Lingering Look at Windows : Brand New University Hospital

July 31st 2008 is a date that will be forever etched in my memory. It was the day I had a heart attack.

Fortunately I live in an area and a country that has a world-class medical system. An ambulance arrived within 10 minutes and they whisked me into the emergency ward. With expert attention I survived to tell the tale. Now, 5 years later, I had an appointment for my final check.

My appointment was to be at the state of the art “Gold Coast University Hospital”. It opened it’s doors for business only 7 weeks ago and it is an overwhelmingly intricate labyrinth of buildings and walkways. First challenge was to find a car park (and remember where it was) in the 7 story 1200 parking bays. From there it was a search along walkways, down lifts, through connecting passageways. Fortunately there were volunteers to help the many confused patients find their way.

Of course I had my camera with me and it was a great window snapping opportunity.

Tropical palms grace the front of the building

Tropical palms grace the front of the building

We pass through walk-ways connecting buildings

We pass through walk-ways connecting buildings, in the background you can see an ongoing building project that will eventually be a shopping precinct and food court.

Windows and more windows

Windows and more windows

I glance down into a small colourful courtyard

I glance down into a small colourful courtyard

Reflections of more wings

Reflections of more wings

The buildings turn in every direction

The buildings turn in every direction

Finally we find the reception and main entrance and spot a volunteer in blue to help us find our way to my appointment

Finally we find the reception and main entrance and spot a volunteer in blue to help us find our way to my appointment

Ah! Finally I arrive and it was 11am on the dot and had taken 15 minutes wandering around to find this area

Ah! Finally I arrive and it was 11am on the dot and had taken 15 minutes wandering around to find this area

I’m very pleased to report that I was given a clean bill of health (though it was suggested I lose a small amount of weight!!!)

The new $1.76 billion Gold Coast University Hospital (GCUH) is attached to the Griffith University and has led a major expansion of public health services on the Gold Coast. GCUH will be one of Queensland’s largest clinical teaching and research facilities. It will provide specialised health services that meet the needs of patients as well as the learning requirements of our future clinicians.

As we made our way back to the car park we heard the gentle sounds of a guitar and turning a corner we saw this busker.

Music to soothe the soul

Music to soothe the soul


Dawn from ” The day after” has a challenge to find windows and post them each week. I love these Word Press challenges they open your eyes to the world around you. I also enjoy looking through all the other interesting and varied windows from around the world. Go to Dawns link, you may have some windows you can show us.

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26 thoughts on “Lingering Look at Windows : Brand New University Hospital

  1. Wow that is what you call a building, I am so pleased you are well, and that this episode was in the past.. I think Mega Hospitals are now being built all over.. I know it took me 20 minutes from entering our big hospital to find my way to the appropriate room recently 😉
    Take care and wishing you continued good health.. xoxox


    • G’day Dreamwalker, I guess it is the aging population that dictates the size of the hospitals, older can mean (maybe) wiser but also (maybe) sicker… 😦


  2. Totally awesome windows, the first is my favorite. Scary thing, a hear attack, so relieved you have been given a clean bill of health.


    • Thanks Dawn, it was quite scary at the time, but the worst part was that I thought my travelling days were over. I’m so pleased they weren’t


  3. Joan and Terry Watson

    Glad you are OK, loved the tour of our new hospital, just have a new computer Windows7 so have been off air for a couple of weeks.


  4. I love the touch of humanity with the guitar player at the end. These impersonal hospital glass monoliths seem counter productive to me. Hospitals should be warm and welcoming with a lot of human touches amidst all the stark technology.


    • That’s what I thought when I heard and then saw the guitar player. I wondered if he had permission. I hoped the authorities let him stay as it gave a very calming and relaxing atmosphere, he made me smile.


  5. Congratulations on your health report! What an amazing facility – lucky you!!


  6. Beautiful windows and facility, especially lovely that your reports were all good. Glad you are feeling well!


  7. You are usually fit as an marathon runner but when you get a health issue you know the best place to be.
    In 2008 we thought Robina Hospital was flash. In a private room all the state of the art equipment monitoring your heart. I was all concerned and you appeared to be enjoying all the attention. Now your final check in a hospital that is more like a luxury resort. It make me feel like being sick.


  8. That looks like one BIG hospital! So glad you passed all the tests OK. I think every doctor in every hospital tells everyone to lose weight! Alright, maybe I do need to shed a pound or two… but I only went for an EYE test!


  9. Lyn

    Great windows, better results, you deserve the outcome. Maybe cleaning all those windows would be a great weight loss exercise…te he only joking. Congratulations from the sweet corn munchers.


    • Thanks Lyn. Think I’ll pass on the window cleaning job… Maybe more gardening will do the trick, also not doing so much baking now we don’t have unlimited eggs might help… 🙂


  10. What an impressive hospital. It’s great to see that your taxpayers’ money is so well spent, unlike what’s happening in South Africa. So glad you you were given a clean bill of health. Well done. 🙂


  11. poppytump

    What a magnificent hospital PP .
    So glad you had clean bill of health … must be a combination of your optimistic attitude and your brilliant lifestyle 😉


  12. Very nice indeed, is also very similar to our new but not yet opened Fiona Stanley Hospital here in Perth. As usual any major buildings are covered in controversy. One of ours was that they wanted to add another floor, of course no money to do so, well everyone can have their say give some feedback, and life and the building goes on as usual. Another major issue with ours was the communication system which has delayed the opening by about three months. Glad to see you have a clean bill of health.
    Rae xxx


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