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Decisions made….

Will this be enough for a full year?


It was a major decision deciding what to take. I looked at my clothes and in the end just choose the things I wear most. Anything that fell into – I like but don’t wear often – category, I left out. The only exception was a cream skirt, 2 pairs of jeans and 2 jackets, just in case we do get some cold weather. 

It has all fitted in ok


Every thing had to fit into this box. Jack has the same size box for his clothes. So what did I take? 

  • 2 long-sleeved shirts; 1 sleeveless blouse
  • 3 t-shirts; 5 sleeveless tops.
  • 4 shorts; 1 skirt; 1 shift dress
  • 6 undies; 2 bras; 1 nightie; 3 prs socks
  • Sealed in a plastic vacuüm bag; 2 jeans; 2 jackets; 1 cream skirt.  
  • Packed separately; sneakers; 2 prs sandals; best shoes; thongs. 

This is it for a year!!!!


I now have all my favourite clothes packed and ready to go, so now I will have to make do with whatever is left in my wardrobe for the next few days until we move out….

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Decisions, decisions….

Well it really is crunch time now. What is the minimum amount of clothes and shoes we can live with. More importantly what can we leave behind?

Our very small one room granny flat looks like a bomb hit it as I spread “stuff” all over the floor, leaving tiny pathways to tiptoe through every thing.  One pile is for the kitchen; cooking and eating utensils. Another pile is bedroom and bathroom; ie. towels, sheets, sleeping bags (do I think we will use sleeping bags? After all we are planning to follow summer around the country, maybe one blanket will take up less space…) Jack has put aside an arsenal of tools, I hope we will not need them, but better to be safe than sorry. A very important box contains our play things, cards, dominoes, sketch pads, pencils, camera and battery charger, cds, maps and camping book. For outside the essential mosquito nets, tarps,ropes and bungy cords (NZ term for occy straps), rain coats. The list seems endless

Todays task is to sort through our clothes, BIG decisions, but of course if I only take a bare minimum it will be a good excuse for shopping when I, either, get fed up of the same things every day, or wear them out….

Only 4 more sleeps in our own bed…

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Taking stock…

It has been all go since the new year began. Time is certainly speeding up and it is now time to take stock of were we are at and how much is left to do.

It all started back in October, and that seems a decade ago now, when we read “The best  life money can’t buy” written by Andy Deering. It inspired us to get out of the complacent life we had slipped into and follow a dream to travel around Australia.

We were now fired up and enthusiastic.

In the “third age” of our lives if we didn’t seize the day and “just do it” it would quickly become too late and life would then just be a case of  “if only”.

I made lists. We set a date. Then cruised along.

Suddenly we found the perfect camper van to take us on our journey.

"Sunny boy" our home away from home.

We were just looking and had not planned to buy a van till approx February, but this one was too good to miss. Suddenly our plans and dreams became reality…

  • Since then we have sold our Toyota Corolla car.
  • Had a garage sale
  • Sent surplus “stuff” to the Salvation Army.
  • Thrown away lots of “junk”.
  • Moved all our belongings into storage in the basement.

The last major things on the list is to give the house a complete, top to bottom, clean. Then find tenants…

So we are on track. Of course there are still a hundred and one little things to do, but the big ones have been accomplished and in 10 to 12 weeks we will be on the road.

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House for rent…

Our house surrounded by tropical garden.

We now move on to the last major job on      “the list”. Finding tenants…

We had an ad in the local paper on Saturday and had a few people come round to look, but for various reasons no one decided it was for them. Maybe too close to Christmas and a quiet time for house moving so we will try again in January. Still plenty of time…

Of course there are still a lot of smaller jobs on the “to do list”. They will all be put on hold till after the Christmas season.

We wish all our friends that read this “blog” and also anyone that drops in for a visit and a read a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

Now it is off to the shops for all that last minute buying…

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One week later…

Where has the week gone?

I meant to blog at least every other day to get into a routine that I plan to keep up with on the road, but, oh dear… “well laid schemes o’ mice and men” (and also woman) ” gang aft agley” or something like that, according to Robbie Burns. I decided to look that saying up on Google and have put a link to it that will explain it’s meaning…

But I can report positively on “The List”. We are making great progress in the garage clearing project and will be ready for a garage sale by the weekend. The grass has all been grubbed out on the back lawn and ready for the weedcloth and pebbles. Van is serviced and insured, and more furniture has been taken down to the flat. Most of the plants in pots have gone and the few remaining ones will now go into the garage sale.

We are well on target and plan to take the van for it’s maiden trip, with us on board, down south to Yamba next week.

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Thinking of travel…

Joyce is moving her small stuff out of the flat today, on November 2nd she will be moving every thing else out. That made me start to think more seriously of our move. Only two and a half months left in 2009, and Christmas is approaching…

Before we know it March 2010 will be here.

SO, today I am going to start making lists. That at least will be a start. What is it about lists that automatically make me feel as though I have some control over my destination. Having made the lists I then feel I can relax.

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