Caterpillar update…

backyard veg-6_2662x1646

Remember this caterpillar that was in yesterday’s post? Well Desleyjane (DJ) from “musings of a frequent flying scientist” has identified it for me. In fact she did a post about the trials and tribulations of her lime tree and this strange fellow a year ago. Do go over and check it out

It is the larvae of the Orchid Swallowtail Butterfly, commonly called the Large Citrus Butterfly. Such a pretty thing and I have seen the butterfly fluttering around the garden, but never been able to get its photograph. I’m pleased I didn’t squash it.

Orchard Butterfly - melbourne zoo.jpg

Taken by fir0002 | Canon 20D + Sigma 150mm f/2.8 – Own work

This is an image I found on the Wikipedia site with more details.

Thanks DJ for the information…

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11 thoughts on “Caterpillar update…

  1. One of Nature’s great transformations, from caterpillar to butterfly. Glad you resisted the urge to squash it, I might not have. 😉


  2. My neighbour just called me over to look at an identical caterpillar, quite a beauty. We do get the Orchid Swallowtail butterflies around here because we are near the mountains.


  3. You’d better nurture that chrysalis and get a good photo of its beautiful contents. 🙂


  4. Fantastic, Pauline. I got a shot yesterday of a blue mountain (or Ulysses) butterfly – they’re SO elusive. I was wrapped. Well done to DJ for identifying this one 😀


  5. My pleasure PP! I was so happy to see it in your post. They are such cool little critters.

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  6. Okay – I thought it was after your tomato plants! Lovely butterfly from such a scary looking caterpillar.


  7. Not a green patch or a prickle anywhere on the butterfly!


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