Our snail exterminator…

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 218_2552x3241

Along this western side of the house it is very hot. Jack has created a habitat for our blue tongue lizard. On the right hand side, under the rocks, he put down drainage pipes.

Every morning we share our breakfast fruit with him.

blue tongue 008

He is quite shy and if we get too close he will quickly back into his home. So Jack uses a length of wire to pass him the offering.

blue tongue 005

Here he is munching his banana. In this close-up you can see his bright blue tongue.

Because we have this little fellow on snail patrol we have very few slugs and snails around, so I don’t give him too much extra tucker as I think he can find plenty for himself.


I’m linking this to Jude’s “garden photography” that for April has been macro or close-ups in the garden.

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40 thoughts on “Our snail exterminator…

  1. Wow! He certainly is blue-tongued. 🙂 How nice to have such a useful little fellow in your garden, and so tame too. 🙂


  2. What fun – a pet/wild lizard who hunts slugs and snails for you! Only in Australia could this happen😄


  3. Oh what a sweetie. Isn’t it wonderful to take time to enjoy these beautiful moments in life. I love the paving you have added….gives me an idea for a spot where the grass won’t grow up here. Love your posts. Marilyn xo


  4. Amazing photos! Love that blue tongue! 💕😃


  5. d.

    They do say that Blue-tongues keep snakes away – I wonder if they eat the eggs or the tiny snakes. Although, at our place, we have sometimes seen both types of animal around so I guess nature keeps a balance!


  6. This is a fantastic shot, Pauline! Not only because it captures the little guy perfectly, but also because he must love you for giving him beautiful fruit. What a lucky little guy he is! 😀


  7. That second shot is priceless, Pauline. 🙂



  8. what a lovely guest you have in your garden !


  9. Great guy to have around.


  10. Wow he’s such a good house guest! Have you names him? Does he eat caterpillars?


  11. You must have been quick off the mark with you camera to get these shots of the lizard, Pauline. They’re great!


  12. Cute and purposeful too, the perfect garden visitor 🙂


  13. A most useful little friend! But don’t go over feeding him……

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  14. I am guessing he is not too big? And as someone else asked, does he have a name? A very useful addition to the garden. Slugs and snails are not a gardener’s friend.


  15. You’re lucky to have him. He doesn’t wander too far?
    He looks very well fed. Does he have a name?


  16. Spot on with not giving him too much. Snail patrol is much better for him but he rewarded you with great pictures 🙂


  17. Ooh! I LOVE lizards! I would love a blue tongued lizard in my garden! It’s difficult to see how big he is though. As big as a monitor lizard, or small as a gecko? Great photos.


  18. So good to have some wildlife in the garden, especially if they are reducing the snails and slugs. I don’t think I have ever seen the bright blue tongue of the Blue tongued lizard before, amazing!


  19. That is beautiful to have a friend in your garden, plus he may help to keep the snakes away too. We used to have these visit, but haven’t seen them lately. Gee they can run too.


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