The magic of a dream come true

 This story starts in 1985. Naren King was invited to a New Years Eve party at the home of Mal Cooper who had employed  Edwin Kingsbury an eccentric architect to design a unique and magnificent building. The building was positioned right on the point where the earths energy lines, or ley lines intersect. It was a magical place, radiating harmony and peace and Naren fell in love with it.  When the Mal Cooper went broke due to only demanding the very best materials for his “harmonious architecture” it became a dream and an obsession for Naren to own it.

After a number of set backs the property became his and he and his wife began a life long project of creating a place of magic. Naren was Australia’s first direct importer of quality natural crystals from around the world and this was to be the ideal place for him to showcase their beauty.

In 1986 the land had been cleared for grazing and banana growing so now the work began to transform it into a garden, a tropical wonderland.

Jump forward to 2015 and we are house sitting only a 30 minute car ride from this extraordinary place so of course we had to visit it.

But where do I start to show you the captivating, overwhelming beauty of the gardens with magnificent statues of the deities at every corner. The tranquil Buddha and the magnificent stupor that was blessed by the Dalai Lama.

I will start as we walk in and follow the track to the Stupor…

crystal castle pc 012_4000x3000

A rustic path meanders through the beds densely planted with tropical vegetation. Prayer flags are waving in a slight breeze as we round the corner.

crystal castle pc 254_3000x4000

The first of the many serene statues  we are to see, stands guard over the large koi fish.

crystal castle pc 022_4000x3000

Passing the Tibetan prayer wheels the path leads down to the Stupor.

crystal castle pc 049_4000x3000

crystal castle pc 023_2266x2018

crystal castle pc 034_2800x3735

Beautiful eastern music floats through the air surrounding me as I recorded this short video as I sit and watch all ages walk reverently around this symbol of peace.

Crystals were Naren’s passion and they are to be found all round the gardens. A short way past the Stupor “Rosie”, a 4 tonne mini-mountain of rose quartz is one of the largest ever found in the world with such a large “crystalized face”.

crystal castle pc 042_3415x2495

crystal castle pc 041_4000x3000

crystal castle pc 038_4000x3000

I spent quite a while in this area absorbing the feeling of calm and beauty that pervaded the atmosphere.

crystal castle pc 051_4000x3000

Going back past the other side of the pond the track now winds through the tropical gardens back to the house that Narin fell in love with.

crystal castle pc 185_4000x3000

After wandering through the Botanical Shambhala Gardens admiring the variety of sub-tropical and tropical plants we spotted the café through a screen of red kangaroo paws. But first we looked around the courtyard outside the café. This is where we saw this amazing trompe l’oeil.

crystal castle pc 099_4000x3000

crystal castle pc 086_4000x3000

This extraordinary water feature dominates the courtyard. Using rose quartz it was crafted by highly skilled fountain makers from Germany. The base is granite from Switzerland. The 310 kilogram sphere rotates on a mere 0.3 millimetres of water. It glows as it catches the sun and according to mystic lore, rose quartz emanates the qualities of love and compassion and this is the spinning heart of the Crystal Castle.

crystal castle pc 087_4000x3000

crystal castle pc 226_4000x3000

crystal castle pc 082_3000x4000

There is so much to see in this courtyard. The ground is embedded with 20,000 pieces of rose quartz

crystal castle pc 089_4000x3000

This seat is made from Sodalite’ this is what I found about it on the internet.

“Sodalite is the stone of athletics, as it stimulates endurance. It is said sodalite will harmonize the inner being or the conscious and subconscious mind. Sodalite promotes peace and harmony. Sodalite is extra lucky for writers.” (I sat there for a while!)

crystal castle pc 078_4000x3000

Magnificent clusters of crystals were everywhere, sparkling and glistening giving off so much energy. Almost overwhelming.

Time for lunch.

crystal castle pc 113_4000x3000

We were there during school holiday time so it was busy. But the service was friendly and quick and the food delicious. Most of the salads and vegetables are grown in their own organic vegie garden.

crystal castle pc 118_4000x3000

This was an Indian Plate and delicious. But look what we followed it with…

crystal castle pc 237_4000x3000

As we waited for lunch we had a lovely view down into the gardens, and across to the distant Border Ranges.

crystal castle pc 109_4000x3000

There is still more to see but for now I will leave you as we eat our lunch and take you on the Buddha walk in the next episode.

Going through to the Buddha Walk...

Going through to the Buddha Walk…

(To be continued)


I’m joining with Restless Jo’s cyber walking group this week. Bloggers sharing walks all over the world.


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32 thoughts on “The magic of a dream come true

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  4. I loved this. Loved those giant crystals! I would love to go there. Great post.


  5. An interesting place. Did being there make you feel “different” in any way? Just wondering what the effects of the ley lines might have been? I’m sure you found harmony in that dessert. 🙂


    • Haha, that desert I think hit my hip lines!!!! Actually it was a very tranquil setting even though there were a lot of people there it didn’t feel crowded.


  6. I loved taking this walk with you, Pauline! Now I’m I’m very relaxed and looking forward to more 😀


  7. What an amazing place. Would love to visit… I feel the energy of the crystal so this would be really fantastic to see and feel…


  8. What a fabulous place, Pauline – thanks for taking me around. Where actually is it?


  9. I would absolutely love to go there and so glad you took me for a virtual walk. What a tranquil place it must be with all those crystals, I’ve never seen geodes that big. Orchids, a massive datura, the water feature is stunning, I love the Harry Palmer quote and even the food looks right up my street. This is a fabulous post my dear x:-)x


    • I knew you would love this place Gilly, but just wait till I take you on the Buddha Walk and the “singing plants”…


  10. What an amazing place! Love all the photos you shared, Pauline! Such beauty and calm everywhere in your photos. 😊


  11. A superlative post Pauline. You really harvest all the glories of wherever you are. You captured a sense of peace with your photos and words. Thank you.


    • It certainly was a magic place and to be created by one man and his wife it is a vision brought to life. If you pass through this way it is certainly worth visiting.


  12. What an extraordinary place.



  13. Oh how wonderful, Pauline! I so enjoyed walking here with you. I would love to tread barefoot along the Reflexology path and rest on the beautiful Sodalite seat for a while. The massive crystal clusters are mind boggling, and I love the Harry Palmer quote. Thanks for sharing your experience. 🙂


  14. Dear Pauline, thank you so so much for taking me on such a delightful energetic walk among the crystals. Loved all photo’s but loved the one with Jack checking out the energy of those crystal quartz.. Wonderful..
    Loved that Huge Rose Quartz.. I have a small piece around the size of half my hand at the side of my bed. 🙂 it holds a wonderful peaceful calm energy.. no wonder they were walking barefoot around its path 🙂

    Thank you so much I hope to catch up with more of your postings over the next few days.. 🙂 xxx


  15. I am absolutely honoured to be allowed to join you on this, Pauline. What a place! 🙂
    I couldn’t help but think that there is a whole army of folks who should be transported to that stupa and made to absorb the peace! There is something so wonderful about Buddhism isn’t there? I don’t know why we aren’t all ‘members’ 🙂 And as for the crystals, shove over, I’m joining you to absorb the vibes! (and you’ve got Jack there, sitting on a bench for Jude, too 🙂 )
    Sending hugs to you both. Many thanks!


    • I agree I think we should send our politicians there to walk around that stupor and absorb some peace. I kept thinking about the dedication needed to create such a beautiful place, and the money to buy all those statues (you’ll see more in the next post)


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