Rediscovering my Stamping Ground

I am going to see what has changed around this place I call home.

I have been away almost 9 months, so this morning I will walk the streets of my stamping ground.

I live in a small street, only 14 houses and in that time 3 houses have changed hands and 2 are having a major make over.

But the dog park at the end of the street is still the same.

The dog walking park

The dog walking park

At this time of the morning it is deserted, notice how brown the grass is. We desperately need a good rain, then it will all spring back to life.

In the late afternoon it is busy. People bring their dogs and children for some social interaction.

Taking the dogs and family for play time.

Taking the dogs and family for play time.


Over the far side there is a fenced off playing area, a basketball hoop and those piles of dirt are a mountain bike track. The trees behind the park are the Burleigh Knoll conservation area.

But back to the morning walk. Let’s take a pleasant stroll around the conservation park.

Burleigh Knoll Conservation Park

Burleigh Knoll Conservation Park

nature park walk pc 015_3000x4000

This area is small, only about 5 acres but the track wanders around and, apart from the traffic noise, it feels as though you are in a world of your own.

Pelican Lake is across the road, part of the extensive canal and lake system of the Goldcoast. Occasionally pelicans can be seen cruising around, but not today.

Pelican Lake

Pelican Lake

Round the corner and into the semi-industrial area and now I see the changing face of this area.

Down a lane behind one of the businesses I spot some interesting looking graffiti.

Street art Miami jc 022_4000x2664

Street art Miami pc 011_2_3_fused surreal 2_3816x2108

Or could it be Street Art? The owner had commissioned this, but I have no idea what it says.

( I have to admit I played around with this and enhanced it to bring out the colours)

It looks much tidier than I remember. Neatly clipped hedges make a big improvement

It looks much tidier than I remember. Neatly clipped hedges make a big improvement

Then I see that the café culture has moved into this area.

Miami walk pc 003_3264x2448

Small, almost hole in the wall coffee shop. I love the rough, workman like tables and the corrugated iron sheets on the walls. Gives a semi-industrial, pop-up feel. Next door the theme is the same but it is a bridal boutique.

Miami walk pc 001_3264x2448

I like the Asian style door

I like the Asian style door

The enticing aroma of coffee is drifting along this street, now include the rustic, mouth watering smell of bacon and I just have to go into the next café. Come on let’s see what is on the menu.

Miami walk pc 008_3264x2448

Miami walk pc 009_3264x2448

It is obviously popular, look at the queue

It is obviously popular, look at the queue

Cafe culture Miami 005_3264x2448


The Chef is very busy. The eggs are free-range, the sour dough bread is baked on site. Look how the meal is served. Notice the boiled eggs in the egg carton! Bacon, scrambled eggs and herbs in a cardboard box. All very trendy and down market.

I order mushroom, cheese and a fried egg on a sourdough bun with home made tomatoe chutney and served on a bed of rocket in a cardboard box. The mushroom was the size of the bun and the perfectly cooked yolk of the egg oozed out on to the mushroom when I cut into it. The coffee was locally sourced organic beans freshly ground as you ordered. I was in foodie heaven.

Time to sit and people watch

Time to sit and people watch

Things certainly have changed. This is a back street and I only found it by accident when I went for a morning walk. Originally this was a run-down, rather dilapidated old house. Just look what they have done with it now. The Paddock is well named, it has a rural feel in the middle of town and I felt totally relaxed, and a little bit guilty, as I ate my breakfast, I hadn’t intended to eat out.

Jack will be wondering where I have got to, so I complete the circuit home via Christine Avenue, one of the main streets of the area and back past the dog park home.

Later I went back to Pelican Lake just as the sun set for another photo session.

nature park walk pc 046_47_48_49_50_tonemapped deep_4000x3000


Restless Jo” organises a cyber walking group and I love to go along and see where every one is taking us. Maybe you would like to join in.

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41 thoughts on “Rediscovering my Stamping Ground

  1. Thank you for taking us a walk around your neck of the woods Pauline.. Loved the streets, and park and Pelican Lake Was just stunning!! 🙂


  2. Guess what I enjoyed most? The conservation park and the trees and tracks. But the wedding shack was pretty special too. Thank you. It’s amazing what a difference 9 months makes.

    My Queensland trip will be Mt Tamborine (son and partner and my beloved senior grandchildren); and Liston, near Stanthorpe (my daughter, her partner, alpacas, cats, dogs and rescue chooks.) I couldn’t seem to answer your question in REPLY on my blog, and I was too lazy to open the laptop instead of the iPad.


  3. thanks for the stroll – and I really like your edit on the street art – and I do wonder what it says – hm – I also love the street photography you give us – it always adds to the feel of the place – and the mix of nature and man – from cars to nature – so nice – oh and that ending photo – wit the sun and the trees – perfect closing photo – like saying good night….


    • I love to have you pop by Yvette. Would love to have you join me for a coffee and a chat. I enjoy reading your comments. I love travelling, but it is alway7s so good to be back home for a while and recharge the batteries.

      Liked by 1 person

      • oh a coffee and a chat – I love the ring to that – and I know what we would talk about = art – gardens – tea – oh wait – who knows the topics that will arise… lol
        have a great week Pomme –
        oh and my husband tried the coconut oil in some green tea last night – and could not get past the second sip – but I told him it took me a while to enjoy it and now I have it every evening – but he said he will stick to plain tea = oh well, i tried = and let me know if you and Jack like it….


        • I put some coconut oil in our morning green tea yesterday for the first time, I did actually tell/ask Jack if he would like to try it. The verdict? Surprisingly refreshing, I only put half a tsp to start with. Now we are putting it on out cereal. Will see if I can start remembering things better!!!!


          • oh how cool – and remember it takes time – and I was just thinking about this because my cousin is recovering from shingles – he has been healed for a while but he has tingling and just some other things to heal from – and well, after two days of taking some powdered C – he was like “I don;t feel any different?” lol – and I reminded him that it takes t.i.m.e. – but the other thing about healing is that sometimes we may feel a little worse before we feel better because of “die-off” or just the cleansing effect as our body gets rid of stuff. anyhow, I was just thinking that it is probably very hard to say “hey honey, I feel like I have less heavy metal buildup now…” ha!
            anyhow, I know that when it comes to health the little things add up – and then with all those studies about coconut oil and metal removal – well I am sold! and now I just have to sneak it into my husband’s morning smoothies – ha!


            • It is a bit hard to sneak in as it has a very distinctive flavour and smell. I also take CoQ10 to try and help the old brain box. Who knows if these things work but while I’m still feeling ok I’ll put it down to the diet, exercise etc and keep on keeping on with them all…


              • well yeah, I agree about the favor – and I did not really mean sneak it in – cos he makes his own smoothies and has a routine – but I am going to strongly persist he add some – ha! And he is taking some “CALM” magnesium just for me… 🙂 ❤

                and regarding coq10 – I have heard great things about it – really great and when I get done with my on and off cleansing – well there is an herbal formula I am going to take that has coq10 in it. Now there is one thing that I heave stumbled on MANY times with CoQ10 – and that is not all is equal…
                "research shows that a ubiquinol CoQ10 supplement is up to eight times more bioavailable than other CoQ10 supplements"
                and so I would double check this and then double check your source. I know the sources is also very important for calcium and magnesium too – because if the body is not "absorbing" the supplement – it is money down the drain. lol


                • A naturopath said that Blackamores is very reliable for CoQ10 and she strongly advised taking CoQ10, and yes I do take calcium and magnesium supplements, in fact in the morning I just about rattle after taking all the supplements… Google is so good for checking all these things, whatever did we do before Doc Google came along…

                  Liked by 1 person

                • oh I love that – doc google – and I agree – huge blessing. and so is youtube for some folks – like last year my son said that youtube was his third parent – lol

                  Liked by 1 person

  4. I’d have fun in the BMX park. The graffiti says “I Spy”.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Congratulations CG, if there was a prize you have won it, no one else seems to have “read” it….It is obvious once you point it out…

      Liked by 1 person

      • oh wow – guess what – I saw the art and I also read CG’s comment and still failed to make the connection – I thought he was saying he was a spy that likes to BMX – ha ha ha – maybe I need more coconut oil today – and good eye CG!!

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Mmmmmm yummy breakfast food & photos! Love the flowers outside the café…& it’s a beautiful sunset capture.


    • Thanks Deanna I’m absolutely amazed at the number of new cafes and eateries that have sprung up in the past year. All good too. Just spoilt for choice now.


  6. A really interesting walk, Pauline. Yes, the smell of bacon really starts the hunger pangs, doesn’t it? I like the sound of your breakfast. You must take Jack with you next time you visit. Love the name of that bridal boutique. 🙂 Your sunset capture is magnificent.


  7. traveling down the coast, i reached guayaquil last night and have yet to head out for breakfast. i doubt if i find a stop as interesting as this one! you’ve made me realize how hungry i am!

    i chuckled and wondered if jack had prepared breakfast, and you had a second opportunity for the finale of your walk! z


    • Jack was actually at the gym and we were doing our own thing for breakfast that day. I don’t think I could’ve fitted in a second breakfast…
      You have found a really magical and interesting place to take us on your beautiful magic carpet Lisa. I enjoyed the ride.


  8. This looks like a wonderful neighbourhood! So great to ‘rediscover’ it after all that time away.


  9. I loved going on this walk with you, Pauline. We’re really dry up this way in Cairns as well (now I’ve said that it’ll probably start raining and not stop) 😉


  10. poppytump

    Lots for everyone and a very organised neighbourhood Pauline .. The Wild Romantic Bride I see is by appointment only 😀
    Lovely to stroll alongside you , I’ve worked up a virtual appetite .. there’s a distinct tummy rumble going on looking at those generous breakfats -oops- breakfast portions and reading your detailed description . Maybe not so virtual after all 🙂


    • Ha ha ha Poppy, yes I think maybe “breakfats” is an appropriate word…That is much more than my usual cereal breakfast…


  11. You do have a nice bit of diversity, Pauline, but I’d always struggle to stay away from the lake. Especially at sunset- what a blissful shot! As always, thank you so much for sharing. Hugs to you and Jack. 🙂


    • The lakes around here are used a lot. I’ve seen fishing and canoeing and of course all the houses/ mansions with a lake side property cost so much more. and usually have a boat of some sort tied up next to them.


  12. Hi Pomme, you live in very clean envoronmet and it’s awesome. I’ll love to sit at the cafe between the flowers and the air fresh, toenjoy a cup of tea and chocolate cake and talk with you. 😀 The last photo of sunset is stunning, btw.


  13. Wow, that is some breakfast – you would need to extend your walk after that meal 😉
    And that is rather a rough – wild – bridal dress boutique. Not so sure about that one, but I do love the cafe culture.


  14. “( I have to admit I played around with this and enhanced it to bring out the colours)”
    Good for you, for enhancing the already beautiful, to draw people’s attention to what matters. There is so much that strikes me about this post that I don’t know where to start. The Eucalpytus for starters, They are all over where I grew up. I don’t remember that American person who thought the eucs would make good train tracks? He was wrong, but the eucs grow all over where I grew up He was right about their perserveration. They grow, they create forests, they break with too much rain, The are wonderful They are Australian.
    Just like you and Jack. Even though I know you are English. That is good too.
    You show me the total charm of Australia.
    Over and over again.
    ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • That is a lovely comment Cindy. That conservation park was actually left in the raw, so to speak, as it had a small clump of endangered acacia atenuata (according to Google) but now all I can see in there are the gum trees. I think they have taken over. Although I don’t think I would recognise the acacia if it fell on me…It also had a small marsupial mouse in there a long time ago, but I guess that has long since been eaten by the local cats…


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