The Rural Heart of New Zealand…

early orning farm walk grasses pc 014_4000x3000

This is the green, green grass my son calls home. This is the view from the kitchen window, of the rolling, lush farmland, that I will be seeing for the next 10 days, as we house sit for Laurie and Kerry while they go on their honeymoon.

This is the neighbours dairy farm across the road and he milks hundreds of cows.

Lauries farm jc 005_4000x3000

Laurie’s farm is only 7 acres so we only have 5 beef cows to look after, no milking required…

last morning jc 010_4000x3000

I smile when Kerry tells me the names, “Steak” and “Sausage” but the worrisome one is called “Houdini”!!! That is the one at the front that is eyeballing me…

early orning farm walk grasses pc 006_4000x3000

Then we have “Nisha” the cat, named after a tiger, and she is a cat with attitude. I fed her, so we were friends, and she would curl up on the bed with her hot little body draped over my legs. Jack was a different story and when she bit him one day they were no longer friends…

morning walk waiku 024_4000x3000

In the early morning, as the neighbours cows went to be milked, we would go for a walk around the lane.

early orning farm walk grasses pc 018_4000x3000

It was so peaceful and perfect light for photography.

early orning farm walk grasses pc 020_4000x3000

The young yearlings would watch us wonderingly as we walked by. I don’t think they are used to seeing people walking along the road.

early orning farm walk grasses pc 021_4000x3000

early orning farm walk grasses pc 043_3000x4000

early orning farm walk grasses pc 037_4000x3000

I was so absorbed in capturing the beauty of the world around me that I didn’t realise that Jack was having fun capturing me, until we downloaded the mornings images, then, oh dear, I had to laugh. No wonder the cows were looking at me…

early orning farm walk grasses pc 025_4000x3000

early orning farm walk grasses pc 028_3000x4000

early orning farm walk grasses pc 026_4000x3000

These are a couple of the neighbouring farmhouses we walked by and they are typical of the farm houses in this area, with the barbed wire fences and the lichen covered fence posts, so photogenic.

early orning farm walk grasses pc 047_4000x3000

As we arrive back at the gate to Laurie’s place I look across the road  at this magnificent Macrocarpa tree. Later in the day I attempted to capture its strength and beauty in a sketch.

early orning farm walk grasses pc 044_3000x4000

bauhinia frangipani tree sketch pc 007_2840x3785

But now it is time to have breakfast.


I have joined Restless Jo’s walking group again this week. Another different New Zealand walk Jo. I hope you enjoyed it.

You simply must pop over to see Jo’s amazing walk around the Lumiere festival it is stunning.

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72 thoughts on “The Rural Heart of New Zealand…

  1. Just catching up on some blogs and glad I made it for this walk! Great shots and “only” 7 acres??? Sounds huge – and my fav pic is the post with yellow paint – such an artsy shot that said much – and of course nice to see jack got u in action – and I did by know u also sketched – you two have so much in common and I like your sketch of the tree.
    Okay – have a good week and hope you have a great time traveling


  2. Once again, beautiful photos. I really have to visit New Zealand and see if the beauty you capture in photos is real. Seeing the photos captured of you in the various positions, I understand why the cows seemed perplexed at so why the ‘being in the red jacket’ was twisting herself like that. 🙂


  3. What a magnificent place! Tell Jack not to worry about the cat – cats always bite me, people even say ‘that cat’s never bitten anyone before!’ lol 😀


  4. great pictures !!


  5. On my bucket list 🙂


  6. what a great place, lovely green…love the lichen on the fencepost!!! great shot


  7. Thanks for the lovely journey. How wonderful that you can house sit, enjoying the beauty, and they can go on their honeymoon.



  8. Beautiful shots. The place looks so peaceful and serene.


  9. Ahhh lovely Pauline, this reminds me of my relatively recent visit to my niece and her partner’s farm north of Coromandel. I so enjoyed this walk with you. Even my cat can nip at times,although with me she doesn’t do it hard!! I will have to take a walk with you all around here soon!


  10. Oh this takes me back to Raglan and the wonderful rolling countryside around there. Love the fence posts and the lichens and the rusty barbed wire – great photos PP. New Zealand is gorgeous.


    • Thanks Jude I don’t think there is any where in NZ that is not photogenic.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I really hope that I get the chance to go back and explore more.


        • Maybe next time you come over here you can make a side trip….


          • Perhaps a round the world ticket with stopovers in New Zealand?


            • Now that would be my idea of heaven, but maybe a bit volatile at the moment…


              • Yes, indeed, blowing up aeroplanes has that effect on you. Or rather on me. I remember the 70s when planes were being taken hostage, but then I couldn’t afford to fly often. Shame we don’t still have all the ships that we had then. Now that was a nice way to travel.


                • But cruising has become big business and I think it is because of the drama in flying


                • Yes, but cruising is expensive as you pay for all that entertainment etc. There used to be regular shipping on smaller ships between England and South Africa and Australia that were more accessible – mail boats!


                • I thought the cost of the cruise we went on was more than comparable with a similar time spent in a resort. All the entertainment and meals are in the initial cost. Of course there are lots of extras eg casinos, alcohol, massage, beauty treatments, endless unnecessary stuff. But for a simple, relaxing holiday it was affordable. For my restless feet not enough time allocated for shore time.


                • Mmmm… maybe I need to investigate 🙂


                • Our 2 week cruise to NZ cost $1998 each, all meals, accommodation and entertainment. Though we enjoyed it I think it will be a one off experience.


                • I don’t think we are cruise people, but I have considered the Baltic cruise to St Petersburg, and the one up the Norwegian coast. I’d prefer the smaller ships.


                • If we ever go again I would pay a bit more for a “stateroom” with a balcony. The cabin we were in had no window to open (we were at the bottom level and the sea would come in!!!) and I blame the aircon for a very bad cold we developed.


                • I would have to have a porthole – it would be too claustrophobic for me otherwise. And I am a dreadful sailor, so maybe a cruise is not for me!


                • We did have a port hole and could watch the ocean slipping by, but it was sealed. As for feeling the motion of the ship I couldn’t, it was so smooth.

                  Liked by 1 person

  11. What a beautiful and peaceful place to live, Pauline! You must be so happy for your son and his wife. Yes, your red jacket really does pop amongst all that green. 🙂


  12. I love cows as long as they aren’t one of the larger breeds because they are rather too powerful! This landscape is bursting full of spring Pauline, absolutely gorgeous!


  13. poppytump

    A look of Hobbit land here Pauline and what a splendid view to look out on as you put the kettle on each morning ! Your drawing really captures the elegance and shadowy evergreen – ness of your inspirational Macrocarpa tree nice work Pauline 🙂 Your cat tale made me smile … Lil Maud is giving me some attitude at the moment clambering over my keyboard . Must be Supper time ! Poor Jack :-/


  14. Looks gorgeous – and your sketch is brilliant! Laughed at the cat with attitude – isn’t that all of them? Nisha is a beauty – and knows it, I suspect.


  15. Wonderful walk. I so enjoyed it!


  16. Beautiful lush country. We have cows nearby and they always watch me with great interest as I walk by. I likewise enjoy watching them, they are curious and smart, with fascinating social interactions.


  17. what a lovely place to house sit. Enjoy your stay.


  18. What a beautiful spot to spend some time. We are so blessed to have the time to really take on ‘living’ to it’s fullest. Love your sketch. Enjoy your stay. Blessings always. Marilyn


    • Hi Marilyn, how are you? pleased to hear from you. Where are you now, are you still travelling? We go to Sydney next week to do a house sit.


      • I’m at home. I have put my home on the market. I shall miss this amazing place but it is just too much for me now. I am hoping to settle maybe close by in Maleny or somewhere on a half acre block so I can still have my dogs and a garden of course. Then I want to go get on the road again. I shall keep you informed. I have a new family member named Chelsea Brown….a delightful brow lab who is just the sweetest dog but has no idea of where her body is. She is two and snores like a trooper! Do enjoy your stay. I would love to move closer to my kids too.

        Love Marilynxo


  19. I wouldn’t have the first idea how to look after a cow, Pauline, but what beautiful countryside! Enjoy the ‘rest’, darlin’, and many thanks for the link and great support. 🙂


    • It is stunning countryside, photos do not do it justice. Thank you Jo for creating this world wide walking group. Now I must go back, put my feet up and a glass of wine to go cyber rambling. Far more interesting than TV

      Liked by 1 person

  20. What a glorious landscape, Pauline. The peacefulness oozed out of the screen. Apart from that staring cow – seeing red perhaps!


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