Early Morning Beach Activities…

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 Ok I did not get up at dawn to catch the sunrise, but at 6-30 it is still early and on a sunny, spring morning the beach is busy. Not much surf, but this keen surfer is still going to enjoy what swell there is. Families take their children down to play in the sand and the dog walking brigade is out in force.

beach activities-1_4000x3000

beach activities-9_4000x3000

Maybe not much swell for surfers but it looks perfect for this canoeist.

beach activities-13_3628x2721

Looking north along the beach, Surfers Paradise, the hi-rise hubbub, looms on the horizon

beach activities-10_3255x2441

The surf life saving nippers go through their morning training drill, while a tourist catches the cancer rays. Hope she has splashed on the sunscreen…

beach activities-11_2893x3857

The life guards are a very necessary part of beach life as this ocean can be deadly with rips and tides changing unexpectantly. It is reassuring to see these yellow life guard huts dotted right along the beach at all the main tourist spots.

beach activities-3_4000x3000

At the southern end of the beach are the cafes and restaurants and the hi-rise holiday apartments. But I am going up to the walkway, through the park, beside the beach now. It is easier walking and there is lots of activity.

beach activities-4_2899x2174

It is good to see all ages taking some exercise.

beach activities-5_2840x2130

But these blokes have come down for a BBQ. What a lovely way to start the day.

But look behind them…

beach activities-18_3018x2264

This personal trainer has set up his boot camp. Look at all the torture treatment he is putting his troops through. While the BBQ blokes relax in the background…

beach activities-16_4000x3000

These lycra lads have stopped for a quick cuppa. Wonder how far they have biked this morning.

These pretty poodles are the same ones I saw earlier on the beach. They have just had the sand washed off their hairy heads.

beach activities-15_4000x3000

beach activities-19_3616x2712

It’s good to see the dogs are catered for as it is hot work walking along the beach, and more so if you have to keep up with your master on his bike…

beach activities-6_3571x2678

Notice the fence on the left? Well I could hear a scratching and scuffling sound in the scrub behind it, so I peeped over. Look what I found…

beach activities-17_4000x3000

A Bush turkey busily scratching in the leaf litter for his breakfast. He was quite oblivious to all the passing crowds, and most of them did not even notice or hear him. I couldn’t resist taking a video of him…

At the end of the video you will see a pile of leaves he is building up. I think that may be a nest he is creating. The male bush turkey does all the house work duties and also rears the chicks on his own.

Here’s some interesting information about these birds, to read more click here.

All Megapodes, (mound builders)including the brush turkey, incubate their eggs in a large mound built and maintained by the male.

  • Mound generally 4m diameter and 1–1.5m high
  • Females dig a hole in the mound to deposit eggs that the male then covers over.
  • About 18–24 eggs are laid in a single mound by a variety of females.
  • Mound temperature affects the sex of the unhatched chicks. A normal temperature of 34 degrees produces equal ratio of sexes: lower temperatures produce more male chicks; higher temperatures more females.
  • The male uses heat sensors in his beak and test digs to check the temperature of the mound and maintain the temperature at 34 degrees.
  • The chicks hatch deep in the mound and take 40 hours to dig themselves out before they quickly find cover in the undergrowth.
  • Chicks fend for themselves and many are eaten by predators including raptors, kookaburras, goannas and cats.
  • Chicks hatch with well-developed flight feathers and roost at night high in trees for safety.

Normally they build their nests in the Burleigh Heads National Park. I have never seen one nesting in this area before. I will come back when I come back home from New Zealand to check him out.

beach activities-12_4000x3000

You may like to stop for a coffee or even breakfast at this coffee shop right on the beach. It is always popular. There are plenty more places to choose from across the road in James Street, the main shopping, café culture place in Burleigh.

I have come on my bike so I am going home for breakfast now, it is only a 10 minute bike ride.


Restless Jo has a dedicated band of keen walkers from all around the world. To join them is a lovely relaxing, cyber way of seeing local places. Pop over to join them

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33 thoughts on “Early Morning Beach Activities…

  1. Such a great walk – even though I am late to this posts- 😊and cool tha in ten minutes you could reach all this – I love the shadow and whole feel of that very first photo – but all of your pics have capture society there – with people and dogs and the different attire and activity – enjoyed this very much – xxoo


  2. Pingback: Jo’s Monday walk : Fabrica to Cacela Velha | restlessjo

  3. Pauline what a great early morning start and such a wonderful collection of interesting people you saw along your travels, each photo telling its own story.. I loved your beautiful narration throughout, and its good to see animals catered for with drinking water.. And that Turkey.. Hummm, now some of our own male of species 🙂 could do with taking a feather out of his tail 🙂 🙂 Lol..

    Loved each and every one. 🙂


  4. 6.30???


  5. This was a fantastic walk, Pauline. I loved seeing that bush turkey scratching away at those leaves. The tourist sunbathing on the beach may be very sad and sorry later on the day (her skin is so pale!) lol 😀


  6. Such a lot of activity going on so early in the morning. That turkey was also getting a lot of leg exercise. I’m not sure I could stomach a BBQ so early in the day, so would trot along to the coffee shop after boot camp. 🙂


  7. what city is it you can see there from the beach ?


    • That is Surfers Paradise, part of the Gold Coast in Queensland Australia. One of the top tourist destinations in Australia


  8. I really enjoyed this post, the beach at 6.30 would be great, its still dark here at that time of day!


  9. What a lovely area!!! and only a bike-ride away? I’d be there all the time!!!


    • I should go much more but like all things that are on my doorstep I tend not to appreciate them as much as I should, and go off on adventures further away.


  10. Crikey that’s a busy place for 6:30 am! Your stroll takes me back to Dee Why last year. Always busy with people doing keep-fit / yoga on the grass, surfers, the little Nippers, swimmers, people enjoying coffee in one of the cafés (including me). As Jo remarked you lead a very outdoorsy lifestyle. Still, sun up here and sky blue, so after a shower I am going to head for the common and see what I can find.


    • It was the last weekend of the school holidays so extra busy, but it is usually busy at this time of the year. Look forward to seeing your “common” which I’m sure will be very uncommon pictures…TTFN…


  11. poppytump

    Morning Pauline 🙂 looks like never a dull moment down at your local beach with something for everyone … BBQ and boot camp side by side – now that is an unexpected sight !


  12. So busy, Pauline! We’d hardly get that number of people out at the peak of a Summer’s day! But then, it is a very outdoors way of life and you can see why 🙂 I guess I’d fit in well there but I’d have to go further along and find my own bit of beach (greedy me!)
    Amazing facts about the Bush Turkeys, and when are you off to NZ? I’m jealous again! 🙂 Many thanks for the link.


    • That always surprises me Jo we have 40 kilometre of beach from one end of the GC to the other and all the tourists crowd into just a few areas near the main holiday accommodation. Us locals can show you better spots that you can have all to yourself… but you would have to be careful about swimming as the life guards are only patrolling the tourist spots. Off to NZ next week for 4 weeks visiting family, my son is getting married…


  13. A lovely post Pauline, with so many facets of your community.


  14. I enjoyed reading your post! So much activity! 😊 I think the gentlemen having the BBQ are enjoying themselves more than the boot campers! LOL! I also enjoyed reading about the Bush Turkeys – quite fascinating! Really fun to see the beaches – thanks so much for sharing this! I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful sands and all the footprints! 🐠☀️🏄


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