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Weekly Photo Challenge : Home

Weekly Photo Challenge this week is HOME A great opportunity to show you the beautiful place I live in. The Goldcoast is a favourite tourist destination. It boasts sun, sea, sand and a terrific climate almost year round.

Today, a perfect Sunday, brought out the people in their thousands. We drove along the coast looking for a parking spot and a place for lunch. We marvelled at the colour of the ocean the crisp white surf rolling in, all ages enjoying this beautiful weather. But parking was non-existent, eventually we spotted a car pulling out, right in front of the Currumbin Surf club, a perfect place for lunch.

So in we went, camera in hand to show you some of our day in this place I call home. Some of the photos in this gallery are from previous photo trips a couple are of our garden and a couple I just like, so added them as well .

I hope you enjoy this slice of my home…

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A walk in the park

Burleigh Heads

Burleigh Heads

This National Park is  small, only 0.30 of a square kilometre, but it is an ideal walking track. Positioned right in the heart of the Goldcoast with the ocean along it’s border and the Tallebudgera River curling around the other side. There are two tracks to choose from, the flat ocean front walkway or the steeper track up and over the top. A favourite, challenging track for runners.

My favourite time is late afternoon. The sun has dipped behind the hill and the bush creates a cool inviting place to walk.

Start of the walking track

Start of the walking track

So I would like to take you for a walk in the park. This area was formed by volcanic action 23 to 25 million years ago and now supports a littoral dry rainforest that only grows along the ocean and in rich basalt soil. The distinctive Pandanus tree dominates the first part of the track, with their strange fruit formations.

Pandanus fruit

Pandanus fruit




Watch for falling rocks

Watch for falling rocks

High up the slope there are still signs of ancient volcanic action. These unique 8 sided volcanic rocks are only found in one other place in Australia. These were formed millions of years ago when a volcano half spewed them out then stopped in mid flow. The track is closed when we have heavy rain (which hasn’t happened for quite a while) as they still crash down and block the track.

This is an old rock fall

This is an old rock fall

Volcanic rocks line the track

Volcanic rocks line the track

This little fellow made us stop in our tracks and sneak up close for a photo. He did not seem too worried and posed nicely before scurrying away into the rocks.

Water dragon

Water dragon


Hello little fellow...

Hello little fellow…

As we round the corner and pass through the rock and rainforest area, the mouth of the Tallebudgera River comes into sight, with views  south to Coolangatta and the New South Wales border.

There is a walk/bike track runs all the way to NSW and beyond. A very easy flat, scenic, safe ride. From the northern end of the Goldcoast to the border is 40 kilometres.

Mouth of the Tallebudgera River

Mouth of the Tallebudgera River

Tallebudgera River

Tallebudgera River

This side is a popular and safe area for families. The Goldcoast highway crosses the bridge and in the distance you can see the misty outline of the Hinterland, but that is smoke haze…

Paddle boarder enjoys the calm water

Paddle boarder enjoys the calm water

We sit for a while and watch the activity and talk to a couple of tourists before turning back for home. Feeling relaxed and rather lazy we decide to go back along the ocean track. The challenge of the mountain does not appeal in this hot weather.

The same track but the view is quite different when we go in the opposite direction. The first thing we see is this busy boy…

Bush turkey

Bush turkey

He was busily digging in his old nesting mound. This male had built this big mound of leaves and debris to incubate his eggs. In spring he would’ve rounded up a number of females to lay their eggs in his mound then with loving care he would monitor the heat each day, using that yellow wattle, and either add mulch to heat it up or scratch some off to cool it down. The females just left him to it!! Once hatched the chicks are on their own and father can go back to his solitary life of bachelorhood till next spring

Going back, views across the ocean

Going back, views across the ocean

Views of Surfers Paradise

Views of Burleigh

Burleigh only has a few high-rises, but Surfers Paradise is the tourist hub of the Goldcoast and it is packed with apartments and hi-rise buildings. The tallest building you can see in the photo below is the Q1 apartment. When it opened in 2005 it was the tallest residential building in the world at 88 floors. It has since been surpassed by a building in Dubai. But is still the tallest in Australia.

Zoomed in on Surfers Paradise

Zoomed in on Surfers Paradise

The sun is setting and time to go home. The Goldcoast is a maze of canals, lakes, rivers and waterways. On the way home we pass one of the lakes and just had to stop as the sun dipped below the horizon in a blaze of glory.


The sun has gone but left a silver lining.

The sun has gone but left a silver lining.

I hope you have enjoyed this walk around our beautiful national park. I will be back soon with another look at one of the unique features of this place I call home…






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New year. New format. New me???? (Well maybe not new me)

I am loving having a cable internet connection, it is SO fast.

It is hot outside, so what better thing to do than explore the WordPress options. Have you had a browse through them lately? The number of theme options is mind-boggling. I am a Pisces and one of their characteristics is indecision, procrastination, inability to make up my mind…

 I have travelled and been blogging for over 3 years now and thought it was time for a change, a new look, a new direction. What better time to start than at the beginning of a new year. Well over an hour later this is what I decided on.

For the next 3-4 months I will be at home. It is too hot for me to travel and stay in Matilda. That will not stop me exploring, as this area of Australia is a tourist hot-spot. So I will venture out, camera in hand, and show you some of the beauty and interesting things in the South-east corner of Queensland.

The new header is the beach I call home, Burleigh Beach on the Goldcoast. In the distance is Burleigh Heads National Park.

Burleigh Heads National Park walking track

Burleigh Heads National Park walking track

In the coming days I will take you for a walk around this cool, shady and historical bush area in the very centre of Burleigh.

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Summer storms, swells and challenging surf

The temperature climbs up to and over 30 degrees and the humidity rises.

Summer has arrived in Australia.

A dangerous swell is forecast and people are warned to stay away from the ocean. King tides are eroding the sand dunes in front of million dollar properties causing concern to the owners who demand the city council “do some thing about it”…..

The council refuses. I applaud that decision…

It is a brilliantly sunny day so I take my camera and bike to the beach to record a photo essay of “my” beach in one of its very capricious moods.

Welcome to my home town…

Burleigh Beach, Queensland, Australia…

Burleigh Beach

Burleigh Beach

This is the popular corner of the beach for families. The area safe for swimming is marked by red and yellow flags and has surf life savers patrolling. The hill is Burleigh Heads National Park, with walking tracks around the ocean front and up through the bush it is a popular place for walking and jogging. To complete a perfect day out there are free BBQs and grassy park areas for picnics or just relaxing.

Burleigh Heads is a top surfing spot, it produces clean sweeping waves and surfers flock here when the swells are forecast. International surfing competitions are held here in March.

That night a storm cell swept across our North-East corner bringing thunder, lightning, winds and in some places hail. The Goldcoast missed the storm centre with only 5mm of rain falling, but the thunder roared and crashed making me shudder and the lightening flashed across the sky for hours.

I am pleased to be under a roof during this season and Matilda will wait a few months before we hit the road again…

burleigh beach

burleigh beach

burleigh beach

burleigh beach

burleigh beach

burleigh beach

burleigh beach

burleigh beach

I tried very hard to insert a slide show, but it didn’t happen 😦

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Bushfires, Breakdowns and the Beach all in one day on the road…

On Monday morning as we drove away from Bluewater we knew the bushfires were still raging in the hinterland. A pall of smoke was draped over the Paluma Range and we could smell and taste it. So it was over to plan B, drive in a northerly direction till we cleared the smoke, hopefully, call in to see Paluma on the way back.

First things first we had to pick up bread, milk and a few other groceries, so first stop was Ingham, 40 kilometres north. The smoke had cleared by the time we arrived there. We always look for the information centres to collect maps and advice about the area and just south of the centre of Ingham was Tyto a new state of the art information centre.

The TYTO Wetlands is one of Australia’s largest urban wetland rehabilitation projects and residents of Hinchinbrook Shire are fortunate enough to have it situated right at their doorstep…(click on this link for more information)

Tyto wetlands

Water lily in the Tyto lagoon

We spent a pleasant hour wandering along the tracks around the lagoons. The water lilies were in full bloom and it is a very photogenic area.

The morning had gone and lunch time had crept up on us, so we stopped for coffee and eggs Benedict at a local café. While waiting I read the morning paper, the Townsville Bulletin. Look what was the front page story….

Front page news

It was very close to our camp ground…

We studied the maps we had picked up from the info centre and decided to drive up to Wallaman Falls, approx 50 kilometres west into the ranges. I checked it out in Google…”The Wallaman Falls are notable for their single-drop of 268 metres, which is Australia’s highest permanent waterfall. The pool at the end of the waterfall is 20 metres deep.”   

The road to the falls is narrow, winding and steep, it will be a good trial run for the new gear box. With our inner person refueled with food and coffee, groceries on board and petrol topped up we head west. Matilda is purring along. 20 kilometres and the road starts to climb. I comment that Matilda is handling it well, I have not had to change gear yet.

Then the road narrows, the turns get sharper, the road is steeper and as we drop below 30km I change down a gear. That is when it all goes “pear-shaped” Matilda grunts, I change to the lowest gear and she stops, the motor is still running but the gears won’t work….

What a predicament, sharp, blind bends both in front and behind, very narrow road. I decide to roll back and try to do a 3 point turn to face down hill. I find that reverse gear works, “phew” . Now we are stopped side-ways on, blocking the road. I pray that no vehicles will come, at speed, around the bend. Jack gets behind to push and I put her into neutral. Slowly we start to move, then the momentum takes over and I coast onto a very narrow verge off the road. The engine is hot and so are we. Time for a coffee…

Surprisingly the mobile phone worked and I ring Robin of Town Automatics to let him know what has happened. He says to try it back in drive and see how we go. It worked, what a relief we are moving again. So it is back to Townsville. Fortunately it is flat all the way and once again we are purring along.

It is 3-30pm and we decide to stay at Bluewater again and make an early start for Townsville Tuesday. We are only 5 kilometres from Bluewater and as we come around a bend this is what we see….

Bushfire near Bluewater

We joined onto the end of a long tail-back, approx 50+ vehicles. The bush fire had jumped the containment breaks during the day and was now right along the side of the road. People were out of their vehicles gathered in groups talking. It would be approx another 2-3 hours before they would allow any one through. 8 kilometres back along the road I had noticed a sign to Toomulla Beach. I checked it out in our Camps Australia book, our bible. Yes, it had a FREE camp site, “you beauty”, so we did a u-turn and headed back north.

Fifteen minutes later we rolled into Toomulla Beach, a charming little beach-side community of about 50-60 houses. The camp ground was almost deserted, only another 3 vehicles there. After choosing a spot we grabbed the cameras and went to explore. A short track passed through a variety of shrubs and then we were on the beach.

Toomulla camp ground

Track to the beach

Smoke from the bush fires in the distance

Oyster catchers strolling along the beach

Footsteps in the sand

End of an interesting day…

After downloading our photos and having dinner, and I have a glass of wine we were lulled to sleep by the soothing sound of the waves.


Next morning, Tuesday, we arrived at Town Automatics by 9am. The good news is it is only an adjustment, but the bad news is it will need another part to be sent from Brisbane. It will be a 3 day wait. A phone call to the helpful people at RACQ and they have put us in the Ibis Hotel along Palmer Street , the recently renovated dining street of Townsville. The insurance will cover the first $110 per night and as it is $129 we pay the balance of $19.

Ibis Hotel, built 2008, Very up-market to our usual accomadation…

Palmer Street dining precinct in front of Ibis Hotel

It is now Wednesday the part has arrived. We have one more night staying here at the Ibis, then, maybe, we will drive up to Paluma…

Oh and this is what I read in the paper yesterday…


It has been a very drama filled few days. Travelling is never boring…

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Clairview Beach sunrise

Clairview Beach sunrise, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

It is 18 months since we stayed at Claireview beach. How time flies. It had not changed, new managers, but still the same laid back beach lifestyle.

I was quite surprised when Lyn, one of the locals remembered us. She remembered I had come originally from Yorkshire and of course every one remembers Jack and his pants…

Lyn invited me to join in the morning “Hoy” session. It is played twice a month at the pub that we camped next to. I had never heard of it but it turns out to be a type of Bingo played with cards instead of numbers. Approximately 20 women and one man turned up and being country folks most brought along a plate of home-baked goodies for morning tea. It was $3-50 for 2 cards and I won one hand and then I was asked to draw the door prize and I pulled out my number, how about that!!! I won a teatowel.

Stayed a couple of days then moved on to Emu Park another beautiful beach area 20km from Rockhampton. We are in Bell Park caravan park it is a council run park and is right on the beach. We were last here 1992 and the small township of Emu Park has certainly changed since then with a whole new shopping complex sprung up. It is still being finished with a large IGA supermarket half-finished. Today, right next to the caravan park the local Lions club is putting on a “Octoberfest” music, stalls, food and beer… I can hear the bands tuning up now so after lunch we will wander over to join in the fun…

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Coral Bay

Coral Bay, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

We are now heading for Carnarvon, approx 350km from Galia Station. On the way we decide to stop at the beautiful small town of Coral Bay. I was here 5 years ago and loved it. I especially remembered a small bakery that had delicious pies and chocolate mud cake and yes it was still run by the same people and guess what I choose for lunch…

After lunch we had a walk along the beach and it was so lovely Jack just had to go for a swim. The caravan parks were all crowded and you had to book in advance to get in. I’m finding that every where there are far more travellers and tourist than 5 years ago, but I had decided to move on to a free camp area about 100km south to spend the night…

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Camilla Beach, Matilda on the beach front

Camilla Beach, Matilda on the beach front, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

The camp site was right on the beach front, this photo is taken from the beach of Matilda, and shows some of the erosion from the high seas from the recent cyclone.

We baked potatoe in tinfoil and a tin of beans in their can and then did toast over the embers using the long toasting fork. It was delicious, followed by a mug of milo…

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New header…

I have changed the photo in the header to a panorama of Burleigh Beach.A sort of farewell gesture. I had found another unique feature of WordPress that allows you to change the header as often as you feel like it, so tried it out for size. What do you think of it?…

10 more sleeps in our own bed….

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Learning curve put into practice

I am now going to download some photos of our beautiful Burleigh Beach and will time how long they take….

What a difference, that only took 5 minutes to download.

This is a beautiful part of the world and I hope you enjoy the photos Jack and I have taken.

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