Wordpress lessons learnt

Blogging lessons resumed, I hope…

Computers can make life very difficult. What an understatement…

I had agreed to show some of the members of the Retired on Line computer club I belong to, what blogs are, and how to get started with one.

I enjoy blogging and find it is a great way to share your travels, photos and memories with friends and family Then it is a big bonus when you start to connect with other bloggers from all over the world and follow what they are doing. I have become addicted to the blogosphere and the first thing I do, as I have my morning coffee, is to check the bloggers I am following and see what posts they have put in over night. I hoped to pass on some of my passion for the blog world.

Well I find the WordPress programme quite easy to use and thought it would be just as easy to show beginners how to get started. I found that teaching a subject is not as easy as using it. Unfortunately the internet had an agenda of its own. It went slow, it refused to connect, it sulked and my plan of walking one of the members through and presenting him with a new blog complete with post at the end of the hour did not happen. I did manage to show them where to find help through the excellent WordPress help and forums pages and have suggested that we try again and have another hands on session.

So thank you to you patient friends. It really is easy to get a blog going and if you follow through on this WordPress link and if you have a better internet connection,here is another link you can follow http://learn.wordpress.com/ I look forward to following you on your new creations in the blog world. I am here to help so just give me a call….

When I got home I went for a walk along the beach.

Burleigh beach

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New header…

I have changed the photo in the header to a panorama of Burleigh Beach.A sort of farewell gesture. I had found another unique feature of WordPress that allows you to change the header as often as you feel like it, so tried it out for size. What do you think of it?…

10 more sleeps in our own bed….

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WordPress lesson on inserting google maps

As we travel around I would like to be able to put a map of the area we are in. So I went to the WordPress support area to see if it could be done and found the answer was “yes”

So this is a map of the first leg of our trip.. It will be March 4th before we leave but I am getting excited about the thought of going as it is now getting so close.

We have not made any plans as to where we will go after Stanthorpe, and this will be a first for me, as usually, when I travel, I like to plan things almost to the second and have an itinerary worked out months in advance. This time it will be a very broad plan of which direction we will head and leave the details to chance…


How to insert Google maps

Google Maps

, , ,

    You can easily embed Google Maps into your WordPress.com blog.

1) Visit Google Maps.

2) Type in any street address or geographic location and click Search Maps.


3) Once your map is fully loaded, click on the Link option found on the top right of the map area.


4) A popup will appear, as illustrated below.


5) Place your mouse cursor in the text box titled Paste HTML to embed in website. The code will begin with <iframe. Copy the code.

6) In your WordPress.com dashboard, go to Posts->Add New or Pages->Add New (or open an existing post/page in editing mode). Paste the code directly into your visual editor.


7) Click Save Draft, Update, or Publish depending on the status of your post or page. You will notice that the code has changed. WordPress has converted the HTML code into the working shortcode.


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WordPress lesson on slideshows…

This is the presentation I gave to the “Retired on line” computer club in November. I have just found a programme that will put power point presentations into a blog post. slide share.net is a very easy to use programme that you can sign up for and then after you have created your presentation you can then copy the code and insert it into your blog.

It seems to automatically add related slide shows and  don’t think you can delete them or have any control over them.

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Another word press lesson…

I am going to write this post in Microsoft word and then see if it can be pasted to my blog. I am also using the font “Georgia”, will it reproduce this also?


I have inserted the following from word, very easy, but it didn’t reproduce it in the font “Georgia” and reduced the size to the normal size font used by default in the word press posts…

Christmas 2009 is now behind us and we are racing toward 2010. I have great expectations for the coming year and the adventure that lies ahead of us.

 In the meantime I am having a lazy few days and devouring a good book. “What the psychic told the pilgrim” written by Jane Christmas (very appropriate surname for reading at this time of the year). A story of a 50-year-old woman’s pilgrimage along the Camino trail. Told with inner feeling, humour and great insight of human nature.

The first couple of paragraphs rang so true I couldn’t stop reading….

Impulse is intuition on crack. If intuition is the prudent angel who carefully directs your spirit, impulse is its mischief-making twin, the “imp” in “impulse”.

Impulse scoffs at the notion of second thoughts. Before you can apply a smidgen of rationale to your actions. Impulse has dragged you to the launch pad of adventure, where you find yourself staring bug-eyed at the bungee cord around your waist and asking “How did I get here?”


But I think without impulse to charge you on head first into adventure, you may have second thoughts, and would miss out on some of the most memorable moments that as you get older you look back on with satisfaction.

This coming year is in many ways fuelled by impulse….

How I did it…. Click on this small symbol in the menu bar and it opens up to show the “kitchen sink” among these extra symbols is one to enable you to paste from word. That will be very useful as I can prepare posts as we travel along then insert them quickly when we have an internet connection. So I am trying it out to see how it works…..



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More on geotagging…

I was very frustrated yesterday as I could not get the geotagging to work. So I went to the forum area to find some answers. This is a very helpful section of WordPress were you can ask questions and then wait for some one to come up with an answer.

I had two answers to my query.

“Where is public geo data exposed?
Geotagged posts get marked up with the geo microformat, geo.position and ICBM meta tags, and GeoRSS and W3C geodata in feeds. All of this stuff is “machine readable”, not “human readable”; it’s hidden from view.

We’ll soon be launching a bunch of human readable stuff like theme integration, widgets, shortcodes, maps, etc.”

Ok, right….this was my reply

Thanks for reply 1tess,
sorry I do not understand the answer…
Does it mean I can not insert maps yet until you have launched the other “human readable” things?

I then went to bed. This morning I had another look in “forums” and found another response…

It means that if you put in the geotagging data, only search engines and such can see it. Humans can’t.

Staff say they are working on getting maps in there, but right now it doesn’t work.

You could try the Platial mapkit widget, or just put in a Google map according to the instructions in the Support documents.

This is the magic of the internet and WWW at work. WordPress community is a very helpful and supportive group to belong to.

I will try and see if I can work out how to put in a google maps. But enough for one day I must now get a coffee…

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Another wordpress lesson…

Today I am going to try to work out how to apply geotagging to a post.

Well it worked. If you scroll down you will see a location map, showing the golf course where we had lunch yesterday at Danny’s restaurant.

No it didn’t work!!!! When I published and went to look there wasn’t a location map…

Will have to go to WordPress support and see if any one else is having problems. I will be back later…

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Blogging tutorial

Giving a power point presentation about blogging to members of the "Retired on line" computer club.

Word had got around about my blogging activities and the computer club Jack and I belong to, “Retired on line”, asked if I could pass on some information to the club members.

We are all in the 50+ age group and many of them had heard of blogging but had no idea what it was. None of them had a blog but maybe now some of them may start one and then find out how addictive they can become…

Trying to look as though I am in control!!

I tried to put the Power Point presentation into this post but I cannot seem to do it, so will go to the support and forum site in WordPress and see if I can get any information on how to do it, but that is tomorrows challenge as now we have to go to the Transport Dept and register the camper van.

We are looking forward to getting out and about in the van for a trip. But that will have to wait till next week…

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Another WordPress lesson

This time I have explored using flickr to store then upload photos into my blog. I first created an account with Flickr, easy to do following prompts on Flickr home page, now I will be able to store all photos as we go along and just pick out what I think to be best and most appropriate to insert into this blog.
I experimented by going round the garden to capture a few of the plants in flower at the moment. This Sarracenia is quite spectacular, and the photo displays better than using the WordPress upload system.
Next I will try to work out how to put in a slide show (if that is possible) and a short video.That is enough for one day, my brain has gone into overload  and I have to get a coffee…
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Another wordpress lesson on inserting photos

Just read the info about inserting photos…

If you are using galleries or inserting one image at a time into your posts, you can take advantage of the updated image templates. Make sure to click the Post URL button in the Link URL area when inserting your images or configuring a gallery. When you do this, the images will then link to the image attachment page.

When viewing an image attachment page:

  • The image will automatically be displayed to fit the content width of the theme.
  • If set, a caption and description will display beneath the image.
  • Small thumbnails with links to the previous and next image are shown.

If the image is part of a gallery, the title will provide a link back to the gallery permalink URL.

So now I will try to interpret this and see if I can use it to insert a photo…

Photo taken by Jack

Photo taken by Jack

Well there didn’t seem to be any difference to the other way I inserted images. So now I will insert a gallery

Well I really don’t think that there is any difference to the final result from the way I did other photo inserts, don’t know what I should be looking for……
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