Final few hours in Brisbane…

It had been a busy day when we went to Brisbane a couple of Saturdays ago. We visited the art gallery, strolled around South Bank and had lunch there. But the day was only half gone…

 Passing through the University grounds on the way to the Botanic Gardens I went in search of “The Cube”

“The Cube is one of the world’s largest interactive digital display systems. It is two storeys high, has 170m2 of high-definition screens, and includes 48 touch panels. It took our developers more than two years to build.

The Cube offers unprecedented learning and research opportunities for the community – from school students to scientists and engineers. Our researchers use the Cube to showcase their ideas and to visualise, model and manipulate big data sets.”

With help from a security guard we found this impressive display and spent an hour pressing buttons and marvelling at the vision of being back in the time of the dinosaurs.

It was a few months ago that we came to see this but that was the day Jack fell and ended up in hospital. I’ve just checked back and found it was last August,  (do you remember that? Check it here) certainly doesn’t seem that long ago. Since that unfortunate accident we have been meaning to come back. So at long last we have made it…

But we did have another reason to be here today. We were meeting the family at 6pm at Kangaroo Point to see them rock climbing.

Still another couple of hours, so with a cup of take-away coffee we wandered over to the Botanical Gardens next to the university and sat watching the world go by.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 135_4000x3000

Walking along I was drawn toward this magnificent display of marigolds. In the late afternoon sun they glowed.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 118_4000x3000

Families made the most of this glorious weather.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 124_4000x3000

In the background children frolicked in the playground.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 130_4000x3000

Jack found another unusual seat/bench to rest on and after taking the photo I joined him.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 144_4000x3000

But it was time to catch the ferry and go over to the other side of the river to find the family.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 137_3000x4000

Can you see the ferry on the other side of the river? We will have to hurry to catch it.

The sun is going down behind the hi-rises of the CBD but the cliffs of Kangaroo Point are still painted vivid orange by the glow from the sun. (This photo has not been touched up at all, I could hardly believe the colours when I downloaded it)

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 153_3000x4000

I spot someone setting up the ropes for the rock climbing enthusiasts. Our family must be around here somewhere.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 157_3000x4000

It is an interesting walk. I see a bridal party having a photo session.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 155_4000x3000

Then I see the rock climbers.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 163_3000x4000

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 177_3000x4000

That’s our grandson almost at the top after scaling an almost vertical wall. What a great activity.

The sun has gone down now and the lights of Brisbane are turning on as the sun highlights the horizon in one last muted, orange glow.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 189_1984x1488

What a day it has been. At 7-30pm we catch the train back to the Gold Coast. Arriving home, tired and ready for a cuppa, at 9-00pm


I am linking this post to Paula, “Lost in Translation“, you may have guessed her theme this week is “glow”…

I would also like to join Jo “Restless Jo” and her intrepid band of world-wide walkers.

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46 thoughts on “Final few hours in Brisbane…

  1. Hey P – so lovely this walk – and liked this part…

    “and sat watching the world go by…”
    such a nice feel – an d the bride capture was a personal fav = I love when we get to be privy to such special moments for this folks (even tho we know the stats….. ha!)
    and the up view of the rock climbers – very cool and way to go grandson….
    my older boy was a natural for scaling…. when we went to events with the small climbing walls (still big for kids) he was first one up to ring the bell….
    oh and that cube interactive is a modern marvel…
    enjoyed the vid
    – peace


    • Hey good to have your company around my world Y. This was a very special day and great to get back and finish off after our day out was cut disastrously short last time in Brisbane


  2. And what a ‘Glow’ these photo’s left me feeling Pauline.. What an interesting place, ‘The Cube’ and yes I remember your post when Jack fell.. Gosh last August almost a year.. You have captured some wonderful scenes.. and love the colour of that outcrop of rock..And love Marigolds They are all over my allotment, 🙂 and I am letting alot flower among the veggies this year.. 🙂
    Hope you caught your Ferry in time.. 🙂
    Have a wonderful Week xx Sue


  3. Joan and Terry Watson

    You just keep reminding us of what we must do again, love the photos.


  4. Ok…I’m right there with you while we sit in the park, even while we take the ferry, even while gandering at that orange wall. But no…no rock climbing. I don’t understand the allure…at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Beautiful, Pauline. I love the brilliant colors of the cliffs and the flowers.


  6. You certainly pack a lot into a day! One of those adventures would’ve been enough for me.


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  8. The Cube looks like something you really needed to see to believe. 🙂 Seeing those rock climbers sends my heart into my mouth. I’m not scared of heights, but I could never do that. Jack looks so lonely on that love seat. 😕 The marigolds are glorious. What a great day you had.


  9. Jackie

    Looks like a busy day!
    Nice photos.. ☺

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  10. The red on the cliffs is just spectacular. It looks like good climbing, too. Plenty of finger and toe holds! Enjoy the lovely weather.


    • It is a very popular place for rock climbers and free, so better than paying to go into the artificial walls of indoor climbing.


  11. What an absolutely amazing adventure. Wow. And, being a Marigold lover from way back, I was blown away by the marigold gardens. It is nice to see such a simple, hardworking plant get its due. 🙂


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  13. Marigolds always look so great in the Queensland sunshine. And what did you do to the Brisbane River? It actually looks blue – unheard of!!! The Kangaroo Point cliff photos in the sunset are simply stunning! Never seen Brissie looking so good! 🙂


    • I think it was just the sky reflecting blue Debbie, it is still its usual muddy brown colour. Every where is tarting up for the 2018 commonwealth games that are being held on the Gold Coast.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think you are right! I’ve never seen the Brissie River looking so blue – apart from sometimes in that stretch around Hamilton! do they still do the dredging? thats partof the cause…. Once you cross the border and hit the Tweed River, the waters are as blue as the sky… so beautiful…. 🙂


        • I’m not sure about the dredging, but I guess they still do at times. I agree with you about the Tweed River it is beautiful.


  14. I also saw a glowing bride and some stunning glowing rocks, but I will post marigolds as you wished 🙂 Thank you, Pauline. Your walks are always fun.


  15. Lovely day out PP, and what a marvellous bench – a shame you and Jack weren’t in it together. Brisbane has grown into a very beautiful city.


    • They make the most of the river and of course the weather is perfect, especially at this time of the year.


  16. Something for everyone, Pauline! Even a bench for Jude 🙂 Any city with a ferry service will do for me. My favourite shot is that last ‘muted glow’. It’s a beauty! Many thanks for the link. 🙂


  17. This post is glowing with Pauline warmth! A pity you didn’t get a photo of you and Jack together on that handsome love seat.


  18. What a fun day, Pauline. Those glowing cliffs are wonderful. And your grandson was very brave to scale that cliff! 🙂


  19. That was a full day, Pauline, and the light on the cliffs was glorious. I love botanical gardens and The Cube sounds fascinating. We have a lovely little bar near us called The Cube, part of a very upscale grocery store, but it’s also fun. 🙂



  20. I have loved reading your Brisbane posts, I can remember some of the places from when I was in Australia, in 1979 and again in 2000. Great photos, especially the golden rocks at sunset. How far is Brisbane from where you live?


    • We go to Brisbane on the train and it takes 1hour 15mins. It is approx. 100kms from the Gold Coast, but I never drive there as parking is difficult and expensive. How’s Greece and Fandancer? Are you settled in over there?

      Liked by 1 person

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