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Weekly Photo Challenge : Unexpected

I often wonder about fate and where the twisted path of life takes us. Are our thoughts, dreams and desires connected to what happens in life?

Last week I received an UNEXPECTED email that started me wondering along these lines.

Now to set the scene I will take you back to 2010 when we travelled around Australia in our faithful old camper van, Matilda. Of all the States we visited Western Australia was my favourite and I often wondered if I would ever visit it again. It is so far away, almost 4,000 kilometres from the Goldcoast to Perth. But WA lives in my memory and occasionally I would dream of revisiting it.

Karijina It is an amazing place. An immense, mostly uninhabited landscape, raw and wild the red rugged ranges pitted with deep canyons.


The road winds along the coast with the azure blue Indian Ocean beating against the shore.



Coral Bay

I will never forget the image of the land awash with colour during spring as the wild flowers carpeted the land.

The sun setting over the ocean when the world seems to be on fire.

Glorious sunset

Murchisan river

Robe River

During the year spent travelling we couch surfed with a number of people (to see some of the places we stayed put couch surfing in the search box) and made new friends.

Now out of the blue, unexpectedly, one of the couch surf hosts has e-mailed us to see if we would be able to house sit for her from April to June 2014. She lives in Geraldton WESTERN AUSTRALIA…

Of course the answer is YES.

Now is that Fate? Did my thinking and dreaming of, one day, revisiting WA make the stars align to present this opportunity? 

We are also going to New Zealand, February and March, to visit family…

So suddenly from not really having any plans for 2014 we have the first 6 months planned.


The “Weekly Photo Challenge” this week is UNEXPECTED. and this made me think how random and unexpected things and happenings can shape what you do and where you go.

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Versatile blogger award

Well how about this!!!!

I am honored to be given this award by another WordPress blogger who came by and read my blog.

She found me by the couch surfing link, she also is a host CS. The amazing thing is she is from USA how mind-boggling is the internet, it can connect people from all over the world in a click of a mouse.

Of course I went to see her blog, What a talented person, go check her out…

One of the conditions of this award is to tell a little more about yourself and pass on the award, so…

  • My favourite smells, fresh mown grass and sweaty horses.
  • I’m terrified of my head going under water, except in the shower…
  • I’ve now discovered that my favourite flowers are the West Australian native wild flowers.
  • I’m addicted to travel ( but I think that one is obvious)
  • I’m also an organizer freak, love a place for every thing, and every thing in its place.
  • Do not like large, new houses, consider them a waste of resources and space.
  • Am addicted to muffins.
  • Love the computer.
  • But could survive without a mobile phone

OK well I pass the award on to Met up on our trip in Denham and admire their style of travel These subjects get me thinking  this is a site that gave me lots of help when I was first learning about blogging

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Getting bushed

Going bush, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

Next day we decide to move on and explore the forest. We see a sign for Marrinup Falls so head in that direction. There is 1.4 km track down to the falls. What a delightful walk it is, the wild flowers are like natures garden, a profusion of colours, the weather is perfect and when we reach the falls there is also a small pool. Jack takes the opportunity to skinny dip in it.

Two hours later we arrive back at Matilda and head out. But where is out? No signs and with no idea where we are, we just drive on. No worries as we will eventually come out, some where…

The dirt road winds on and on with side tracks going off in all directions, some obviously bike tracks, others quite well defined.

An hour later we came out onto a sealed road but still no sign posts to tell us were we where. Ok time for a cuppa, then take a guess as to which way. Fortunately we made the right guess and ended up at Pinjarra where we wanted to be.

We never thought to set up the GPS…

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Kangaroo paw beds

Kangaroo paw beds, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

The Kangaroo Paw is the floral emblem of Western Australia and in Kings Park they have large beds of them and at this time of the year they are at their most vibrant best.

Kings Park botanic garden is, in my opinion, the very best botanic garden of the many I have seen. Of course it has a huge variety of native plants to display but it presents them so well and all are labelled with excellent information boards around the park. It brings together all the many plants and arranges them in sections representing the different geographic areas of Western Australia.

If you come to Perth you must not miss a visit to Kings Park.

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Skipper Road nature reserve (19), originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

Another great outing was with Alan on his tag-along-tour. He has 3 outings a week and as we did not have a 4 wheel drive we travelled with Alan in his vehicle. Three other 4 wheel drives tagged along and Alan took us along Skipper Road in to the sand plain area in search of orchids and other unusual native plants. It was a 4 hour search and we found a number of exquisite, dainty orchids.

Another area we visited was a newly saved nature reserve. It was to be bulldozed by the land owner to form more agricultural land, but Alan and a number of concerned conservationists fought a steady campaign to have it set aside as a reserve and thankfully they achieved their goal. It was in this area that we found the orchids.

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Early morning visitors

Early morning visitors, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

Another highlight from my 2005 trip around Australia on the Greyhound buses was my stay at Western Flora caravan park. It was great to meet up again with Alan and Lorraine Tinker and to find that Alan was still taking the early evening walk around the park, explaining all the interesting things that happen between the flowers,insects and birds, the reason things happen. Nothing is haphazard, every thing has a meaning, and having it explained opens your eyes to the world of flowers around you. I was also very pleased that Lorraine was still preparing the excellent home cooked dinner.

If you are interested in the wild flowers of Western Australia this is a place you should put on the top of your list to visit. There are 60 acres of property to explore and the display of flowers is outstanding. We stayed 4 very enjoyable days immersed in the flowers.

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