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Mission Beach survivor

mission beach survivor, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

We arrived at Mission Beach and I booked for one night. As we set up I was delighted that no flies came round to investigate and as the sun set we turned the van lights on, leaving all the doors open and, halleluja, no mozzies, midges or sandflies. What bliss…After dinner,cooked and eaten outside without sharing it with flies, we relax, put the light on under the awning, and enjoy the soft, warm sea breezes. After the battle at The Boulders with the march flies this is paradise.

Next morning I go straight over and book in for a week. The icing on the cake, it is only $20 per night, right on the beach front and cafes, restaurants and a small shopping village is 2 minutes walk away.

Cyclone Yasi flattened most of the trees and palms and destroyed this caravan park. Everywhere you see the houses with new rooves, a few still have tarpaulins covering them. But Mission Beach is certainly open for business and a lovely place to visit. Slowly the few trees left are starting to come back to life but it will be a while before it is back to the former lush and tropical haven.

The before photo I found on the internet….

After a lovely relaxing week here, the weather is starting to heat up, approx 30 to 32deg but the breeze keeps it bearable. We are now ready to move on. Tomorrow we go to Cardwell and will visit Bec and Mic on their farm. We look forward to that…

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Mountain View Lake camp ground

Rose , originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

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We discovered this delightful camp ground 50km north of Ayr and then 1km along a dirt track off the Bruce Highway. It was picturesque, quiet and spacious, just the sort that we like and best of all we had Rose and Tony wander over to say hello when we had settled in. We discovered we had lots in common and then Rose told us she had been a professional singer in clubs and other venues in the 80’s and 90’s. What a lovely happy hour we had when Rose brought over her guitar. This is the heart and soul of travel when you meet people and briefly share special times with them, times that become treasured memories. Thanks Rose and Tony for a great evening.
Decided to stay another day as there was a good walking track through the bush, across a cattle station and into the edges of Bowling Green Bay National Park. Fred, the manager, told us it was a one hour walk to black rock and Palm creek. It took us 2 hours as we dawdled along taking lots of photos and enjoying the scenery. The weather was perfect for walking and when we got to Palm Creek it was time to sit and have lunch and Jack couldn’t resist stripping off and having his first dip of this trip.
When we got back to camp Rose and Tony had moved on and Jack put the new hammock up and christened it. I think it is going to get a lot of use…
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Getting into warmer weather

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The first 3 days we just drove steadily along getting to the warmer weather as soon as we could. The first 2 nights were quite cold and we cuddled up under a mound of sleeping bags and blankets.  We have a few new additions to our gear…

  • A solar panel
  • A hammock
  • Most importantly, at the moment, a small oil fire heater

We really appreciated the heater.

By day 3 we had covered 1000k and arrived at O’Connell river camp ground. This is one of our favourite camps and this will be our 4th time here. It certainly didn’t disappoint us, being Sunday it was free sausage sizzle lunch and Jim with guitar and great repertoire of favourite classics set the mood for a delightful laid back Sunday. So we relaxed with beer and wine in hand and soaked up the atmosphere.

We can now slow down to our preferred mode of travel, slow and steady, exploring and discovering interesting things and people. We decided to stay an extra day and at only $18 a night it is good value and this morning one of the other campers came over with freshly caught mackerel which I cooked for lunch and it was delicious, it had only been swimming around a few hours ago, could not get much fresher. Jane and Ross, the fisherman, come from Toowoomba every year for the winter months.

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Morpeth , originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

After leaving Maitland first stop was to look around Morpeth. A friend had told us it was a must see, a very quaint and historic little village 5 kms along the road back towards the Pacific Highway. We loved it. Lots of interesting novelty gift shops full of art and memorabilia, cafes, boutiques, galleries of local artists fantastic and very expensive work but lovely to look at. We spent all morning looking around taking lots of photos and then had lunch before moving on with our spirits revived by the atmosphere and uniqueness of this little village.

Looking at the map we saw a small place just off the Highway. Karuah is another small village and best of all it has a great caravan park, Karuah Jetty Tourist Park, a Big 4 park and it is on an inlet and QUIET with a pool and 5 minute walk to the local RSL.

So we are back on track again and yesterday when we were at Morpeth it was the anniversary of leaving home. We have been on the road for one year, and today is our joint birthday…

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Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

After 4 days the rain was clearing so we are on the move again. It was a refreshing stop in Mt Gambia and refueled our batteries…

So now it was heading for another of the great Australian icons, The Great Ocean Road.

On the way we stayed in Nelson and had a cruise down the Glenelg river. Again very high due to the floods in Victoria and a very chocolately colour.The cruise took us to the Princess Margaret Rose caves, Impressive look at the under world of this volcanic region.

Next stop Bridgewater beach and cape and went for a 2 hour walk up to 130 metres above sea level to look at a seal colony, it was a very windy day and sort of tested our heart rates. Then we went round to see the blowholes and petrified forest only to see a sign telling us that the walk to the seal colony from that side of the cape was not so steep…. Oh well we told our selves we needed the exercise…

That night we stayed at Portland and found the first Aldi store since we left Queensland, very good wine prices, some at $2-99 so of course we stocked up to keep us in “happy hour” supplies.

Next stop Port Fairy, a beautiful seaside village with charm and character. We got the bikes off and biked around the art trail and looked at the stone heritage listed houses and buildings. Weather was perfect for biking.

As we left we went to see the Hopkins river waterfall it was roaring and almost like a miniature Niagara falls. This is volcanic area and every where there is evidence of the past volcanic activity. Tower Hill is a large crater formed 12000 years ago. That seems a long time ago but to put it in context it is said that the aboriginals were here back then and have many dream time stories of the eruptions. It is now a national park and has been restored to the original vegetation after been stripped in the mid 1800s for farming. Native flora and fauna are now back in the area and we saw koalas and emus, in fact had a bit of a scary encounter with an emu as he got very close as I videoed him…

Then it was on to Warnambool where we planned to stay for the night. We have had no problems getting into camp grounds because even though it is middle of the school holidays many people have cancelled due to the floods every where, so we just look for some where to stay as we arrive in each area. Well suddenly the holiday high season caught up with us and we were told camp grounds would be approx $50 a night for a powered site. There is no freedom camps in this area, with fines if you try to stay any where but in a camp ground. So we just kept going and Warnambool missed the pleasure of our company….

We did find a place just outside Warnambool at $35 even that was hurtful to the budget.

Then it was on to the Great Ocean Road..

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Ravensthorp, a caravan park with attitude

Ravensthorp caravan park, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

When we are moving on every few days we get to stay in all sorts of places from people’s homes to freedom camping and of course lots of caravan parks.

Well this van park takes the prize for the most unique landscaping. The owner was a lively little lady covered in very artistic tattoos and kept the amenities immaculate. They had hanging baskets of ferns and she loved succulents but, as she said, she hated Barbie dolls with a vengeance. When she was given them as a child she would slaughter them. She had taken her revenge on the Barbie and Ken dolls. You can see in the next photo how she had put them in very compromising positions….

We enjoyed wandering around this park looking at all the inventive ways old house hold articles had been used.

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The rain came…

Pemberton Bibbulmum Track, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

We have been travelling for 8 months and covered just over 14000km, apart from a couple of days drizzle, the weather has been perfect and we have slowly meandered along in the sunshine, but we have caught up with the colder, wetter climate, or has it caught up with us… It has rained for 4 days and the temperature has dropped dramatically. Oh dear, have we got soft? Are we too conditioned to the warmer climate? What ever it is, we have both caught a nasty cold. So instead of enjoying all the walks through the forests in this area, including the famous Bibulmum track, we rented a cosy, wood cabin for 3 days in the Pemberton caravan park, and had total time out, even had a TV…

Rain is now clearing and it is getting warmer so tomorrow we will set off again in little Matilda, she also has had a rest and now we are all rearing to go again.

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Nannup , originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

This pretty village is surrounded by the karri and marri forests of south-west WA. This weekend it was holding it’s “Festival of Country Gardens” I had seen the brochures advertising it in Margaret River so of course this was our next destination.

The 48km drive from Margaret River was a scenic drive through the state forest and national parks. Very few vehicles so we could drive slowly to take in the scenery.

We arrived and managed to get the very last powered site, again.Our luck is holding…

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Lancelin beach

Lancelin beach, originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

The next leg of the journey we headed back to the coast. Three weeks ago the last section of the new “Indian Ocean Drive” had been opened. It is an alternative to the Brand Highway from Perth to Kalbarri and will be taking the tourist traffic through a number of small fishing villages. They are expecting a big rise in numbers visiting these places and already you can see the coming changes.

We stayed at a camp ground in Lancelin, it was right on the beach and we fell to sleep with the sound of the waves in the back ground, but it has been sold to developers…

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Skipper Road nature reserve (19), originally uploaded by gypsy woman1.

Another great outing was with Alan on his tag-along-tour. He has 3 outings a week and as we did not have a 4 wheel drive we travelled with Alan in his vehicle. Three other 4 wheel drives tagged along and Alan took us along Skipper Road in to the sand plain area in search of orchids and other unusual native plants. It was a 4 hour search and we found a number of exquisite, dainty orchids.

Another area we visited was a newly saved nature reserve. It was to be bulldozed by the land owner to form more agricultural land, but Alan and a number of concerned conservationists fought a steady campaign to have it set aside as a reserve and thankfully they achieved their goal. It was in this area that we found the orchids.

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