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Goodbye car….

Our car drives off to a new owner...

We have sold the car…

It was sad to see it go. John saw our ad in the paper and has bought it for his daughter, who lives in Sydney.

Jack worked out some very interesting figures…

The difference between the price we paid and the price we sold it for was $2,200.

We had the car for 3 years…

Per year it cost     $733.33

Per week it cost    $14.10

Per day it cost       $2.01.

That is a dollar a day each we have paid for the priviledge of owning a car for 3 years…

Of course on top of those figures there is insurance, Rego and maintainance costs.

Rego is necessary to keep the roads, bridges, tunnels etc built and maintained and in good repair.

Insurance we have to have for peace of mind. 

In 3 years we have had no major expense on maintainance, just regular grease and oil. It has been a very reliable little car. Keeping it well-maintained meant we got a good price when we sold it.

So now our camper van is also our  every day vehicle and already I have bonded with it. I went to the farmers market in it this morning. Last week we didn’t get to the market and so I had to buy some veggies from the supermarket. First time for months I have bought supermarket produce. It felt spongy and old and tasteless. It is a joy to be back at the markets, friendly atmosphere, people sauntering around talking to friends and chatting with the stall holders. The musician was playing and singing Christmas Carols. It brought a lump to my throat as I looked around at all the happy faces, what a great country this is….

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Christmas Lunch…

This is the beginning of the Christmas season. The weather is hot and steamy and I always find it very difficult to get into the spirit of Christmas having been born in England and my childhood memories are of snow and cold and roaring fires and always wondering how Santa was going to get down the chimney without getting burnt…

But suddenly when you are among friends that brings on the spirit of Christmas and good cheer. Today it was the “retired on line” computer club’s Christmas lunch and 101 members enjoyed a social time together. Here in Australia Christmas is sun and fun and lazy days at the beach and sharing BBQ’s with friends.

The lunch was at Danny’s restaurant at the Tweed Heads Golf Club. It is amazing value at $14.00 per person and a huge selection from roasts to salads, chinese and seafood followed by deserts. Take a look at the link I have put in.

Thank you Jack for all the happy photos you have taken to remind us of this occasion.

Tomorrow I must start writing and sending Christmas cards….

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One week later…

Where has the week gone?

I meant to blog at least every other day to get into a routine that I plan to keep up with on the road, but, oh dear… “well laid schemes o’ mice and men” (and also woman) ” gang aft agley” or something like that, according to Robbie Burns. I decided to look that saying up on Google and have put a link to it that will explain it’s meaning…

But I can report positively on “The List”. We are making great progress in the garage clearing project and will be ready for a garage sale by the weekend. The grass has all been grubbed out on the back lawn and ready for the weedcloth and pebbles. Van is serviced and insured, and more furniture has been taken down to the flat. Most of the plants in pots have gone and the few remaining ones will now go into the garage sale.

We are well on target and plan to take the van for it’s maiden trip, with us on board, down south to Yamba next week.

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Thinking of travel…

Joyce is moving her small stuff out of the flat today, on November 2nd she will be moving every thing else out. That made me start to think more seriously of our move. Only two and a half months left in 2009, and Christmas is approaching…

Before we know it March 2010 will be here.

SO, today I am going to start making lists. That at least will be a start. What is it about lists that automatically make me feel as though I have some control over my destination. Having made the lists I then feel I can relax.

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