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A Word a Week : Fur

Romeo is a real lover-boy

Romeo is a real lover-boy

Mungo, my bed companion

Mungo, my bed companion

Have you ever felt anything as soft and warm and sensuous as the fur of a Ragdoll cat? You can run your fingers through their coat and they will purr with delight, before rolling over for a tummy rub. They are affectionate and playful. Living with 5 of them is a constant delight. Watching the interaction between them, sometimes loving and then in a flash a mini spat will erupt with fur flying and ears back, but it is quickly over and they are all friends again.

These are just 2 of the boys. When Sue of “A word in your ear” gave us “FUR” as the word from her dictionary I just had to take another couple of photos to show you.

Another couple of weeks and we will be heading home and I will take fond memories of these lovely cats with me, plus a folder full of photos


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Travel Theme : Relaxing

Relaxing with a good book

Relaxing with a good book

I love to travel, but it is actually quite hard work. I’m sure any one who has travelled for long periods of time in a small camper van or trailer will agree. Finding some where to set up camp, organizing your space, cooking meals, day-to-day chores in a  different environment, deciding where to go next day. Not to mention finding a connection for phone and computer to keep in contact with family and friends and of course the blogging community.

But I love the challenge.

It is not all work and no play and plenty of time is found to relax.

Relaxed after the chores are done in a freedom camping area

Relaxed after the chores are done in a freedom camping area


"Happy hour" perfect way to relax after an interesting day of discovery and adventure

“Happy hour” perfect way to relax after an interesting day of discovery and adventure. Cheers!!!



For the ultimate lesson in relaxation you only have to look at a cat. They are the epitome of relaxation, to them it is an art form. I’m experiencing this first hand as at the moment I am sharing a house with 6 cats. 5 of them are ragdolls and they are laid back and quiet with a very placid disposition.

Sleep is the ultimate relaxation so "goodnight". Sharing my bed

Sleep is the ultimate relaxation so “goodnight”. Sharing my bed with some of the feline family.


What a great theme Ailsa has given us this week. Go to her post at “Where’s my backpack?” to discover all the many ways bloggers around the world are relaxing.


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Voting, windows and exquisite art work

Atherton is the commercial hub for the southern Tablelands. Unlike our small village of Malanda, Atherton has Woolworth’s, Big W, Target, all the banks, many other shops along its main street, 3 pubs, and of course MacDonald’s.

Saturday was election day here in Australia and because this is not our home electorate we went earlier, last Thursday, to register a postal vote at the courthouse. As we went in to vote I just had to take a photo of the courthouse windows. The challenge from Dawn of “the day after”  to show windows we have seen keeps me always on the look out for different or unusual windows. So just one this week.

Windows of Atherton courthouse

Windows of Atherton courthouse

On the way home we stopped at the Art Gallery to look at the latest exhibition. It was amazing. It is only a small gallery next to the library but we were astounded by the quality of the art on display. “Portraits of birds by William T Cooper”. They were world-class. So perfect in every detail, I almost expected them to fly away as we approached for a closer look at the exquisite detail, the colours, the feathers even the bark, moss and lichen on the trees vibrant and flawless.

“Sir David Attenborough believes Bill Cooper is “Australia’s greatest living scientific painter of birds, he is possibly the best in the world.” Sir David made a film about Bill in 1993 called, “Portrait Painter to the Birds” and it showed around the world. In Australia it was released as a Video after its TV debut. His bird paintings are scientifically exact, no wonder they end up in so many publications in collaboration with leading ornithologists such as Joseph M Forshaw.

Bill now lives and paints from his studio in the tropical rainforest of North Queensland. His resume is the stuff of dreams. He has worked with Sir David Attenborough. The Australian National Library and Papua New Guinea Government have purchased entire collections of his work. He has designed two sets of postage stamps for the PNG Government.

William T Coopers Originals and Limited Edition Prints of beach scenes, eagles, cockatoos, riflebirds, cassowary and kangaroos have to be seen to be believed. They are simply awe-inspiring.”

This reproduction cannot come any were near to the beauty you see when standing in front of the actual work of art. Bill Cooper is self-taught and has painted for over 50 years. I consider it a real privilege to have seen these paintings. Click here to see more images of his art.

The cats, of course had a very busy day while we were out…




Good friends

Good friends





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G’day from the feline family

This house sit we are the foster parents of 6 gorgeous cats. They are Lyn and David’s much-loved family.

They are Ragdoll cats fluffy, cuddly and very playful. I have not met this breed before so went to Google to find out about them.

“Ragdolls are a relatively new breed, developed in the early 1960s in the United States

 ( the history of the development of this breed is very interesting, go to this link to read more about Josephine the unusual cat that was the start of this breed)

The Ragdoll is likely the result of crossing several breeds over time; breeders speculate that Persian, Birman and Angora breeds played a dominant role. 

Ragdolls were recognised as a breed in the United States in 1967 and in Australia around 1990. There are breeders in all states of Australia, however Queensland claims the dominant share. The Ragdoll derived its name from its habit of going limp when handled. This is usually when the cat is happy and content. There are currently no registered Ragdoll clubs in Australia.

Laid back and quiet with a very placid disposition. Although not a skittish cat, Ragdolls do have their active moments and enjoy a play. These cats however don’t display strong hunting instincts and are happy to lounge around waiting for some loving attention. Ragdolls aren’t a demanding cat and are not regarded as a vocal breed like Siamese. Tolerant of children and strangers, the Ragdoll makes an ideal pet for owners who have visitors or children dropping by.”

So here they are…











Sharnie is not a Ragdoll

Sharnie is not a Ragdoll

They are the friendliest cats we have ever looked after, they are more like dogs, when we go out they come running to the door to greet us and love playing. They have a variety of toys that we bring into the lounge in the evening and it is very entertaining to watch them play together. They all have very different personalities and it is fascinating to watch the interaction between them. They have accepted us and Jack says we are now part of their “pride”.

I am usually more a dog person, but these cats have quite stolen my heart and we really enjoy their company.







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