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Weekly Photo Challenge : Vibrant…


I mentioned in my last post how Bromeliads are the most versatile and easy care plants in my garden (See that post here)

How appropriate that Jen should choose “vibrant” as her WP theme for this week, because what I didn’t show about the bromeliad in my last post is how diverse and vibrant the flowers are.

Not many are flowering at the moment in mid summer as they are, mainly, a spring-flowering plant. So I searched through the archives to find some of the vibrant images I have of the Bromeliad in glorious flower.

garden April 2013 broms crusificion orchid 003_4000x3000

012 brom orange_3072x2304

Also they carry these amazing and diverse forms of flowers for many weeks, sometimes months. When they do eventually fade the Bromeliad will slowly die, but not before it has produced a number of pups (small replicas of itself) around the base of the plant to carry on the easy care tradition.


I participate in WordPress' Weekly Photo Challenge 2016


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The most abundant, versatile and easy care plant in my garden…

Pride of place goes to the Bromeliad.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 023_3000x4000

From the year 2000 to 2010 this area was in the grip of a terrible drought. Ever increasing water restrictions were put in place. No sprinklers allowed in the garden, only hand-held hoses every second day from 4pm to 7pm. Then even that small consideration was cut off. Only watering cans allowed to be used. The local dams were down to below 10% of capacity.

I was in despair for my garden. Plants were wilting and dying. But one plant thrived in these conditions. It became the plant of the decade and as other plants died I replaced them with this versatile survivor. Now the Bromeliad is everywhere in my garden.

It is an attractive and tidy edging plant.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 011_2502x2969

Attached in the fork of a Frangipani tree. It colonised it, needing no soil to grow in.

Attached to the fork of a Frangipani tree.

Attached to the fork of a Frangipani tree.

Filling in bare spaces.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 039_4000x3000

Thriving in full sun against a north facing wall.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 031_4000x3000

Surrounding the fish and lily ponds.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 034_3000x4000

Used as a feature plant in a pot.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 027_3000x4000

Even in a dark corner under trees.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 032_4000x3000

Or scrambling up trees.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 019_4000x3000

With so many different colours, shapes and sizes the Bromeliad will happily fit into any space.

All it requires, every now and again, is a small amount of water dribbled into the centre cup.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 029_4000x3000

And then it will reward you with a variety of unusual flowers.

Bromeliads bat plant pc 040_4000x3000

The drought broke in 2010 with torrential floods and it kept raining through 2011 and 2013 with more floods. As you can see the garden is still colonised with broms. They are an excellent choice for easy care and as we travelled these amazing plants just looked after themselves.

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