Immersed in the Blues

The Blues came to Broadbeach this weekend with 62 musicians, both local and international playing their hearts out. For 4 days the sound of blues, soul and rock n roll wowed the crowds as thousands flocked into the Gold Coast for this iconic FREE event now into its fifteenth year. The atmosphere was electric. Stages set up in the streets that were closed to traffic. Bands playing in venues from the hotels to the shopping centres. Every where the music followed you, heavy rock, morphing into soulful jazz then beating into rock n roll as you move from venue to venue. And the sun beamed down in typical Gold Coast style.

We chose to go to the Pacific Fair shopping centre at lunch time to watch a 2 hour concert by Juzzie Smith, a favourite of ours, an immensely talented entertainer, a one man band who composes all his own music.

“Juzzie is a walking, talking, singing example of how it pays to follow your heart. Not that money is the point here – far from it. The real point is that Juzzie is one of those truly creative souls who makes a living out of doing something he absolutely loves.” (from Juzzie’s web page, see more here)

bb blues fest-5_4000x3000

We are huge fans. Look at this unusual guitar made from a cigar box. It makes a terrific blues sound. He also has 2 other guitars, his feet are his percussion, he has a belt full of harmonicas and then he has “chukka chuks”. “What ever are they?” I hear you ask. Well be amazed, I took a short video…

The kids found him irresistible and I had to get another video of these 2 young boys. With the spontaneous abandon of youth they grooved to the rhythm.

Then on to music central in the heart of Broadbeach. We mingled with the happy crowd and stopped for a while to watch another one man band.

Taking photos of the artists was very difficult as the crowds gathered around intent on hearing the music. So we just wandered around, stopping for a coffee and listening to acoustic, lyrical guitar for a while, then joining the crowds at the main stage in the mall. The big attraction was “Big Daddy Wilson”

“As soon as you hear Big Daddy Wilson’s voice, whether speaking or singing, you hear his southern country roots. The sound of the original blues people comes through loud and clear, reminding you of a bygone era when music came from people’s front porches instead of iPhones. Wilson has a voice baptized in the river of African-American song – a voice with the power to heal. His repertoire encompasses spirituals, blues, country & soul, delivered in his unique, heartfelt way.” (from his web page)

The crowd was packed tight around the stage so we just found a bench near the water feature and listened to the rich sound of a mellow blues man and soaked in the reverent atmosphere of the crowd.

bb blues fest-9_4000x3000

bb blues fest-6_3272x3000

I love people watching and there are plenty to see here. I think this bloke is on to me!!!

bb blues fest-12_3000x4000

But time to head home. We came on the bus, to find a car-park would be impossible. As we sauntered back in the late afternoon sun I couldn’t resist getting a photo of these 2 lovely ladies in front of us.


As we stopped at the pedestrian crossing Jack told them how we admired their dresses. Debbie and Cherry were pleased to let me take a photo. These are more than dresses they are works of art. Just look at all the detail and they are designed and created here on the Gold Coast, not one stitch was produced in China.


They then put on these funky jackets from the same designer.


bb blues fest-16_2684x3486

Jack loved chatting to them as I took the photos and then gave them a big hug as they went on their way and we crossed the road to catch the bus home after a day immersed in the Blues…

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35 thoughts on “Immersed in the Blues

  1. What a wonderful event.. and Love Blues music too… Debbie and Cherry looked stunning in their outfits too and Jack you lucky fellow! 😉 lol


  2. Anonymous

    GC does it again, how marvellous


  3. So many things I am liking here – the reflection in the water is a top pic – the two ladies walking away was just sweet with the way you caught the bottom ruffles – and that would have been s nice bookmark ending for the posta you know – like two ladies leaving walking off after the Jazz! But – then you give us a front shot – and you know I love these street shots! And then…. The one with jack and the ladies have jackets on! Oh so rich!
    Of course the samplin of music is Bueno and I have bookmarked this to soak up a bit more later – really comprehensive post about this cool event – personal too – 🙂


    • Thanks Yvette I love how you pick out all the details. If you have time check out some of Juzzie’s youtubes he writes all his own songs and the words are quite meaningful.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I will – like I said – I am coming back – this is a rich resource post – and I jus bought a crafty cigar box for my cousin – I will take a photo of it before I mail it – but have never seen a cigar box gee-tar! And the quote from the website was a good read – 🎼🎼🎼🎼


  4. You do have fun, Pauline! 🙂 I might be a little in love with Juzzie 🙂


  5. I had to listen to al the videos to the very end. They were amazing. It looks like you had a wonderful time. I’m sooooooooo jealous! Loved the dresses, but the juggler was by far my favorite along with his dancers! 🙂 Have a great week. 🙂


  6. Jack looks like he’s in seventh heaven! Those dresses are gorgeous aren’t they? What a fabulous event and free as well, it wold cost a fortune here. On Saturday I saw a man playing a guitar made from a 19th century chocolate box, rather like this cigar box one, wish I’d been able to take a photo 🙂


    • It is amazing that it is free and so many very good artists come here and they all say they keep coming because of the atmosphere. Pity you didn’t get a photo of that chocolate box guitar.


  7. Good times! Thanks for sharing and giving me my morning smile 🙂


  8. Such a fun day. I love to people watch too. I have never dared to take photos…maybe I should just do it. The dresses on the gals at the end of your post are fabulous.


  9. Jack looks like he’s having a wonderful time with the ladies 😉 It looks like a glorious day.


  10. Sounds like an amazing, fun event. Love the dresses and hubby with the arm candy. 🙂


  11. What a fun event! I bet you had a grand time. I love those dresses and how great that they were happy to let you take photos of them. 🙂


  12. You have gotta watch Jack with the ladies! They seem to gravitate to him, must be his good looks 😀
    We had a blues festival here in St Ives and a food festival last weekend. Far too busy to drive in and alas we are not on a bus route, so we have to defer from visiting these events. A shame. I rather enjoy the Blues and food 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  13. d.

    fabulous – thanks for sharing.


  14. Rob Fleming

    Love your hat Jack. Good to see the detonator again. Great photos Pauline


    • Hi Rob. Did you get to the Blues? Jack actually borrowed the hat from Cherry, but it did suit him didn’t it?


  15. Love the Blues photos and I could almost hear the music. Also great to see the girls colourful clothes designed and made in Queensland!


  16. Love the videos, Pauline. I can see why Juzzie Smith is a favourite. What a wonderful festival. And Jack scored the hat!


    • Thanks for watching the videos Jill. That hat did suit Jack but it belonged to Cherry and he had to give it back…


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