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The joy of freedom camping

Beautiful free camp area

Can you see Matilda? She is tucked in behind the middle gum tree.

The hammocks up the solar panels out Matilda is in her element…

Well I hope I don’t lose this post… I will click the draft button regularly… Have you ever lost a post? Isn’t it frustrating? (See I have read the latest Daily Post article!!!)

Well we left Townsville on Thursday. The friendly and efficient people at Town Automatics had given Matilda a full body wash, she sparkled both outside and in, she purred along. It was so good to be back on the road again. Staying at the Backpackers had been an experience, (more of that in another post)

A stop for groceries and wine and we headed north.” Now wait a minute” I can hear you saying, “I thought you were heading south and home!” Well we have been told to run the new gear box in for 500 to 1000 kilometres then bring her back for fine tunings. This is a lovely part of the country and still lots of areas to explore, the weather is perfect, not too hot and humid, with a pleasant breeze. It could change any day as cyclone season is looming. Hopefully we will be further south by then. So we head north…

With the music playing  we head out. At 12-30pm and 35 kilometres from Townsville we pull into the Blue Water rest area for lunch. A small bush area is inviting to walk and explore to find the toilets and to stretch our legs before leaving. Round the corner and we see over the other side of the sports ground a number of caravans and campers parked. When we drive over to check it out we find this beautiful free camp area. It has large shady trees, toilets, cold shower and drinking water on tap. Only 3 other campers and space under a lovely, old, shade tree. It is just too tempting so we decide to stay over night.

The original plan was to drive to Paluma National Park, approx 100 kilometres from Townsville. The last 10-12 kilometres is up a very steep, narrow, winding road to the national park area which I have been told is beautiful. Not too many hills around here so thought this drive would be a good test for the new gear box, make or break it time….

Now it is 3 days later and we are still here…

Bush area in front of the camp area

This is the area that is between the camp and the main road. Then when I went exploring in the other direction, and followed a narrow little track it took me down to a creek. What a beautiful place, clean, clear water reflecting the paperbark and gum trees that lined the bank. Perfectly safe for swimming, no crocodiles or any other nasties. Jack was straight in…

The narrow track down to the creek

Reflections in the creek in the early morning light

We parked next to Lizzie and her little dog Raven. We all bonded immediately. Lizzie was born the same year as me and has been on the road 16 years, she has been round Australia 5 times. Her latest trip, last year, she travelled round in a year and never paid for any accommodation, she used free camping areas, she knows all the good, bad and indifferent areas right round Australia and has lots of stories to tell of her adventures, great company. Next day another friend of Lizzie’s turned up. James is another regular full-time traveller and he also has a dog. Stanley is only a young dog and full of bounce, vigour and vim. It was a laugh to see him stirring old Raven up.

The next night, Friday, was to be the local community country and western night with hamburger and chips dinner. On Saturday it is farmers market day. Lizzie gave us all this information so of course we had to stay. Now Liz has just brought out her key-boards to entertain us all so that’s all blogging I am doing today, also the solar panel will only give a certain amount of power and I think it is nearly to its capacity. Bye for now I will get back with tales of country n western shin-digs and true Aussie blue community spirit, it’s just great….

Could be here a while, Paluma has been there for millions of years I’m sure it will still be there when we eventually get to it…

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On the road again… Tra-La-Tr-La


I have just done a post telling you all where we are and what we are doing BUT I pushed publish and some how lost it all…

We are now in a lovely, free camp area, but it does not have power, so the battery on the computer is now getting low, so I am not able to repeat the post, so I will be in touch again when we get to a power source…

Damn, it was such a good post, Lol….

Suffice to say we are back on the road with Matilda and life is good, and we are heading north….

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Freedom camping in a ghost town among the ghost gums…

Ghost gums at Mary Kathleen, ghost town

Tonight we are freedom camping in an old uranium mining town of Mary Kathleen.

The town was built in 1958 to support the Mary Kathleen mine. A bustling community of 400 lived here until the mine closed in 1982. Two years later all the buildings were auctioned, the biggest property auction ever conducted in Australia, the buildings removed and all that remains are the bitumen roads and concrete pads that once had houses standing on them. It is quite eerie to see the large area stripped of all life and imagine the community that once lived, laughed, cried, worked and played here. Tonight there are 4 vans of various types spread around the town. As I look over I can see on one of the distant roads a couple of the campers have camp fires going, glowing in the dark. There are no facilities of any sort, no water, no showers, no power, no loos. This is camping stripped to the basics, but I was amazed to find there is internet connection here. So we can still connect to the world in cyberspace….

It is half way between Conclurry and Mt Isa on the Barkly Highway. We have just spent 3 nights in a lovely caravan park in Cloncurry. The Oasis was peaceful, grassed sites with clean amenities so decided to stay and catch up with laundry, e-mails, blogs etc.

We have now left the Matilda Highway and onto the Barkly Highway which is known as the centre of the outback country. The scenery has changed dramatically, no more sweeping plains. The road undulates along between mineral rich, rocky outcrops. This is now mining country. Long bridges span winter dry creek beds, waiting for the onslaught of summer rain. Gum trees line the road covered in glorious creamy yellow blossom. The wedge tail eagles, kites and crows cluster around road-kill and as each vehicle passes they leave the feast to soar and wheel above till the road is clear and then descend again to continue with the meal.

Mineral rich rocky outcrops

Jack exploring dry creek bed

We wandered along the dry creek beds and as the sun catches the sandy soil it glistens with a million mineral particles. I try to catch the sparkle with a photograph but it does not show it.

These are our neighbours

Apart from the few other campers these are our cute neighbours for the night…

Jack exploring dry creek bed


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Freedom camping…

After exploring Cooktown we headed back to Cairns and spent a week in a camp ground only 4km from the city centre. Cairns is flat and with bike tracks everywhere it is ideal for exploring by bike. The weather turned showery but still a lovely warm 25 to 26deg and down to 16-17 at night, very comfortable for sleeping. This is why we came north to enjoy warm weather so we relaxed and had a laid back week.

The best beaches are north of Cairns so when the weather returned to the clear sunny days again we headed north to an area we had discovered on our way back from Cooktown. Unmarked from the road and tucked away behind a barrier of trees this was not technically a designated camping spot but when we previously stopped for a cuppa we chatted to campers who had been there several days  they told us “no problem, the council rangers never bother us…” so now we were back.
This is very basic camping. No power,but we have the solar panel. No toilets but we have a spade and could dig holes in the bush. No water but we could wash in the ocean. So we settled in. The ocean was just behind us and the lapping of the waves put us to sleep each night. Jack put the hammock up. What a great relaxing 4 days we spent. A few other campers came and went. We made friends with Warren who had a very laid back set up that he shared with his dog, best buddy Bonny.
After 4 days we decided it was time to head back to civilisation, and a long hot shower…
 So we are now back in Cairnsvillas tourist park for a couple of days before we set off on our next adventure.
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Boulders National Park

Boulders National Park, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

This National Park has a free camping area, no power but very clean toilets and cold showers. It only has 10 sites and you can only stay 2 nights. We were lucky to get the last available site and stayed for the 2 nights. It had a walking track to the lookout over the boulders. Very beautiful rainforest.
The second night we had a Danish family of father and 2 sons camping next to us and they joined us round the camp fire that night and made damper Danish style, wrapped round a stick, cooked slowly then when the stick is pulled out they fill the hole with jam. They made one for us and the other couple around the fire. It was delicious.
We have now been in free camps for 6 days and getting close to Cairns so tomorrow we will go into a caravan park to catch up on laundry and have a good hot shower…
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Lyndon River mud

Lyndon River mud, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

The free camp we stop at is on the other side of the road from the Lyndon River. If you look carefully, or enlarge the photo, you can see the BBQ shelters. The river bed had all dried up and was a bleak sight with the mud cracking and animal tracks, the wind was almost gale force, not one of the better places we had stayed, but it was free and inside Matilda with every thing shut tight we soon warmed up.

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