Early morning beach walk…

 On Saturday Fiji was hit by category 5 Tropical Cyclone Winston, the most devastating in the Islands history it destroyed hundreds of homes. Strong winds and flooding from Winston have caused severe damage across the island nation. 

I woke this morning at 4-30am and, even though I live one kilometre from the beach, I could hear the ocean roaring. Australia is just over 3000 kilometres away from Fiji but this cyclone will affect our tides.

 Sunrise was due at 5-30am. As day was just breaking, I jumped on my bike and rode down to the beach.

sunrise burleigh-1

The sky was still the soft grey and pink shades of dawn and at 5-15 the beach was almost deserted. I noticed this couple totally immersed in each other. They looked so in love and my guess was they are here on their honeymoon.

sunrise burleigh-2 

Just a seagull and me sharing this moment with them.

Then the sun made a dramatic appearance.

sunrise burleigh-8_3653x2670

sunrise burleigh-3_4000x3000

sunrise burleigh-6_4000x3000

It was just past full tide and the waves surged and tumbled, foaming and frothing.

sunrise burleigh-10_4000x3000

More people were arriving, walking their dogs, jogging or sauntering. Some just sitting and absorbing the beauty of the morning.

sunrise burleigh-4_4000x3000

sunrise burleigh-5_3484x2687

The sun highlights the hi-rise buildings of Surfers Paradise

sunrise burleigh-9_4000x3000

sunrise burleigh-11_4000x3000

Burleigh Heads is famous for its surfing breaks and this morning the surf was pumping.

sunrise burleigh-14_4000x3000

sunrise burleigh-15_3506x2655

sunrise burleigh-16_3263x2238

sunrise burleigh-17_3238x2568

This surfer is not a youngster he has grey hair and a middle-aged spread, but how exhilarated he must be to catch this barrel.

But, for some, all good things come to an end and work or school call. What a way to start the day though.

sunrise burleigh-13_4000x3000

sunrise burleigh-7_4000x3000


I couldn’t resist showing you a couple more of this beautiful area I call home.

sunrise burleigh-12_2852x3595

If you want to stay a little longer there is a small  hole in the wall that serves coffee in that building in the background. If you look carefully you will see a group of people gathered around waiting to be served their shot of caffeine.

sunrise burleigh-18_4000x3000

Or if you want to stay for breakfast the Surf Club serves delicious meals and you can enjoy them sitting at a table overlooking this beautiful Burleigh beach.

sunrise burleigh beach pc 170_4000x3000

But for me it is time to head home for breakfast, 2 hours and 240 photos later.

Where ever you are and what ever you are doing today I hope your day goes well.


I have not joined Jo’s Monday walking group for a while. They are a diverse group from all around the world pop over here to join them.

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48 thoughts on “Early morning beach walk…

  1. Such stunning views .. wonderful xx


  2. Beautiful beach and photos, the water looks so inviting.


  3. Beautiful photos. It is a great beach. Thanks for the coffee tip, I’ll remember that for next time. We have family nearby.


    • G’day Lindsey, nice to meet you. Say Hi to me next time you are over this way we can have a coffee at the beach together and swap stories.


  4. Fabulous photos PP. Love the sunrise. Maybe I will be motivated to catch a sunrise once we move, though sunsets are more likely as our new house faces west. You have set me a very high bar!


  5. When I lived for a while at Burleigh, I would get up at 5-6am and take a walk along the beach in the summer dawn before going to work. Other times, I’d go to the Robina Woods Golf Course and play 9 rounds before work. You live in a lovely area. Your lovely photos take me back there.


  6. Got to love this outdoor Aussie lifestyle! Sad for Fiji how the cyclone has wreaked havoc though.


  7. Joan and Terry Watson

    So sad for Fiji, lovely country and their people too, had a holiday there and their houses are so fragile and yes poor Burleigh expect to be hit with huge seas at the weekend they say, just hope the sand stays put, photos just lovely.


  8. Amazing, amazing and amazing… 🙂

    Excellent… 🙂


  9. Brilliant gallery, Pauline. I will head for my breakfast with the peaceful feeling they gave me lingering. Poor Fiji! Nature can be loving and giving as well as destructive. Hopefully many will rally to help rebuild and restore what can be restored.



  10. These are spectacular- you are lucky to inhabit this beautiful space on our increasingly unstable world. The poor people of Fiji are the latest to pay the price for our careless ways causing more weather extremes😞.


  11. Wow PP, every shot here is glorious. What a lovely peek into your morning. X


  12. Some great photos Pauline – the sea is really foaming up and the waves are huge. Cannot imagine how bad the cyclone must have been for the poor people in Fiji and other islands if it is also having effects so far away.


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  14. Coffee for me please, Pauline! I’ll have a bit of toast later at home. 🙂 Absolutely delicious opening shot. Oh, to be that couple! 🙂 (it would have been divine for Paula’s surreptitious shot the other week- too many challenges! 🙂 )
    Poor Fiji! So much luck in this world, whether you’re awestruck on a beach or sucked into destruction. Many thanks for joining me, darlin. Hope your week is peaceful.


  15. morselsandscraps

    The world provides such drama and so many stories for you. After all the early bird catches the worm. These shots are magnificent.


  16. Wow, what great photos! I loved watching the sun rise across the waves. When I see people swimming before breakfast or work, I remember why so many people want to live near the sea.. despite the humidity in summer. Thanks for getting up early and showing us just how beautiful your part of Australia is…


    • I moan about the humidity Gerri, but it is far worse inland. The sea breezes here do help a little bit to make it bearable and it is lovely being only a 5 minute bile ride away from the ocean


  17. Oh my goodness your photos are fab and the sunset breathtaking!


  18. Beautifully done Pauline – loved these and cudos to you for getting up to greet the sun! Poor Fiji tho – nature can be really scary


  19. Brilliant this post shows it all a honeymoon location, beaut waves, sunrise and all the activity and South Burley Surf Club. We live in paradise the water temperature is perfect and Surfers height-rise in the back ground the best of both worlds. Who would want more?
    A gypsy or my Pommepal, home is where she hangs her hat and for me home is wherever she is.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Absolutely spectacular Pauline! The photos are phenomonal. The storm is gorgeous, but so destructive for beautiful Fiji. There is nothing quite as moving as watching nature’s power~


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