Home From the Hills…

Back to the flat terrain of the Gold Coast.

What is the first thing I do? Go for a walk around the garden.

Would you like to come with me?

garden walk-17

This is the view from the kitchen window and the bottle brush is in full flower.

garden walk-18

Tucked away under the bush is a clump of Pentas rivalling the bottle brush in colour.

garden walk-19

Further round the rocket and coriander have gone to seed, but still taste good in a salad.

garden walk-3

The nasturtiums are climbing every where.

In front of this bed the tropical lilies are showing off.

garden walk-23

Above the pond the Hoya twine through the bare branches of the frangipani tree.

garden walk-24garden walk-2

Overseeing this area the Bougainvillea create a canopy of colour.

garden walk-4

A swamp orchid has burst into flower in the shade of the “Bali corner”.

garden walk-5

Peer closely at this unusual plant. It is only about 6 inches high but is deadly to any insects that come near.  Drosera Carpensis.

garden walk-1-2

Watch it here in action.

Now I will go into the front garden to see what is flowering.

Just look at the silky oak, Grevillea Robusta.

garden walk-7

garden October 1 pc 108_4000x3000

It is covered in flowers. I wanted to have the top pruned but because it is a native it cannot be touched. I hope it doesn’t grow much taller.

Clustered around its base is the pretty pink pelargonium.

garden walk-6

Tucked behind is a red geranium and the lobelia and primula are still flowering on.

garden walk-10

Under the trees in the shade the Clivia is a burst of orange.

garden walk-20

Finally I stand in front of the powderpuff lily pilly ( Syzygium wilsonii ). I love the way the branches droop and drip through all the other trees and plants in this bed and each branch finishes with a burst of fluffy red.

garden walk-13

garden walk-12

garden walk-14

I hope you have enjoyed this stroll around my garden. I love this time of the year as spring is the best time. In another couple of months summer will be here and in the heat the plants will go into shut down, survival mode, and so will I…


I’m joining Jo’s cyber walking group this week, pop over to see where every one else is taking you this week.



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41 thoughts on “Home From the Hills…

  1. I adored my walk around your Garden Pauline.. How beautiful everything is in Bloom.. Those water lilies are so colourful.. my own didn’t flower in the pond this year.. Hope it produces flowers next year 🙂
    This was a delight for the eyes and senses.. Thank YOU xx


    • Pleased to have your company Sue. Gardens are soothing for the soul. I’ve just been for my morning walk around. Now doing my next favourite thing, chatting with the blogging community… 🙂


      • Yes its a favourite hobby of mine too. 🙂 But its no substitute for the real garden.. But seeing the amazing plants and work others have put into theirs is very inspiring and motivating 🙂 Enjoy your weekend, sending Love _/\_

        Liked by 1 person

  2. I just love your garden, especially those lilies. Is it open to the public? 🙂


    • That is a lovely compliment to think it is worth being open to the public, but no it is only an average size suburban garden.


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  4. Lovely garden and I am partial to the nastursums and orchids~


  5. You have the most delightful garden, Pauline. The colours are out of this world. Loved the video. Fascinating! Those tropical water lilies are my favourite image, and mom’s best-loved colour. 🙂


  6. You have a beautiful colourful garden. I assume someone looks after it for you whilst you’re away doing your house sitting?


  7. I adore your tropical garden, so full of vibrant colours it is such a reflection of you. I can see how a macro lens would have a ball here, seeking out the insects and the minutiae of each flower, though your close-up of the sundew is very clear. On this visit I am going to choose the powderpuff lily pilly , as it is such an apt name. How big does it grow?


  8. The sundew photo is exquisite. How nice to return to a garden in full spring bloom.


  9. Such a delightful, colourful garden. Thanks for taking us on a tour and for naming everything too.


  10. Thanks you for the walk around your garden. It’s beautiful. What a graceful murderer the drosera is. Did you miss your rock orchids? I was looking for them!


    • I did take a photo of them Meg but they are definitely past their best and looking quite bedraggled, so I decided not to show them. I am going to have to separate them next time I am home as they are getting quite over grown and the bromeliads are starting to encroach on them too.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. BeaUtiFul photos! Love all the plants and colors! Does it require a lot of care? 😊💖🌺


  12. What a treasure trove your garden is. Just wonderful. I am in love with your insect-killing plant, it looks amazing.


  13. This is amazing! I watched that video, awesome plant! You have such beautiful flowers and have inspired me to plant more in my garden, Pauline. There’s too many here to choose a favourite, but for colour I’d go with the Lily 😀


    • We are lucky with our warm climate and the number of exotic species we can grow, but of course it can be difficult in drought times.


  14. i like this!!!! thank so much!


  15. What a feast of tropical delight Pauline, thank you! Your photos are fab as well, especially the sundew 🙂


  16. It’s just one delight after another, Pauline! There’s no fear of you not wanting to come home. What a welcome! Thank you so much for inviting me in. 🙂


  17. After being away everything is fresh and like anew.
    Before it gets to be routine we will be off to N,Z.
    Your post has caught the beauty of being back.
    All the things I have enjoyed rediscovering you have put in.
    The Sun Dew carnivorous plant has to be viewed in the morning sun.
    You surprised me with the video.
    I may try supplementing its food as I do for the fish in the Lilly ponds._/\_


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