A to Z Challenge : U for Ukulele

Jack's prized possession.

Jack’s prized possession.


In the past year we have discovered an amazing sub-culture of musicians, the ukulele lovers.

Ukulele, I thought, are the poor relations of the string instruments. Has there ever been a concerto for ukulele, do you see rock bands having a jam session with a ukulele in the group? The image of the ukulele is an Hawaiian island,  sand, sun and palm trees and graceful locals dressed in  grass skirts swaying to the sound of a ukulele.

But for me that image has changed dramatically. Jack’s son gave him a ukulele as a present a year ago and it has opened up a whole new set of friends. Ukulele groups can be found everywhere.

Geraldton Ukulele Gropp

Geraldton Ukulele Group preparing for a sing-along.

Once a week they welcome in to the fold any one who would like to strum along. Suddenly we have found owning a ukulele opens a whole new world. Check on YouTube and you will find lessons and tutorials and very talented musicians using the ukulele to play every thing from classical to jazz.

Alan is the leader and organizer of the group and a very talented musician

Alan is the leader and organizer of the group and a very talented musician

Jack just keeps practising.

Jack just keeps practising.


 Frizztext organizes the A to Z  challenge each week and this week it has arrived at “U”. 21 weeks have whizzed by since the start of this challenge. I’m constantly amazed at the variety of subjects that appear each week. Click here to find what they are all up to.

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37 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge : U for Ukulele

  1. I bet Jack with be playing Bach tomorrow!! You two rock~


  2. the UK Ukulele orchestra:


  3. Joan and Terry Watson

    The younger ones are also taking it up, our grandson plays both guitar and ukulele, , there was a singer with Ukulele, on The Voice also, I loved the large group, boy they would have lots of funx


    • I know they have all ages playing the uke. There was another group but it was for younger people and met in the evening. The group did have a lot of fun and went around giving recitals at rest homes and pubs.


  4. poppytump

    Well done to Jack ! Anyone who plays an instrument has my admiration . I used to play piano and violin years ago but really wouldn’t know where to begin now .
    Ha you saying about Hawaii … I was nearly driven ….by nightly very late ukelele strumming coming from our hosts house when we were in Hawaii … not a grass skirt in sight Lol


    • My Dad used to play piano and violin. The piano VERY well the violin my Mother used to say sounded like a cat’s chorus. I thought I may have inherited a piano playing gene as my father was self taught and could play any thing, by ear, from classical to jazz. Unfortunately I didn’t, I tried but very quickly decided it was not my thing… We used to have some terrific family get-togethers though, especially at Christmas time, singing around the piano. Wonder if families still do that sort of thing?


  5. I just love the Ukulele, but I saw a mandolin banjo at the second hand shop a few years back and bought that. If I see a Ukulele, I’ll be buying that as well 😉


  6. I love that piece of music. My son won a guitar competition with it, many years ago. Great memories. Jack looks really good with his ukelele. 🙂


    • I love that piece of music too. It was quite hard making a decision as to what tune to choose, the selection was huge on You tube I enjoyed scrolling through and listening to some of them before I made my choice.


  7. I love the ukulele, Pommepal. And I do own one – mastering it is on the list of good intentions, otherwise known as aroundtuit! Great post!!


  8. What a beautiful instrument 🙂 Just one more accomplishment for you two!


    • Not for me Jo, that is Jack’s toy, and he makes nice noises with it, not exactly songs but melodious anyway


  9. Sounds like a lot of fun…. 🙂


  10. A great U! Hope Jack’s fingers grow, or maybe just the nails! The OH has lots of guitars, a mandolin and a banjo, but the only uke was a bright pink one we bought for our youngest granddaughter a couple of years ago. She’s a real diva!


    • Jack enjoys the challenge of the uke, he hasn’t been at it for long so just plucking and strumming so far Jude. Does your OH play all his instruments? How old is the diva granddaughter?


      • OH plays all his instruments – I never realised that you needed different guitars for different styles of music, but then I am no musician which he is. He plays in local pubs too, open mics when he gets the chance, and writes his own songs. Diva granddaughter is seven now! Going on 14!


  11. I love the sound of the Ukulele, My Son-in-Law plays one along with guitar, piano and other instruments.. And I love hearing the sound they make… you can get so many various sizes too 🙂
    Good luck to all those learning and Jack looks to be enjoying playing.. 🙂


  12. Pauline we will have to be patient it may be awhile before I can pick a ukulele like Bach Taccata.
    But as soon as my fingers grow long enough there will be nothing stopping me.
    Till then I will enjoy making nice noises and you keep the ear plugs handy.
    I think you picked a good word two U three E two L and a lonely K.


  13. What a wonderful portrait of Jack – and what a rich and varied life you lead. A local ukulele group near me call themselves the Akolele Ukelele Ladies, after a place close by. The name has something of the feel of a ukelele playing.


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