Thursday Doors : Teavine House…

teavine house-16_4000x3000

A friend told me about this restaurant. It is in the country and not a place that you would just stumble across. I’ve never seen it advertised, so it is one of those places that survive on word of mouth. It would have to be good.

teavine house-17_3617x2713

I liked the look, Queenslander style with large open decks.

teavine house-15_2733x3611

The door was open with 2 elegant inlaid panels.

teavine cafe murwillumbah art mt warning 043 closeup

We were welcomed by Chris, the smiling and friendly owner of this delightful French Provincial Teahouse. It specialises in high tea. The range of teas was impressive, 15 blends from all around the world, a page of choices. I chose Peony tea because I had never heard of it before, it was light and flowery, quite delicious. Served in delicate, exclusive fine china on lace table clothes it was an impressive start to our meal.

teavine house-3_4000x3000

We also ordered lunch and while waiting I looked around.

teavine house-2_3000x4000

teavine house-1_3000x4000

It wasn’t long before guests started to arrive.

teavine house-6_4000x3000

I think it was a celebration.

Our lunch arrives and a photo is worth a thousand words…

teavine house-4_4000x3000

teavine house-5_4000x3000

Notice Jack is straight into his stuffed chicken and flower salad. Mine is a vegetable stack piled high with a variety of goodies, I found asparagus, mushroom, capsicum, kumera, courgette, onion and egg plant, home made pesto, fresh salad, small roast potatoes and crusty bread.

This is just one of the deserts that tempted us…

teavine house-7_3155x2572

But we resisted them…

After lunch we looked around the garden area.

teavine house-8_2978x2522

This looks like a very special High Tea function. I checked their web page and this is what it said.

History of High Tea

According to the legend of Queen Victoria’s ladies in waiting, the Duchess of Bedford is credited as the creator of Afternoon Tea.  At first, the Duchess had her servants sneak to her chambers with a pot of tea and bread.  The Duchess then invited friends to join her for an additional afternoon meal.  This menu centred around small cakes, bread and butter, sandwiches and assorted sweets and of course tea.  This practice was quickly picked up by other social hostesses.

At Teavine House, we specialise in the experience of High Tea “a cup above the rest”.  For centuries, Tea Houses have been important venues to socialise, for special parties and to conduct special business affairs.  We believe the experience of High Tea opens up conversations and helps people to connect.

Our dedicated team at Teavine House are committed to making your special occasion memorable.

teavine house-10_3000x3114

I loved the attention to detail that made the atmosphere quite special.

teavine house-9_4000x3000

teavine house-12_4000x3000

A boutique gift shop next to the restaurant beckoned, so I had a look around.

teavine house-13_4000x3000

After a memorable meal it was time to move on to the next stage of our day out.


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40 thoughts on “Thursday Doors : Teavine House…

  1. This looks fabulous. I love these pretty white houses. And your photos of the tea sets and table settings are stunning. It’s strange, your posts don’t seem to be showing up in my feed lately, or maybe it’s just the time of day that I’m scrolling. So I apologize for not visiting more recently!


  2. What a glorious place, Pauline! Did you have to book? And are you a veggie or did you just fancy a change? Sorry- I just wished you happy Sunday on the other post, when of course your day is over. 🙂 Hugs!


  3. OMG… This is exactly the place I want to own… Thanks for sharing this lovely day with us…


  4. What a beautiful place, Pauline. I love the finishing touches, the lead-light, tablecloths, fine china – wow! And the food looks fantastic 😀


    • To have the full treatment of High Tea you have to book in advance. It looked so yummy I will book next time as they are all home baked, even the jam for the scones is home made.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Your photos are so beautiful, Pauline! I felt like I was having tea with you! 💕🌸☕️


  6. Just fabulous!



  7. Amazing what you find when off the beaten track. Thank you for sharing, Pauline 🙂


  8. Great post- looks like a lovely spot, Pauline.


  9. Oh I love the idea of high tea and the spot. I have only enjoyed the journey once at a pre wedding party and the sweet were to die for. Reminded me of the CWA lunches Mum would prepare sandwiches for and I would swoon over because there wasn’t a crust! And the tiny iced cake squares. Yum! Wishing you wellness.


    • We did not have High Tea as you have to book in advance.i remember those CWA afternoon teas everyone competing for bringing the best sponge.wonder if they still do? Is it cooler up there now Marilyn?


  10. Your food looks perfect to me, right up my street 🙂


  11. That is an adorable little place and your meal looks so delicious. I’ve never heard of Peony Tea but I must look out for it now.


  12. What a lovely place to partake in a High Tea, Pauline. I love the exquisite lace tablecloths. 🙂


  13. Now that is a door, and it sure leads to a lovely restaurant. Your meals looked delicious. I’ve only had high tea twice, but enjoyed it both times. 🙂


    • We didn’t have the High Tea as you have to book ahead as they bake and prepare everything, even the jam is home made. I will definitely be going again and book ahead.

      Liked by 1 person

  14. What a marvellous find, Pauline!


  15. Beautiful spot. This sounds like an absolutely delightful way to spend an afternoon. Thanks for the tour 🙂


  16. Oh how glorious! I would love to go and the photo in the mirror is quite clever. The linens are delicate and so lovely. Let’s meet for tea…..


  17. A delightful find. I guess as a child, we had a worker’s version of High Tea. Coming home from school we had potted meat sandwiches (or even bread and jam), possibly a slice of fruit cake or Battenburg, or a jam tart and of course, a cup of tea. Except I loathed tea, so I had milk.


    • I also had similar after school treats, bread and jam was a treat back then. Wonder if the school kids still have that routine?


  18. Really lovely! Carvings on the doors and cravings for food all in one. I had no idea how high tea began, so thanks for that 🙂


  19. What a beautiful place Pauline and lovely food.. 🙂 a delightful meal..


  20. Your meals look so good! I’d need walk and a nap after that. 🙂


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