A Walk Through Sunny Southbank, Brisbane

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 060_3000x4000

It’s a sunny Saturday a perfect day for a trip to Brisbane and a walk through the Southbank Parklands. It is almost winter but the Bougainvillea are still flowering. Soft flamenco music drifts through the air from the street musicians. I think they have their eyes on the girls…

While further along this African (?) musician strums his instrument.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 069_3000x4000

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 066_4000x3000

Through the Bougainvillea I can see the eye in the sky.

Children play while the adults relax in the shade from the trees.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 076_4000x3000

Others make the most of the sun. I wonder if they are visitors from a colder climate. I hope they have put plenty of sunscreen on.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 078_4000x3000

Then I notice a new area. A herb and veggie garden. Last time I came through, about a year ago, this was under construction.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 087_3679x2698

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 091_3387x2371

It has a wide range of herbs that you are invited to sample. A variety of vegetables are growing between the herbs. I spot beans, tomatoes, bok choy, celery and rows of new seedlings just emerging.

This is what their web site says “The Epicurious Garden is a must-visit destination at South Bank for foodies, gardening enthusiasts and all those in-between.

Head along to explore the garden’s exquisite plant life and see what fresh produce looks, feels and smells like; talk to our dedicated gardener volunteers (who are onsite from 7-11.30am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and learn about inner-city gardening; or read our recipe suggestions and learn how to cook with fresh produce in your own home. All produce in the garden is organic, and is rotated seasonally throughout the year.

If you stop by from 7am-2pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, you can also collect free produce from the garden’s harvest cart. The cart operates on first-in, best-dressed basis, so get in early to avoid disappointment.”

What a perfect place for a picnic.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 093_3260x2255

A fish pond is next to the “Epicurious Garden”. Such a peaceful place to sit and relax.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 102_4000x3000

The tranquil Brisbane River flows by. While in another part of the parklands the markets are in full swing.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 082_4000x3000

There is a large choice of places to eat, from take away burghers and chips to fancy 5 star restaurants.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 105_4000x3000

I almost stood on this little water dragon. He certainly wasn’t going to move out of my way and he posed very nicely.

Brisbane art gallery cube rock climbing 085_4000x3000

I always find it difficult making a choice when there are so many to choose from. But finally I make a choice and we sit and enjoy, for me lasagna and for Jack grilled fish.

After lunch we go to the art gallery. But that will be another post…


I’m joining Restless Jo’s Monday walkers this week. I’m a day late so I will have to hurry. Do go over and see Jo’s delightful walk in Poland with Meg a blogging buddy, and also check out the other band of dedicated walkers from around the world that have rallied to join Jo’s walking group.

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42 thoughts on “A Walk Through Sunny Southbank, Brisbane

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  2. I’ve been there but as always you show me how much I missed, with these great Australian photos.


  3. Looks a wonderful day for a stroll Pauline and considerably warmer than over here in the west! More wild wet stormy weather on the way but I do love this time of year as it is a lovely contrast with the hot summers!


    • We could certainly do with some rain, it is getting very dry. They are calling it the endless summer over here.


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  5. What a great urban park – so much to see and do including gardening😉. The bougainvillea arch is lovely. It’s always fun to top off a great walk with a meal – thanks for sharing…


    • Brisbane is a great city, being on a river, and it has made the most of that with parklands and walking and biking trails.


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  7. What a beautiful stroll, Pauline. I love the bougainvillea and that proud water dragon 😀


    • He was right in front of the menu board and as I stepped forward to read the menu he never moved a muscle. Good job I saw him before I stood on him…

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Lovely to see your walk through Brisbane’s centre… We are in Italy at the moment and many of the plants are very similar to ours … It is nice to have a bit of spring before heading back to our Canberra winter! Enjoy cooler autumn ..


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  10. Looks like a great day. Nice to be back and to be able to travel around to everyone’s blogs and catch up on their adventures.



    • Good to see you back Janet. I’ve noticed you only have to be away for a couple of days and the posts just multiply so quickly.


  11. Ah, your winter beats our summer – we are still struggling to reach 20 degrees let alone more, and the nights are still chilly. And there you lot are in shorts and T-shirts still 🙂 Lovely stroll PP, it felt like a slow wander and I recognised a lot of your photos from DJ’s lovely Brissie photography.


  12. a lovely day! Love the Bougainvillea and the little dragon. Autumn looks great over there.


  13. That bougainvillea arch is a lovely creation. The epicurious garden seems like a great idea and I hope it sparks some latent, unrealized interests in gardening and cooking. A part of me feels that gardeners (and cooks) are born that way and will find a way to gardening (and cooking) somehow in their life. But, a little nudge and exposure here and there must be a good thing.


  14. Lovely pictures. “Colder climate” – Could apply to here in Glasgow where shirts are cast off at the first watery rays! It’s known locally as “taps aff” weather (tops off). We’d be very lucky to get to 25C though.


  15. I so wanted to follow you through that lovely archway, Pauline! (and no, it wasn’t to apply sunscreen for those youngsters 🙂 ). Your eye in the sky caught me out! I was looking for something mysterious through the trees, but then I came to your lovely shot of the wheel. 🙂 The herb garden is a good find too. I can feel myself stretching languorously in all that warmth. Sunny here too this morning, but not quite so warm. Thanks a lot for your kind link and for joining my happy band.


  16. Sounds like a great day out, since you aren’t that far away via that mega highway. This looks like a great spot for the family.

    Did you volunteer to apply sunscreen for those guys? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • I actually go via the train as finding and paying for parking is not good and every where is handy to the train stations. I was tempted to do the “maternal” thing!!!


  17. Fabulous, a lovely place to spend a day! Did you get to hear the kora that the ‘African’ guy is playing? It’s a wonderful instrument.


    • Oh yes, thank you for naming the instrument it did make a beautiful lyrical sound and I loved his colourful outfit. We made him a donation for letting us take photos and for playing such lovely music, he gave us a lovely smile.


  18. What a lovely day you had. My mum emigrated to Brisbane when I was 18. I went over twice, first in 1980 when my eldest daughter was 3, and again in 2000. She died in the May and I took my son out there with me in the July of that year to see where she had lived, and the people she knew. We loved Brisbane, I sure it has changed a lot in the past 16 years, but I remember taking a river trip to see the city. The botanical gardens, and other sights.


  19. Great overview of a lively, fun day, Pauline.


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