m addicted to planting vegies. Every time I go to the shops I see what’s in season. You’d think I had a great vegie garden, but the cane grubs are getting the better of me this season. They eat the roots and the only think I can think to put on them is confidor (but I’m such a greenie I hate using anything like that). I love the Hoya – beautiful! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yes I’ve come to the conclusion that I am addicted to the veggie planting, on the farm I vowed I would not plant any more, but just couldn’t leave that space empty. I’ve found some of those grubs in pot plants they can be a real pest.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I had a beautiful passion fruit vine and one day it just toppled over. I looked at the base to see there were absolutely no roots left. Argh, silly little grubs – then the bandicoots come along to eat the grubs and in doing so they dig up the roots as well. There must be an answer somewhere without poisoning everything in sight 😉

        Liked by 1 person

        • What a shame about the passionfruit. I’ve noticed curl grubs in some of my pot plants (hope they don’t get into the garden!) I pick them out and feed to the fishes, but a bit too time consuming to do to the garden beds. Have you tried Googling organic control?


  19. Your garden missed you and is glad you are home!


  20. I love visiting your garden. 🙂



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