Market Day at Mullumbimby.

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The third Saturday of each month is market day in Mullumbimby. Called Mullum by the locals. It has been the centre for alternative or counter-culture since the 1970’s and to wander around town and visit the markets it is like stepping back into that era, the time of the flower children, communal living and the hippies still survives in this vibrant and colourful “biggest, little town in Australia”.


Mullumbimby jc 039_4000x3000

These 2 had come down in their camper van, from Brisbane, the big smoke, to spend the weekend here. Picking a handful of flowers from the hedgerow to put in her hair she is a new age flower child.

It was interesting to look at the houses and gardens as we walked along to the markets.

Definitely my style of place. Small, rustic, lots of picket fences, some overgrown and wild, others neat and cottagey. Loved to see the swing hanging from the tree in the middle of the street for all children to play on.

mullumbimby markets 013_4000x3000

Before we even arrived at the markets we passed locals that had spread their wares out behind their vehicles. Is there anything there you would like Jack?

mullumbimby markets 042

As we entered the market we could feel the love, so many greeting each other with hugs, the atmosphere was happy and care-free, and a great place for people watching.

mullumbimby markets 016_4000x3000

Grey flowing locks and bare feet, long skirts, caftans and happy pants were the predominant fashion. The young woman in the modern “jeggings” looks to be from another world.

The market is in the Historical Park and an old cedar shed looks its age next to the 50+ market stalls.

Weaving being demonstrated

Weaving being demonstrated

mullumbimby markets 024_3000x4000

Do you remember macramé? A craft from the 70’s. Well this stall was full of it and I thought this is an example of a “grid” created with string, (the weekly photo challenge)

mullumbimby markets 039_3000x4000

Look how tall this bloke is!!!

There were plenty of food and coffee  stalls all under the large shady trees, but it was an overcast sort of day with showers threatening, so we decided to walk back to the main street for lunch.

mullumbimby markets 036_4000x3000

One last channelling of the 70’s as we passed this old truck devoted to shiatsu massage. But he is all modern age with his phone in hand.  Incidentally I did not see too many people on their phones…

mullumbimby markets 045_4000x3000

As we passed these two friendly characters Jack had to stop for a chat. Bushy and the Pirate were very laid back and a distinct aroma of the 70’s floated on the air around them. Back in the day, this town grew weed so potent it was known as Mullum Madness!

mullumbimby markets 048_3765x2450

This was originally the Bank of New South Wales but now houses a very comprehensive collection of organic produce and supplies. Mullum is the service town for the area and has a good range of shops and services. Lots of craft shops to wander around. But we were looking for lunch. I had checked on “Trip Advisor” before I left home and from 21 choices they named “Rock & Roll Coffee Company” as number one. It is tucked away down a little lane in the heart of town, just round the corner from the organic emporium.

But just a minute, we could hear music, a jazz  blues band. This we had to check out.

Mullumbimby jc 065_3818x2573

This group of local musicians were belting out “Mustang Sally”. Lunch forgotten we stayed, along with quite a crowd, to listen. Finally we dropped a donation in the guitar case and left with a smile on our faces to find lunch.

So down the lane we went. Most of the diners looked like locals and it was a small, sort of hole in the wall type of place. But the food was delicious, (I forgot to take a photo!).

Did you notice the entrance to the left of the café?

mullumbimby markets 056_3000x4000

Must have a look in here…

Lots of good quality arts and crafts and a relaxing courtyard with that amazing mural on the back wall.

Feeling refreshed, fuelled and caffeinated we went for a walk around the streets. But time to head back home…

mullumbimby markets 063_4000x3000

I don’t think the cats even missed us… 


I will join in with Restless Jo’s intrepid walkers this week. Come over and join them.

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45 thoughts on “Market Day at Mullumbimby.

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  3. Suzanne

    Great to see photos of an area I once lived in. Goodto see the old hippy spiritis alive and well.


  4. What a blast from the past! Looks a fascinating town to visit and you two embraced it completely.


    • Further inland there are still more alternative style communities. Especially a place called Nimbin which is all into communes and even has a marijuana museum…


  5. What a great market Pauline, you can’t beat a hippy town for a laid back atmosphere all around the world!


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  7. Great post Jack and equally great colorful pictures, now that’s the style of town I could retirein and blend in quite easily, a turn back the clock time to an era when life was fun and well worth enjoying, thanks for sharing this little part of your paradise.


  8. Joan and Terry

    You always remind me of the places we have not seen in ages, such a wonderful reminder to visit once again Thankyou.


  9. Lovely photos. I went there maybe 20 years ago, bought an army sweater in the surplus store, still oneof my favorite things


    • That surplus store is still there if you need to ever replace that favourite sweater!!! I don’t think things have changed much around here…


  10. What a lovely trip with you PP into the past 😉
    That Macramé took me back as I used to make hangings and plant holders exactly like the ones you show and even lampshades (huge balls) which I sold! I might have a couple of pieces hidden in a trunk – be nice to put them to use. And I must say that Jack looks at home in Mullumbimby. Perhaps it was the ‘fragrant’ air 😀


  11. how beautiful and BIG those cats are !!! whats their name ?


  12. Those are two spoiled cats! Their expressions are priceless. Love Mullumbimby town & the photos. Wish I lived in a place like that.


  13. Super photos, Pauline. Jack fits in very well between the other two musketeers. 🙂 I love the Australian place names.


  14. Great post on Mullumbimby Pauline.


  15. What a great place. It’s good that someone’s holding back the corporate tsunami, and in their own way.


  16. Good timing Pauline! I’m heading for a Polish market this morning. We had a wonderful wedding and still have a couple of days before we go home. I love the macrame work. Many thanks for sharing xx


  17. Mullum Madness – LOL, I love the way you go right into the local history, Pauline. Markets are awesome and some of these little country towns have quite unique areas for people to show their wares. This post shows everything I love about travelling around the QLD/NSW coast 😀


  18. You captured the atmosphere beautifully.
    One thing Pauline that was no jazz band.
    They were blues men and looked and sounded,
    like they had been paying their dues for quiet a while.
    They made me feel like dancing.
    But like ‘Long Tall Glasses’ I was hungry.


  19. Awe I am a total lover of cats, they always miss their humans. LOL My motto: The cats let us live here I just pay the bills….Great post.


  20. I lived in Mullum in 1974 or 75 can’t quite remember which one off the top of my head.I don’t remember much of the town, as we were out of town on a piece of land and I got a job on a macadamia nut farm for awhile. Friends offered to give me 2 acres and a horse so I could farm and the local newspaper guy asked me if I’d take over the Press.
    Somehow it wasn’t in my future at that time, it is great to see your photos though and take a walk down memory lane.


    • Wow Sue, what an incredible time to be living around here and what stories you could tell us. Back then I would’ve jumped at the offer of a horse and 2 acres. I think the town has changed a lot since the 1970’s.

      Liked by 1 person

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