About gypsy woman

I must have gypsy ancestors, I have always had the urge to travel. The sound of a plane passing overhead, sitting in a train watching the world whizz by, wondering what is around the next corner or over the next hill, all these things stir my blood and make me restless.

Brief biography of my life so far……

What a cute, cuddly baby...

What a cute, cuddly baby...

  I was born in the 1940’s in Yorkshire, England.

A horse crazy child I loved all sport and the outdoors.

A teenager in the 1950’s Revelling in this new era of rock ‘n roll. I still loved horses and farming was my work choice.



At Agricultural College I met the man who was to become my husband. At the young and naive age of 19 I flew to New Zealand on my own to join and to marry him.  The 1960’s was a decade of nesting, the birth of our 2 beautiful children and milking cows.

Just one of 250 cows to be milked twice a day.

Just one of 250 cows to be milked twice a day.


1970’s we separated and I was on my own, in New Zealand, with 2 young children aged 8 and 10. Now in my 30’s with no family support but a deep love of New Zealand and strong circle of friends.




 I moved to a pig farm and became a maternity mother for 600+ sows and their offspring.

Feeding one of my favourite pigs

Feeding one of my favourite pigs










 After 4 years it was time to find something that was not so physically hard and not so smelly. I took on door to door commission selling of brushware.

Door to door selling brushes on commision.

Door to door selling brushes on commission.

After 3 years my little mini van needed repairing or replacing, so I found a job with a car supplied.

Working for Milestone Photography was my next career change. Setting up the camera and backdrops in shopping centres I took portraits of hundreds of babies and young children, interspersed with Monday and Tuesday  sessions at schools taking class group photos as well as individuals. I now had a group of friends who were solo Mums and we would go to Saturday night dances and it was at one of these that I met the man who was to change my life; 3 months later I had moved in with him and 28 years later we are still together. 

Through the 1980’s and 90’s it was when I was once again able to follow my dreams and start travelling. Jack was also an enthusiastic traveller and we visited many countries together. Due to Jack’s work commitments I also went to some places on my own.

With Jack  I went to many of the Southeast Asia countries, and Australia was a favourite country to visit. On my own I went to India, and travelled through China, Mongolia, Siberia, Russia, East and West Europe on the Trans Mongolian Express to get to England. Later Jack  joined me there and then we travelled round America using the money I had saved  working as a house keeper for Douglas Bunn at Hickstead 

Between travelling I worked at many and various jobs to earn money to travel again. Real Estate agent, Advertising rep for the North Shore Times local paper in Auckland, Property manager with 80 properties to look after, housekeeper of a 9 story medical student hostel, manager of a mobile “Spring Clean Company” , sandwich maker. I was now in my 50’s but never had any trouble finding a job when I arrived back in Auckland after yet another travel adventure.

Jack had now retired and wanted to return to Australia, the land of his birth. I was a bit apprehensive as to if I could live in the hot and humid climate of Queensland. But I quickly became used to it and grew to really love this country with its laid back life style and beach culture. We bought a house on the Goldcoast and soon made a circle of friends.

We still did some travelling but being retired means having to keep to a strict budget. Then health problems cropped up but now we are bounced back again and that brings you to the start of this blog with a dream to see more of this huge country…


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  1. Oh my, have you had a varied and colorful career and life! I hope you are still managing to do that which is close to your hearts.

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  2. Great blog and personal backstory. I’m hooked!

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  3. A traveling gypsy I guess and how wonderful that you have and still yearn for more. I will never travel in that way but I do love to visit others’ sites such as yours and in that way I see the world in the beauty of their observations. I shall have a look around.

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    • Thank you Renee for dropping by I hope you enjoy sharing a part of my life. I do still like the thought of travelling, but age does put a restriction on ability and energy. So just short jaunts these days

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  4. Emily

    Really do love this!

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  5. I really admire you!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Linda Scott

    My daughter was searching for a photo of fingal head for a school project, and came across one of your photos – the one of the two girls exploring around the rocks. As it happens, my two daughters (now aged 17 and 13) are the two girls exploring around the rocks, and my eldest daughter and I are two of the ‘bikini clad girls’ swimming in winter! What wonderful memories and a very special place.

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  7. How lovely to meet you. I share many of your passions, including an ever present urge to travel and a love of horses, amongst many other things. Look forward to exploring more of your world. xo


    • G’day Miriam, thank you for visiting and I appreciate that you have left a comment.


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        Kind regards,

        Jazmin Malcolm
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