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Weekly Photo Challenge : Symbols of Australia

When you think of Australia what pops into your mind?

Alens Flower drive pc 006cropped

This land down under has unique flora and fauna and I think the kangaroo is one of the symbols that people associate with Australia.

Everyone who comes here thinks the Koala is so cute and cuddly.

Currumbin 112_3000x4000

They look so harmless, but beware they have very sharp claws.


Never smile at a crocodile, they can jump and also run, so keep well away from the water’s edge in the tropical parts of Australia…

jumping crocs Adelaide river pc sx40 042

The dingo looks like the family pet, but don’t be tempted to pat him, he has a nasty temper.


As for the Tasmanian Devil, he is devil in name and devil in nature.  Its oversize head houses sharp teeth and strong, muscular jaws that can deliver, pound for pound, one of the most powerful bites of any mammal.

tasmanian devil_2149x1570

The snake is another of the scary creatures that live in Australia. This one was living in a  tree in my back yard.



There are also birds and maybe one of the most colourful is the lorikeet. They travel in large flocks and though they look beautiful they have a very loud screechy voice.


The kookaburra’s raucous laugh is, to me, the symbol and sound of Australia.


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Travel Theme : Symbol / Icon


Viewed from the harbour with an old ferry boat passing by

The Opera House viewed from the harbour with an old ferry-boat passing by

The tour of the inside of the Opera House is one of the best tours I have ever been on. I would recommend this must be on your list of things to do when you visit Sydney.

The only way to see inside is to go to one of the performances or go on an official tour. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and grandeur of the inside of this building, coupled with the amazing videos and story of the history of its creation. It is a marvel of modern architecture and the vision of one man   Jørn Utzon

Sydney Opera House (click on this link to see the amazing story of this icon)

Inaugurated in 1973, the Sydney Opera House is a great architectural work of the 20th century that brings together multiple strands of creativity and innovation in both architectural form and structural design. A great urban sculpture set in a remarkable waterscape, at the tip of a peninsula projecting into Sydney Harbour, the building has had an enduring influence on architecture. The Sydney Opera House comprises three groups of interlocking vaulted ‘shells’ which roof two main performance halls and a restaurant. These shell-structures are set upon a vast platform and are surrounded by terrace areas that function as pedestrian concourses. In 1957, when the project of the Sydney Opera House was awarded by an international jury to Danish architect Jørn Utzon, it marked a radically new approach to construction.

Beautiful from any angle

Beautiful from any angle


Side by side with another symbol of Sydney

Side by side with another symbol of Sydney


Another angle, from the Botanic Gardens

Another angle, from the Botanic Gardens


A look back into the past

A look back into the past


Amanda, our guide, took us round giving us fascinating details of the construction. We were allowed to take photos of the concourse and passageways between the 5 theatres but not allowed to take any photos inside the theatres.

Inside the Opera House

Inside the Opera House


The grandeur dwarfs the people

The grandeur dwarfs the people


All angles and curves

All angles and curves


Royal purple carpets

Royal purple carpets

Then we went inside the main performance hall.

My words cannot describe the beauty and grandeur of this magnificent theatre, goose bumps ran up my arms, It thrilled me to the core as the doors opened and we filed in to the magical strains of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra as they rehearsed for their next concert. A rare enchanted moment.

Could it get better than this?

Yes it could.

We went into the second theatre where opera and ballet performances take place and the Sydney Ballet Company were rehearsing “Cinderella”. To our absolute delight Cinderella and Prince Charming were performing the love dance when Prince Charming meets and falls in love with Cinderella. We all sat in spell-bound silence as the beauty of the moment unfolded before us. The grace and perfection brought tears to my eyes.

From Google images, interior of the main theatre. We were not allowed to take photos in here.

From Google images, interior of the main theatre. We were not allowed to take photos in here.


This very small image cannot show you how magnificent it is, you will have to come and see it for yourself.

Amanda, our guide, said how lucky we were to see both performances and even though it meant the tour took longer she let us sit through them both. No one complained….


Ailsa of ” Where’s my backpack” has given us the theme SYMBOL this week. I have taken the meaning of symbol as “icon” and the Opera House is one of the endearing symbols/icons that comes to mind when I think of Sydney.









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