7 Days of Nature photos : Day 7…

How quickly the 7 days have whizzed by. For this last day I am going to indulge myself with a walk around my garden to show you what is in flower and thriving as autumn sets in.

We had a reasonable amount of rain at the beginning of the year. Summer is usually the wet season, but, of course, you can never rely on weather patterns. Now the dry season, autumn and winter, is here and it is still hot, so I am watering most days.

I’ll start with a wander along the western side of the house, it gets all day sun and is very hot This is were our resident blue tongue lives. But he is hiding today.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 217_4000x3000

Through the gate and into the front garden.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 223_4000x3000

The Brazilian Red Cloak provides a lovely splash of colour and you can see I have just finished watering and not put the hose away.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 226_4000x3000

The small raised herb bed is starting to fill up.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 232_4000x3000

The trees in the next photo are young paw paw trees. Unfortunately it is not possible to tell which is male and which is female until they flower. I have been carefully nurturing 8 and was quite disappointed when 2 produced male flowers so I pulled them out and put them in the compost bin, so now I have 6 and I am keeping my fingers crossed.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 227_4000x3000

Past the front of the house. Notice how the Grevillia is still flowering.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 241_4000x3000

Round to the cooler eastern side of the house and you can have a sit down in the Bali Corner for a while.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 259_4000x3000

Did you notice the small ornament on the table? Jack designed and made him. He is blowing his own trumpet.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 251_3000x4000

Do you remember the blue ginger had just started flowering a month ago? Well look at it now.

The Spanish moss, or old man’s beard, loves the hot humid weather.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 261_3000x4000

So does the crucifixion orchid.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 197_4000x3000

I did say I would not grow vegies or put things into pots. But just look what I have been doing!!!

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 210_4000x3000

Yes those are tomatoes in pots. I couldn’t resist. Winter is the best time to grow tomatoes in this climate, not so many pests and diseases affect them. But wait that’s not all.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 211_4000x3000

This first crop of cos lettuce are getting past their best, but look behind them and you will see the second crop coming on.

sunrise burleigh heads walk pc 213_4000x3000


Thank you for the nomination Gilly (Lucid Gypsy) I’ll now sink back into less regular blogging habits. For my last nomination I will throw the invite to anyone who is left that has not taken part in this challenge yet.


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46 thoughts on “7 Days of Nature photos : Day 7…

  1. Always love the photos of your amazing garden.


  2. RMW

    Looks like you live in an arboretum. It must be a lot of work but I imagine very rewarding.


  3. Home grown lettuce must be the best. Yours look so healthy and as yet, un-munched. I presume there are no rabbits around. 🙂 You really have a lovely garden, Pauline. Well done on completing the challenge. 🙂


  4. what an outstanding garden. I live in a high-rise apartment. No garden for me, though I do have some plants.


  5. I love your passion for gardening and learning from you, Pauline. I know I keep saying it, but I feel so lucky to have seen it in person. I miss Australia. (and depending on our election results, I may be moving back!) 😬Hello to Jack.


  6. Holy smokes Pauline – that is simply amazing!!! I am a total neophyte when it comes to plants and flowers but I do adore them. I am so envious of your gorgeous garden!


  7. Joan and Terry Watson

    How lovely, and grevillia flowering, since it has been so hot, our garden has gone backwards.


  8. You’re such a diligent soul, Pauline! And you have the most beautiful and exotic plants to show for it. 🙂


  9. I love Jack’s sense of humour and creativity. And your garden is sheer delight.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I really enjoyed the tour of your garden, some plants I have never seen before (Spanish moss) and I liked the way you had lots of different ”rooms” …the Bali corner looks lovely and cool and I loved the figure of Jack blowing his own trumpet.


  11. I love the pattern in the first walkway. Did you create it? Lovely. So nice to see you broke down and planted tomatoes!


    • Yes Jack created it from some off cuts he found in a neighbours skip. They were being thrown out from off cuts of tiles around a new swimming pool. Lots of the things in the garden are recycled from “rubbish” we have found…

      Liked by 1 person

  12. poppytump

    Hello Pauline … it’s been awhile since I took a walk around your garden and just look at what’s happening 😉 Prolific abundance in all ways ! I love th blue ginger and all the kind of plants that of course we wouldn’t get to grow here in our climate . You’ve achieved much in 18 years and your love of growng and enjoying all things horticulture shines through . Marvellous ! Glad you have a spot to relax in . I see you’ll be starting your art classes soon .. acrylic landscapes .. whoo look forward seeing tthose x


    • So good to hear from you Poppy, I’ve missed you, I keep checking to see if you have popped up again, so it was good to see your recent appearance and I can understand why you haven’t felt like blogging. Thanks for dropping in and leaving a comment.


  13. Maybe it’s the way you’ve photographed it, but this is a very large garden. This could take up your entire day and no doubt it has, at times. Lovely photos.


    • Actually it is only an average size suburban garden, but I have created “rooms” and pathways winding around so in photos it looks larger than it is. 18 years ago it was just lawn and a small border around the edge so initially I was in the garden building my dream. Now it is as I planned it, not much hard work. I only spend a couple of hours most days playing and pruning. Until I get an urge to redesign an area. A bit like moving furniture around!!!


  14. I left you a long comment upon your actual blog Pauline.. looks like its gone astray.. so commenting via the reader.. 🙂 to see if this arrives


  15. So much colour still in the Autumn.. and it is so so cool with all that green.. giving the impression of shade.. Loved Jack’s Vase .. 🙂 and its an oasis.. so vibrant and rich in plants.. Love it..

    I also managed to post my first challenge today.. hope it pinged back to you..I am sharing Derbyshire with you all week 🙂


  16. Simply beautiful, Pauline.



  17. I second Gilly’s comment, and Jude’s too, Pauline!


  18. What a wonderful exotic haven you’ve created, I can tell how much work goes into it. I love the blue ginger, the orchid and the herb bed. I wonder if more veggies will creep in as you find the flavours harder to resist! Thanks for joining in Pauline, its been lovely seeing what you post 🙂


  19. WOW! I could wander with you in your garden all day! It is AMAZING! Love the variety! 😃 Of course I’d want to touch all the plants, write down their names and take photos so I could paint them later. Lol! 🎨💕 And there is nothing like growing your own fresh lettuce and a few herbs. 😍


  20. Always enjoy your garden Pauline and the changing seasons.


  21. I always love to visit your garden PP, you have so many wonderful plants in it and it simply oozes with the love and care you give it. I love the blue ginger. Never realised it came in blue! Now have a sit down yourself in the Bali corner and have a rest for a few days, you certainly deserve it.


    • Thanks Jude, you must be so happy to have some dirt to play in. I look forward to seeing it develop. Jack is back today after a week away fossicking out west with his son and grandsons. It is good to have him back and we have just been sitting in Bali corner having a cuppa. 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  22. GeorgieMoon

    What an amazing garden you have. Your photos really show it off. It must be easy to grow things in such a wonderful climate. Was your garden bare when you first moved there? Have you grown everything from scratch?


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