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Weekly Photo Challenge : Express Yourself

Do I need to say more? One picture tells a thousand words.


We challenge you to show us what “express yourself” means to you.

This is the challenge from WP this week.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Angular

South West Rocks P C 043_3000x4000

The sun creates angles and patterns in the old goal. (Oops did you notice? It should be gaol, thanks Jude for the correction!!!)

Braidwood pc 089_4000x3000

An unusual angle looking up to appreciate the interesting detail in this old pub.

Ardoretum PCsx40 023_4000x3000

This exquisite bonsai is a rhapsody of delicate tracery and angles created with care and patience as the tree is manipulated over many years into a thing of beauty.


Looking up at the bold, geometric shapes

Looking up at the bold, geometric shapes and angles of the “Brutalist Architecture” of the High Court in Canberra.

Busselton To Yalling up PC x35 006_3000x4000

Looking up the tree at an acute angle creates a feeling of strength and power.


Windswept trees of the Greenhough Plains

The trees of the Greenhough Plains, near Geraldton, have been forced into this crazy angle by the constant buffeting of the strong winds, but still they survive.

******** ************

Not to put too fine a point on it, though this week, we challenge you to show us what “angular” means to you.

These are just a few samples I found that I think portrays this theme. Check more angles here.

LOGO - wordpress-2014

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Dialogue

“Dialogue is an engaging conversational exchange.

When it comes to photography, dialogue can be perceived as a consensual interaction between two images.

Placed next to each other, each photograph opens up to meanings that weren’t there when viewed alone.

Each composition reveals the photographer’s specific sensitivity to certain content or visual elements.”


This is certainly a new concept in photography for me. I’m finding it rather difficult to comprehend the meaning of photographs “talking” to each other.

I thought about it as I made breakfast. I continued to mull over it as I washed the dishes and did some house work.

Then I thought of the interesting and modern architecture I had seen in New Acton, an inner city suburb we explored this week (another post about this place coming soon).

This is my interpretation of this weeks WP photo challenge.


As I walked past the towering buildings I noticed the sunlight filtering through the last of the Autumn leaves. Then I noticed the sculpture of the tree trunk supporting the weight of the building. The real tree seemed to be bending and sympathising with the entrapment of the sculpture.

Around the corner another sculpture, carved from wood, hovers between the living tree and the metal sculpture.

New Atcon PC 037_3000x4000

Do you hear what they are saying?


Then there is the more conventional interpretation of dialogue.

These two are clearly in love...

These two are clearly in love…

sydney misc pc 020

Sharing a bottle of wine on a sunny day

Sharing a bottle of wine on a sunny day

china town rocks pc 156

Of course it is also a great place for people watching...

Of course it is also a great place for people watching…

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Work of Art

The word and world of “Art” is huge. It can be interpreted in so many ways. Just the recognized meaning of art, as in paintings, has many different styles.

 When travelling and staying in new places for short periods of time one of the challenges is to fit in and find new friends. That is why this theme is so appropriate for me this week as I have just found a new group of friends.

New friends

New friends, notice the intense concentration.

I haven’t done any painting for a long time, I’ve occasionally sketched and been inspired to pick up the pencil again by Lisa over at “Zeebra Designs and Destinations” who challenges us to take time out for art. (Take a look at her art it is truly amazing.) But the last time I attempted painting was back in the 1990’s.

So back to the present. I love art both created and the wonderful art of nature. I try to capture nature’s art with the camera and could post many photos I have taken. But this time art has a very different meaning for me. It is connection, it is sharing, it is attempting to recreate what you are looking at and it is a new bunch of people who were strangers, but now we share a common interest and slowly get to know each other.

Jim and Jack

Jim and Jack. Jim is giving a helping hand to another new comer to the group.

Jim is our teacher and inspiration, he gives freely of his time to encourage and help. Art is his life and he has so much knowledge and patience as we all struggle to create our own works of art.

Take a look at his art here <www://>

So every Friday we will join this group to enjoy the company and the immersion into the world of our art.

From 9am to 1pm there is plenty of time to chat.

From 9am to 1pm there is plenty of time to chat.

Geraldton has a special place for the senior citizens. The Queen Elizabeth II Seniors & Community Centre provides seniors activities that promote healthy ageing including a lounge, free cuppa, library, free internet access. The centre is also available to the community for hire. Citizens groups also use the centre for indoor recreation eg bowls, exercises, dances and their meetings.

In all our travels this facility would be the best we have ever come across. Every day there is a diverse number of activities to join in. Not only have we joined the art group, but Jack strums along on his ukulele with another enthusiastic group, while I attempt to keep up with a lively bunch of line dancers.


There will hundreds of different interpretations of art this week, click here to check them out

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WordPress Photo Challenge : Monument

This may not be a monument in the same category as the Taj Mahal or Eiffel Tower but it is a monument to the power of the wind and how nature can adapt and still survive.

A classic example of going with the flow.

Windswept trees of the Greenhough Plains

Windswept trees of the Greenough Plains

The information about the trees

The information about the trees

We noticed these trees as we drove to Geraldton. Greenough is only 20 minutes south of Geraldton and is a small historic settlement, so we will be coming back to explore this area after we have settled into our new home. 

In the meantime I would like to present these trees as my interpretation of this weeks WP Photo challenge


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Travel Theme : Misty Flying High

At the crack of dawn

At the crack of dawn



















A new day is dawning and a mist hangs over the land. We take off from the Goldcoast on the threshold of a new adventure.





















As we fly over the ocean we see the stunning sight of the sunrise from a bird’s eye view.

The mist in the valleys

The mist in the valleys

Down below the tops of the mountains are rising through the misty clouds that cloak the valleys.


We are on the threshold of a new adventure and this is my answer to this weeks “Word Press Challenge

I am also combining this with “Ailsa’s Travel Theme, Misty”

I have another Misty mountain post here

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Inside Auckland Art Gallery

Outside looking in at reflections looking out

Outside looking in at reflections looking out

Ok now just run that past me again!!!!

Inside looking across

In the heritage part of the art gallery, inside looking across and down

Inside looking up

Inside looking up between mighty Kauri posts. The ceiling is an intricate work of art with the native timbers creating a mosaic

Inside looking every which way!!!!

Inside looking every which way!!!!

The Auckland Art Gallery won the 2013 World Building of the Year award at the world Architecture festival. I read these facts on the Virgin in flight magazine as I flew across to New Zealand. The photos accompanying the article show a magnificent modern building that still retained the old historic, heritage building. For me it was a must see…

The entrance is flanked by huge Kauri posts

The entrance is flanked by huge Kauri posts

So here I am…

Entry is between majestic kauri (native tree) columns to explore four floors of exhibitions, seven centuries of art and one of the country’s most iconic buildings. Click here to see more images of this stunning building.

Experience world-class touring exhibitions, immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and atmosphere of traditional and contemporary international works and discover the largest permanent collection of New Zealand art right in the heart of Auckland City.

Entry is free


This is my inside scoop for the “Weekly Photo Challenge” on the Auckland Art Gallery


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Weekly Photo Challenge : One : A Tribute to Matilda


Matilda has been our transport, accommodation and trusty companion  for 4 years as we travelled 70.000 kilometres around Australia. Slowly trundling up and over mountain ranges, across the outback and along the coast, coming to rest each night in iconic Aussie places. The beach with the sound of waves peeling  on the shore to lull us to sleep. Alongside mighty rivers or dry river beds. In the outback the Mitchell grass plains stretching to the horizon and at night the sky a blanket of twinkling stars. The bush and rainforest each with their distinctive smell and sounds as the birds serenade us and unseen creatures scuttle in the undergrowth.

Freedom camping right on the edge of the beach

Freedom camping right on the edge of the beach

Camping in the outback

Camping in the outback

Near the beach in the rainforest

Near the beach in the rainforest

In a field of dreams

In a field of dreams

Crossing borders

Crossing borders

Every place different and a joy to experience.

There are memories of campgrounds. Sharing a glass of wine, swapping stories and briefly befriending a stranger during happy hour, that unique time on the road to relax and meet many other travellers.

Cooking over a camp fire, learning the art of camp oven cooking and sharing a meal with new friends.

Matilda has given us the freedom of having no set timetable, no rigid plans. Being able to stop at the many freedom camping spots or parking in a back yard to couch surf in the city.

It has been a marvellous 4 years that has flown by so quickly. With thousands of photos, the memories will never fade.

Possibly the most memorable event when camping in a National Park and a cassowary came visiting, and I had my camera at the ready…

Waking to a misty morning in a freedom camp all on our own.

Waking to a misty morning in a freedom camp all on our own.


But now our life style is changing, we are ready for a new adventure.

We have already trialled the world of house sitting and loved the experience, it is another way of travelling. Staying in new places, meeting new people and their pets, this will keep my gypsy soul happy. Exploring an area in-depth and getting to know it like a local and sleeping in the same bed each night. No more rolling up our bed and moving on each day.

So now it is “Goodbye Matilda”, You have been number one in our life for 4 years creating so many wonderful travelling memories. I hope her new owners appreciate her as we did.

Goodbye Matilda I am going to miss you.

Goodbye Matilda I am going to miss you.

Just one of the many sunsets we saw

Just one of the many sunsets we saw




The WP Photo Challenge this week is ONE. Matilda has been number one in our lives for 4 years. No other way could we travel on a pensioners budget and see so much of Australia. We could stay in free camping areas, cook our own meals and travel slowly savouring all the beauty that is Australia.


A big thank you to all my regular followers and also those that drop by occasionally, I love all the likes and comments you leave and the WordPress community I am part of. I’m looking forward to 2014 and the adventures it will bring and keeping in touch with you all through the world of WP blogging.

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Weekly Photo Challenge : Grand

The 45th floor of the hotel we are staying in has a roof-top balcony that looks down on the Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens and across to the harbour. A grand view. But better still it is only a 5 minute walk and we are in the Gardens, the green, living heart of the city.

The grand view

The grand view. Royal Botanic Gardens, St Mary’s Cathedral and the harbour, all within walking distance.

13th June 1816 at 1 pm a gang overseer reported to Macquarie that the road was finished (the overseer and his gang of 10 men were provided with five gallons of spirits with which to celebrate the occasion) and this is traditionally observed as Foundation Day for the Botanic Garden, one of the oldest botanic gardens in the Southern Hemisphere (Royal Botanic Gardens Kew opened to public in 1841 (click here to read the fascinating history of the formation of the Royal Botanic Gardens)

What foresight and vision these early pioneers had to create this grand monument to nature and plant the trees that today spread majestically across the park.

Can you see Jack?

Can you see Jack?


Jack hugging a tree

Jack hugging a tree


What a grand place to have on our door-step

What a grand place to have on our door-step

This is a well-loved park and we saw people enjoying it in all these ways. Here is a gallery of a walk in the park.

Another thought-provoking challenge from Cheri of the WordPress team. Very timely for me as I am in Sydney a GRAND city. Lots of grand things to choose from. I am passionately interested in gardens and all things of nature so the Royal Botanic Gardens are my choice this week. Check other entries here.




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Weekly Photo Challenge : Habit

When I am at home one of my regular habits is to walk around the garden every morning before breakfast. It is a visual treat.

I have been away for the 4 months of winter, house sitting in the warm tropical North Queensland area. (If you would like to see more of our time up north click here) Now I am home it is a pleasure to wander out into our patch of paradise each day. We have good friends stay in the house and look after the garden for us. It has been a dry and very windy winter and Rex and June have watered and nurtured the garden through this difficult season.

So come with me as I wander around…

garden nov 2013 016_4000x3000

Bromeliads and succulents love this hot dry weather

Bromeliads and succulents love this hot dry weather

Jack created these ponds from 3 old bath tubs

Jack created these ponds from 3 old bath tubs


Buddha sits and meditates

Buddha sits and meditates

Matilda sits and relaxes in her corner wondering what the next adventure will be

Matilda sits and relaxes in her corner wondering what the next adventure will be


I hope you enjoyed your wander around our garden, now it is time to go inside and have breakfast


Michelle has invited us to show a part of our life that is a habit. It will be very interesting to see the habits of other people from around the world. Click here to explore other people’s habits.


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