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Bench Series : December along the Waterfall Way…

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 093_4000x3000

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 091_4000x3000

Look what I found in the small village of Ebor, along the Waterfall Way,  an hours drive outside Armidale. 

 I am going to take you back in time 4 weeks when we were in Armidale. We only had 2 days to explore this very interesting town.

Day 1 we took a Heritage bus tour. (Check it out here)

Next day we drove along the Waterfall Way. One of Australia’s lesser known, iconic and beautiful drives. It passes through National Parks, the stunning gorges rise on either side of you and then there are the waterfalls. So many of them. But being summer not many will be flowing. So we went to Ebor Falls as it never dries up.

These are some of the things we saw.

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 038_4000x3000

Paddocks of white daisies. When we passed them near Dubbo I thought they were weeds, but Ruth of “Ruth’s arc” informed me in the comments that they are actually Pyrethrum Daisies. She sent me this information…

“Botanical Resources Australia Pty Ltd (BRA) is the Australian grower of over 60 % of the world’s pyrethrum, the botanical insecticide, and runs the most high-tech pyrethrum industry in the world.”

They are very photogenic…

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 043_4000x3000

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 046_4000x3000 Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 049_3000x4000 Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 045_4000x3000 Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 040_3000x4000

I think these may be growing wild though…

I will link this to “flowersoverflowers” I’ve been missing in action on this site for a while.

This is the Guy Fawkes river cascading over the gorge. Creating the Ebor Waterfall, described as one of Australia’s most attractive falls.

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 066_4000x3000

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 062_3000x4000

A walking track winds around the top of the falls and we find another bench to sit and admire the lookout.

art gal Evor w fall jcsx50 107_4000x3000

art gal Evor w fall jcsx50 102_4000x3000

On the way out we pull up at an old pioneer cemetery.

art gal Evor w fall jcsx50 082_4000x3000

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 079_3000x4000

How difficult life must’ve been for these hardy pioneers when they settled in this area in the 1800’s.

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 080_3000x4000

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 082_3000x4000

After a welcome cup of coffee at the “Fusspot’s Café” it was time to head back to our mini house sit in Armidale.

But one last side trip on the way to see another waterfall.

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 098_4000x3000

Art Gal Ebor Falls PC 102_4000x3000

Wollomombi Falls was almost totally dried up. Can you see the small pool and the trickle of water falling into it? But look at that massive gorge and imagine the force and power behind the falls in full flow during the winter wet season that has created that. It would be an awesome sight.


Now I have caught up with my travels to this house sit and we only have another 2 weeks here.

Weather up date. After the sweltering heat of 39c+ on Sunday, yesterday the temperatures dropped to mid 20’s and it started to RAIN, and today it is still steadily falling, mana from heaven. I can see the grass and weeds growing as I look at them!!!

Well Jude week 51 of your very popular bench series and only one more week to go…

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Winter in Queensland. Weekly photo challenge : One Shot, Two Ways

Winter??? Yes it is...

, Winter???
Yes it is…


We went for a drive along the Waterfall Way. It starts at the small village of Milla Milla only 24 kilometres from home. The scenery is lush and green, the continued dry weather has not, yet, taken effect. Unless rain comes soon the paddocks will start to dry out. It is a perfect time to see the waterfalls in all their glory. There are 7 waterfalls in this area but today we only visit 3, leaving the others for another days outing

The first waterfall on the circuit is the Milla Milla Falls. We have visited this area several times over the years but never have we seen so many people enjoying this splendid waterfall. It must be the beautiful weather that has drawn them all here. This is the reason we come north each year…

Milla Milla waterfalls 025 cropped 1_2856x1530

Note the date at the bottom of this cutting, it was prophetic…


As the Weekly photo challenge this week is to shoot 2 ways what better scene than this to try two ways..

Here is the Milla Milla Falls landscape style.

Here is the Milla Milla Falls landscape style.

Can you see the people under the falls?

Can you see the people under the falls?

Well I must admit that does not show the difference very well so I will try again with the next falls.

Zillie Falls are surrounded by the rainforest and the track in is steep and rugged. Very few people here.

Zillie falls

Zillie falls


Rainforest track to the falls

Rainforest track to the falls



Imposing buttress roots to climb over

Imposing buttress roots to climb over











The final waterfall we visit today is my favourite. Again it is quiet only a couple of other people here. The way down is steep

but it is well-formed and made easy by a concrete track and steps.

Rounding the last bend we are confronted with this magical scene as water cascades over the rocks and forms a veil of delicate beauty.

Ellinjaa falls

Ellinjaa falls, landscape

Ellinjaa Falls

Ellinjaa Falls, portrait

What came down must now go back up again….

Going up

Going up

Rainforest, landscape

Rainforest, landscape


It has been a beautiful day but now time to head home, the cats will be waiting and the chooks will want their evening feed.

As we drive toward home it is that magic golden hour time and we stop to take photos of the way it lights up this glorious landscape.

Atherton Tablelands

Atherton Tablelands



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