The pureness of light

My gypsy feet were getting restless and wanted to go exploring, after all it is now 4 months since my last trip. So yesterday it was time for a day’s outing into the country side. Discovering a new and delightful place for lunch. (more on this in another post) On to Murwillumbah art gallery to be immersed in art. Then sit on the deck of the gallery café with a cup of coffee as the sun went down. 

sunset tweed river-1_4000x3000

It is dusk and, thinking the sunset was finished, it is time to head home along the highway. The sugar cane fields on one side and the Tweed River on the other. Suddenly the sun illuminates the sky with a final burst of  iridescent red, it is breathtaking and I had to stop and try to capture this pure moment of nature’s glory. I am oblivious of the vehicles rushing by, people encased in their metallic shells. Are they even aware of the beauty around them. The place is a perfect spot for photographs as the cirrus clouds reflect in a pool of blood in the river.

sunset tweed river-4_4000x3000

Ten minutes and the show is over…

sunset tweed river-8_3000x4000


For this week’s challenge, share a photo of something pure — it can be a person, an object, or a moment.


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50 thoughts on “The pureness of light

  1. Amazing sunset shots. Just wonderful


  2. Shivers up the spine. A wonderful sunset. Haven’t seen one remotely as spectacular since Broken Hill.


  3. Thank you, so beautiful.I so appreciate you sharing your world, Pauline. :)))


  4. Joan and Terry Watson

    RED SKY AT NIGHT shepherds delight, oh sooo beautiful, that is truly a great pic


  5. Love the pinks, Pauline, and those reflections but the star of the show for me is that glorious first shot. What fabulous light! Truly beautiful 🙂 Have a great week, restless lady. Love to the other half. 🙂


    • Thanks Jo it was an amazing show of colour, then when we set off for home, after thinking it was all over, it suddenly burst into light again. Jack sends his hugs over to you…

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  6. Glad you could stop to appreciate that sunset. Beautiful shots.


  7. Stunning photos Pauline.


  8. Perfectly captured Pauline; what a GLORIOUS sight!


  9. Never heard it called blood in the river / and what beauty this is – glad you found a spot and nice take on the word pure!


  10. Loved these so much…linking it up with one of my two blogs…Hope you don’t mind! 🙂


  11. stunning…perfect for those calendar shots!


  12. What a sight!


  13. Absolutely magnificent, Pauline!


  14. Fabulous sunset gloriousness! So well captured, Pauline. 🙂


  15. Serendipity! Lucky you having somewhere to pull over – it never happens for me, by the time I find a safe spot the event is long gone. Love the second shot. So clear.

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  16. These are wonderful, Pauline. I often wonder the same thing about drivers, although I don’t want them to look around too much! Even people walking are often looking at their phones rather than at what’s nearby. What a waste!



    • I also notice a lot of people, especially older generation, walk along looking at the ground. Yes so many are also transfixed with the mobile phone and there is so much to see in this world.

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  17. What a glorious sunset! Nicely photographed!


  18. I’m thinking I wish I had taken those shots lady!!! Right…THE perfect spot to photograph!


  19. What stunning photos Pauline, it always amazes me how fast the final disappearance of the sun is!


  20. Oh such gorgeous photos PP, love them. It looks like a wonderful day.


  21. Spectacular photos of the beautiful world we are privileged to live on…being aware of that is a wonderful state and it’s so sad that more people can’t enjoy it like you.


    • It made me so happy that I could pull over. How many times have I just had to keep going as beauty streams by because there is nowhere to stop.


  22. Truly that is a beautiful part of the world! As we have just arrived back to a Canberra winter, I think we must organise a trip up there, I do remember the area around the Tweed river as being wonderful! Your photos are amazing, just goes to show what you come across when you are least expecting it….


  23. Stunning colors that only Mother Nature can provide. 🙂


  24. Aena Zoraya

    Wow! Stunning! It made me remember the first few seconds in the movie, The Notebook.


  25. The colours are amazing. It’s lovely to see the contrast between the daytime scene and the sunset one. Wonderful.


  26. WOW!! These photos are FANTASTIC Pauline! The cloud formations so beautiful and the colors, just take my breath away! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Bravo!! 🌟💕🌈✨


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