Lingering Look at Windows : Neighbours

Wandering around China Town in Brisbane I noticed these two businesses side by side.

What do you think?

Chinese new year 2014 pc 015_4000x3000


Dawn from “The day after” challenges us to look for windows and post them here each week. Maybe you have some you can show us.

Visit here to look through more windows from around the world.  


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Lingering Look at Windows : Chinatown, Brisbane

Chinese new year 2014 pc 018_4000x3000Chinese new year 2014 pc 017_3273x2612Chinese new year 2014 pc 077_4000x3000Chinese new year 2014 pc 009_4000x3000

Even the bank had Chinese designed windows

Even the bank had Chinese designed windows

It is the Chinese New year and the Chinese and Asian community in Brisbane celebrated it in style.

We watched Kung Fu, Lion Dancers and several other Asian dances. The crowds were shoulder to shoulder and the fathers hauled their children onto their shoulders so they could see the action. Very difficult to get any photos, but I did notice some interesting windows.

After strolling round the market stalls we found a shady Vietnamese restaurant, a cool oasis to have lunch.


Dawn from “The day after” challenges us to look for windows and post them here each week. Maybe you have some you can show us.

Visit here to look through more windows from around the world.  


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Lingering Look at Windows : South Bank Brisbane

A window of beauty

A window of beauty


Seen on a walk along the South Bank of Brisbane these perfect reflections of the Bougainvillea flowering over an arch.

But there is something else in the reflection. Can you see what it is?

The eye in the sky

The eye in the sky

Then I turned round to photograph the real thing. The towering eye in the sky. I remember smaller versions when I was a child and then they were called Ferris wheels. and they were in all the fair grounds.

Eye in the sky

Eye in the sky

I used to know it as a Ferris wheel

I used to know it as a Ferris wheel

An arch of bougainvillia

An arch of Bougainvillea


The Bougainvillea is past it’s best but it still is a bright splash of colour.

Well Christmas is over for another year. I hope you are all enjoying holiday time now.


Dawn from ” The day after” has a challenge to find windows and post them each week. I love these Word Press challenges they open your eyes to the world around you. I also enjoy looking through all the other interesting and varied windows from around the world. Go to Dawns link, you may have some windows you can share with us.



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Brisbane River, Photography “Jargon Free” Course and end of day Bomb Scare…..

What a day…

In perfect weather we caught the train to Brisbane. An hour later we walked through the Southbank parklands to catch the Quick Cat  City Cat ferry.

South Bank river walk

South Bank river walk

South Bank beach area

South Bank beach area

The beach area was crowded with people topping up their tan before winter sets in.

Jack waiting for the Quick Cat

Jack waiting for the Quick CityCat

Here's the Quick Cat arriving

Here’s the  QuickCityCat arriving

The journey down the river was pure pleasure. The water sparkled and shimmered as the clouds reflected in the towering hi-rise buildings.

I was excited to be going to a photography course held in the funky Powerhouse building on the banks of the river at New Farm. In the 30 minute trip I could not stop dashing from side to side trying to capture the spirit of the day.

Here is a gallery of a 30 minute slice of life on the Brisbane River…

We had time to wander around before the photography course started at 2-45pm. Family groups making the most of a sunny Sunday were enjoying picnics and games of cricket. Runners jogged past and people walked dogs along at a leisurely pace. Lovers held hands and old folks sat on benches watching the world go by. It was an idyllic Queensland Sunday.

Being lunch time we chose to go into the Watt Restaurant and Bar. Well I will quickly pass over that experience as we considered 3 small scallops each on a shell resting on a bed of salt and smothered in some indeterminate topping not to be very good value when charged at $17, and the other choice of a two slivers of salty, smoked salmon hiding under a very strange shredded something also charged at $17. I wish I had been brave enough to complain. I certainly did not take a photo….

Lunch was very quickly forgotten when we arrived at the venue for the camera course. It was nestled in the depths of the Power house building, a venue for art and entertainment. An acoustic guitarist was entertaining the crowds in an upper gallery and later we heard snatches of a stand up comic as we passed by to go outside and practice our new skills.

But back to the course, it was a 4 hour jargon free course for every one, “Take Better Photos” . (click here to learn more about the dates and venues)it  was fantastic, a great mix of easy to understand theory and hands on practice with a small group of enthusiastic photographers. If you want to master more than just using the automatic setting on your camera this is the course to show you. I learnt a lot of new tricks.

Learning how

Learning how

Then we went outside to practice

Then we went outside to practice

It takes a great deal of concentration (photo by Jack)

It takes a great deal of concentration (photo by Jack)

The course lasted till 7pm and the last part was pure fun as we learnt to use the timer settings and with the cameras on a tripod played with light.

Now you see Jack

Now you see Jack

Now you don't...

Now you don’t…

The course also supplied you with a handy wallet set of cards created for your camera explaining the settings used for constant reference and the option of coming back to attend the course again as many times through the year as you want. What great value.

Now it was time to go home. The trip back along the river was magical the lights of Brisbane twinkling in the water. I tried to capture the scene, but not too successfully as the ferry movement created some blurring but I’ll show you them any way. I will have to practice and see if I can master the technique.

Tired but satisfied after a full day we board the 8-30pm train for home. But the day is not over yet. At 9-00 pm an announcement comes over that the train will be terminating at Beenleigh due to a police incident. Buses will be made available for the final part of the journey to our rail station, another 30 minutes away. Every one crowds onto the bus station platform and we wait, and wait and then wait some more….

Many of the passengers have come from the airport after long flights. They are dragging heavy cases and they look tired.

Eventually buses arrive. Many of the drivers have been pulled from their beds. More trains are arriving and the crowd is swelling.

Eventually we arrive home at 11pm…

Today I heard on the news that a suspicious parcel had been found on the rail lines and it took three and a half hours to decide it was a hoax…

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Thursday’s lingering look at windows : Brisbane revisited

It was the last day of Laurie and Kerry’s very short visit to Australia. The week had flown by and the next day they fly back to New Zealand.

So where to go?

For something quite different we decide to explore the “big smoke”. Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland and it is just over a one hour train ride away.

First stop is the cultural centre on the south bank. We split up, I always enjoy browsing around the art gallery and Laurie and Kerry explored the museum with its wealth of information.

Brisbane art gallery

Brisbane art gallery




It is school holiday time and the museum is packed with excited children, but the art gallery is more sedate and I wander around absorbed in all the various displays. I suddenly become aware that many people are taking photos of the art, most of them are using their mobile phones. Children and young adults are posing in front of classic art and sculptures. I look around, the security staff are walking around and they do not seem to worry about all the photography. I’m amazed. What about copy-right? Then I realise that I have not seen any “no photos” signs. Maybe the powers-that-be have decided that in this day and age it is just too hard to police as people can now take furtive photos with the very small phones and go undetected.

So go with the flow and I snap a couple of my favourite paintings… Well maybe more than a couple 🙂

Later I walked behind a young woman carrying a tripod over her shoulder and I eave-dropped on her conversation with one of the security staff.

“Have you got a permit for the tripod?” the guard said. The answer was “no”.

Well it seems you are classed as a professional photographer if you have a tripod and may be selling copies of your photos so have to buy a permit to take photos with a tripod. Interesting?

Brisbane art gallery

Brisbane art gallery

Behind the old art gallery a more recent addition is GOMA (gallery of modern art) only opened in 2006 it is an interesting contrast to the old style paintings. At the moment they are holding the APT (Asian Pacific Triennial) event showcasing art and sculpture from around the Asian Pacific region. Again I was tempted to take photos…

It was almost lunch time and we had agreed to meet over the river in Queens Street, Brisbane’s premier shopping mall, for a coffee before exploring the CBD.

I walked past this very strange elephant sculpture outside the art gallery. It was commissioned in 2012 amidst much controversy. It is a beautiful work of art but I cannot understand what the significance is of putting him this way up.

Have you got any suggestions?

Controversial elephant sculpture. Now what can be the meaning behind this strange pose?

Controversial elephant sculpture. Now what can be the meaning behind this strange pose?

Well a look around Google found this….

“More than a million dollars was spent on this single piece of art,  commissioned by an artist who doesn’t live in Queensland or Australia for that  matter.”

Ms Bates insisted her comments about government waste were “not a smear on  the artist or the sculpture” but argued the state funding would have been better  spent helping the Queensland arts sector.

The sculpture was funded by the state government’s art+place Queensland  Public Art Fund and the Queensland Art Gallery Foundation.

Parekowhai was one of three  internationally acclaimed artists shortlisted to produce a sculpture to be  located between GOMA and the Brisbane River.

The Queensland Art Gallery argued the proposed sculpture responded to the  cultural and historical significance of Kurilpa Point.

“A life-sized bronze elephant, which on closer inspection is revealed to be a  bookend, is flipped on its head. Its eyes gaze directly into those of a kuril,  the native water rat that gives Kurilpa Point its name,” the gallery  said in a statement to the ABC earlier this year.

Read more:

Despite the “no climbing on the sculpture” sign, children were having great fun crawling all over his trunk.

Brisbane CBD across the Brisbane river

Brisbane CBD across the Brisbane river


A pleasant walk along the walkway beside the river and we met out side the beautiful old Treasury Casino building and had a coffee and bite to eat before a wander along the Queen Street Mall.

Brisbane Treasury Casino

Brisbane Treasury Casino

I am always looking for windows to share with the windows group organised by Dawn on the blog “The day after” This was a perfect opportunity. I was surrounded by beautiful heritage buildings as well as the glass hi-rises. So here is a gallery of windows of Brisbane.



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