My “state of mind” as Summer ends…

It is March 1st, the first day of Autumn and it is raining, really raining, not just the dribbly showers that fell occasionally during February bringing no relief to the hot, parched earth, but the steady sort of rain that soaks into the soil bringing renewed life and vigour to the plants.


Just look at it, can you see the plants smiling? In the past 12 hours we have had 70mm of rain and it is still raining…

raindrops-1 cropped

How do I feel? What is my state of mind as I stand under the deck awning and watch the rain soaking into the garden? I feel I am coming back to life. The listless, constant stickiness of the hot, humid summer is over (well I hope so!) I love Autumn, March is my favourite month of the year. I feel revitalised and ready to do things I have been putting off.

My state of mind is happiness.

Over at WordPress Ben Huberman asks us to share an image where you see a particularly strong connection between what we see and what you felt as you pressed that shutter button on your camera or phone. What was our “state of mind”…


This sort of follows on, or really came before, when I went round the garden to see what was still in flower. I was in a reflective state of mind thinking and hoping for the cooler weather to come.

On the weekend it was very hot, I did a photo essay of what is flowering in the garden at the end of summer.

Grevillia flowers all year round

Grevillia flowers all year round

The main work during summer is pruning and the compost bin is almost full again.

My favourite flower is the gorgeous Fruit salad Frangipani. I’ve put this in for Jude “earth laughs in flowers” She is a passionate gardener and hosts a weekly “garden photography” challenge, I hope you will go over and have a look.

garden in february 2016 pc 007_4000x3000

How are you feeling? I hope these smiling flowers have put you in a happy state of mind.

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49 thoughts on “My “state of mind” as Summer ends…

  1. Hi P! The photo essay says so much – and your words were well written for a state of mind and moods evoked with the rain! It was so good.
    Side note – i was listening to some Kenny chesney’s song – “something sexy about the rain” and it is an older one of his songs – but so good!


  2. A great state of mind to be in. If only the seasons were so clearcut. It still feels like summer to me. 😉


  3. Glad to hear your summer is melding into autumn Pauline – here in SC our winter is melding into spring. In both cases it appears there is some amazing blooming going on! Your shots are glorious.

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  4. I love March too Pauline – always happy on the 1st March to know it’s autumn and we can look forward to cooler weather. Actually Perth has not had a particularly hot summer apart from a few days heatwave in February. We’ve had quite a few unseasonally cool spells (unlike most of the rest of the country). I love the autumnal colours too – our vines are turning that lovely burnished russet/brown colour. It’s fine and sunny here though with strong sea breezes, which I also love. Your flower photos are lovely 🙂

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  5. Refreshed!!! You know I’m not much of a swimmer, Pauline 🙂 🙂 Love the shots of your deluge, but that sunshine is so appealing. We have it all to look forward to…. eventually 🙂 Enjoy, sweetheart!

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  6. I like your captures of rain 🙂 I am looking at a small shower right now, but it is nothing compared to yours. If March were the first day of autumn in my hemisphere, it would be my favourite month.


  7. I think you got the El Nino that was supposed to bring us lots of rain. We did get rain this winter, but not enough to get us out of the drought. Sigh… Oh well, it’s not the first major drought I’ve lived through living in California. I think this is my 4th so it won’t be the last. There’s just a whole lot more people drawing on limited resources every year so, it’s worse every time too.

    Anyway, the Grevillia is blooming in the Australian Garden I visited last week-end to photograph Hummingbirds. Do you get hummingbirds to yours?
    Does the Frangipani smell wonderful? I’ve never seen one.


    • We have had one of the driest Februarys, summer is supposed to be the rainy season, so the rain this week was SO welcome as we are moving into the dry winter season from April to August. But then seasons are no longer predictable. No we don’t get humming birds you are so lucky to have them. The frangipani has a beautiful soft, lingering sort of scent and it comes in many different colours.

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  8. Lovely to see the rain Pauline.


  9. Gorgeous flowers, I love the tropical flowers especially the frangipani. I always feel as if I’m on holidays when I see them. I know exactly what you mean about the flowers and plants smiling in the rain. Ours do the same. We haven’t had rain for a month and not much is smiling at the moment here in Canberra.


  10. We have rain like that. A lot. And now it is officially ‘spring’ it appears we are due some snow. Go figure. (And thank you for the fruit salad frangipani – they are soo pretty. Just what I need to cheer me up right now).


  11. Oops. I am half asleep Pauline! ……bedding and can!


  12. I wake up every morning in cloud when it rains here in Maleny. We had a good downpour last night, but they had a lot down the coast yesterday. I have just started to plant my new garden so it is badding in the plants well. Yes I too love Autumn. Summer is far too hot and humid for me now!. Winter is a blessing too because the garden sleeps a little and I ca slowly get on top of jobs. Thanks for sharing. Marilyn xo

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    • Good to hear from you Marilyn. Are you still in Maleny? Morning cloud would be lovely for photos. What plants are you putting in?


  13. Beautifully exotic, Pauline – thank you!


  14. I’m so glad those ‘stair rods’ make you happy!


  15. Where have Grevillia flowers been all my life – astonishing! I love the rain myself and am sure it came as a wonderful relief to you after all the humidity. Here winter holds us still in its icy grip as another snow storm looms:-(


    • Oh no!!! Not more snow, you must be getting sick of it by now. Hope spring soon arrives for you. Grevilleas are native to Australia and they come in so many colours and shapes from large trees to ground cover, I love them.


  16. The rain, looks good.


  17. Gorgeous garden, Pauline! You have so many flowers to enjoy as autumn approaches. Thanks for sharing your cheerful photos. 🙂


  18. Such Beauty you share Pauline, and today is the 1st of March and the beginning of our Spring.. Also a wet start to the day, but the Sun is now out between showers and the birds are feeding from the feeders, and my own state of mind is breathing in the onset of Spring..
    Where I can pot on the seeds already sprouting..
    Enjoy the Cooooool rain… 🙂 the Earth I am sure is parched and thirsty.. ❤ Love and Blessings to you Pauline xx


  19. Good rain! And so many flowers in your garden – wonderful. I love Frangipani.


  20. Lovely post. Sending you lots of sunshine from the Rhine Valley. 🙂


  21. That fruit salad frangipani is gorgeous, Pauline! It can’ only induce a happy state of mind. I’d love one in my garden.

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  22. They have and thank you. This post reminds me of where I grew up in South Africa. I hope that you are well. 🙂

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