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What an honour; an award for me….

What a lovely surprise it was to open up WordPress a couple of days ago and find this lovely award waiting for me. It came from one of my favourite bloggers Eleenie of Denobears blog . Click on this link and have a look at her and her world.

I find it very hard to get my 70-year-old head around the concept of the internet. Imagine millions of messages, pictures, music somehow flying around out there, and magically getting to who ever it was intended for or sitting “out there” waiting in cyberspace for some one to log into it. Amazing…

I don’t understand the logistics of it but I love it and am thankful for the opportunity it gives to connect with people all over the world. A modern take on the old-fashioned pen-pal system. With the WordPress programme we visit people all over the world and, like in pen-pal days, share experiences and make friends with the “like” and “comment” facilities in the posts.

There are millions of people sharing their hobbies, lifestyles, thoughts, photos and much more so I feel quite special when another blogger acknowledges my blog. So back to Eleenie, thank you for sending the award. I enjoy following you as you tell us about your life in Bulgaria and your garden and the things you grow and see day by day, and of course your lovely dogs and photos you post.

In accepting this award it comes with strings attached…..

1. Thank the person who nominated me and link back to them in my post.

2. Share 7 things about myself.

3. Nominate 15 bloggers that I admire.

4. Leave a comment advising them of their nomination.

Just recently I also had the “versatile blogger award” and on that I gave 16 bloggers I follow so I will link you to that post and those great blogs and add another 5 that I have just recently found…

1.. Nyparrott

2.. Oak blog

3.. Photo nature blog


5.. skedazzles

I will put the sharing 7 things on hold for the moment as the weather is so great out side Matilda’s door that we just have to go stretch our legs and do a walk along the Main Street in this little old out back town of Winton that we are in at the moment…

See you soon with more info about Winton…

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Blogging lessons resumed, I hope…

Computers can make life very difficult. What an understatement…

I had agreed to show some of the members of the Retired on Line computer club I belong to, what blogs are, and how to get started with one.

I enjoy blogging and find it is a great way to share your travels, photos and memories with friends and family Then it is a big bonus when you start to connect with other bloggers from all over the world and follow what they are doing. I have become addicted to the blogosphere and the first thing I do, as I have my morning coffee, is to check the bloggers I am following and see what posts they have put in over night. I hoped to pass on some of my passion for the blog world.

Well I find the WordPress programme quite easy to use and thought it would be just as easy to show beginners how to get started. I found that teaching a subject is not as easy as using it. Unfortunately the internet had an agenda of its own. It went slow, it refused to connect, it sulked and my plan of walking one of the members through and presenting him with a new blog complete with post at the end of the hour did not happen. I did manage to show them where to find help through the excellent WordPress help and forums pages and have suggested that we try again and have another hands on session.

So thank you to you patient friends. It really is easy to get a blog going and if you follow through on this WordPress link and if you have a better internet connection,here is another link you can follow I look forward to following you on your new creations in the blog world. I am here to help so just give me a call….

When I got home I went for a walk along the beach.

Burleigh beach

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WordPress lesson on slideshows…

This is the presentation I gave to the “Retired on line” computer club in November. I have just found a programme that will put power point presentations into a blog post. slide is a very easy to use programme that you can sign up for and then after you have created your presentation you can then copy the code and insert it into your blog.

It seems to automatically add related slide shows and  don’t think you can delete them or have any control over them.

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