Time for walkies…

One of the main things I have to do on a house sit is “walk the dog”. All dogs love going for “walkies” and Mitch is no exception. It is also a good way to explore the new area.

So would you like to come with me for the afternoon walk?

The house is on a spur high above the surrounding bush, and it is hilly. Just across the road is where Mitch is taken for his morning walk, before breakfast!!! Then again at precisely 4-30pm…

That hill is very steep, it feels almost vertical and it certainly got my heart pumping.

I had to stop, catch my breath, and, of course, take a photo. I think Mitch was quite pleased to sit down and wait for me.

housesit ocean shores-4

Almost to the top. This is my second stop, (puff, puff, puff) another photo of the view looking back down the hill. Are you still with me?

housesit ocean shores-5

There is a picnic area with free BBQs and these lovely gum trees were casting elongated shadows, pointing the way through an avenue of trees

ocean shores day 1 063_3000x4000

Finally we reach the summit and find a bench (this is for you Jude) and look at the view. It is late afternoon and you can see my long shadow.

housesit ocean shores-6

But the walk isn’t over yet. What goes up must come down. So now I head down the other side of the hill.

housesit ocean shores-9

housesit ocean shores-10

This is not so steep, it has a path that winds gently down through the bush and steps make the descent easier.

housesit ocean shores-7

It is an attractive and well maintained piece of bush and plantings of bottle brush, Grevillea and various other species line the track. I had to stop to photograph this unusual white bottle brush.

housesit ocean shores-8

Mitch looks back “come on” he seems to be saying, “we are supposed to be walking”…

We finally reach the end of the track where it comes out onto a road, so now we turn round and go back up the track and the steps to the summit. It is still quite steep and a challenge going in the opposite direction. But here we are back at the summit.

housesit ocean shores-11

This is the view inland over the Border Ranges. More areas to explore.

housesit ocean shores-12

Just as we reach the bottom of the hill this fit young thing swished by.

That was my first walk with the dog, the day we arrived. It is now 3 days later and I have scaled the hill five times. I am very pleased to report that this morning I made it to the top without a stop…


Restless jo is an avid walker and her latest ramble was on the Algarve border. She has inspired a cyber group of walkers from around the world to take us along on their walks. You may like to join them.

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36 thoughts on “Time for walkies…

  1. Dogs are such wonderful walking company and so appreciative of being outside. They also take you out for a walk and some exercise when it might not be your first choice (I speak from experience )😉. I’m enjoying following along on your house sit.

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  2. Good for you, Pauline, I’m glad you’re now making it up the hill easily. It made me pant just to read along! Mitch looks like a laid-back little fellow. I love those white bottle brush. Great views too. Are you enjoying your holiday?


    • Maybe I will loose some weight too Cathy!!! Mitch is a real gentleman of a dog. I’ve fallen in love with him. I am enjoying time out over here.


  3. I was huffing and puffing along with you! Wow! What a walk! And I so enjoyed tagging along with you and Mitch! 😊 I enjoyed all your photos so much! Such a nice variety and what a view! I’d love to draw and paint your Gum trees some day. 🎨💜


  4. Mitch is a wonderful walking companion. Such a pretty dog – and such lovely photos. Thanks for taking us on your walk, Pauline. I felt as if I had to stop and take a breath with you. So glad your stamina is improving. Sounds like you’ll be able to outrun Mitch soon. 😉


    • Well he is fairly slow too, but I doubt it. This morning I had just reached the top of torture track/heartbreak hill and a young woman (about 30) came jogging by and she was hardly breathing heavy…

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  5. Pingback: Share Your World 2015 – Week 37 | Mama Cormier

    • Thank you for the kind link I have been over to see one or two of your other links, some of them I also follow, but a new one I will love is Jill’s art journal. Have a good Sunday. “Cheers Mate!!!”


  6. I am so glad there are plenty of benches around for you, but by the sounds of it you won’t be needing them. You will be the fittest 70+ year old in the place! I’m amazed you were confident enough to let Mitch off the lead, I’d be worried he wouldn’t come back (after my rabbit experience). I suppose you leave Jack in the sun with the cats? 😀


    • I kept him on the lead along the road, then let him go up the track, he is very obedient. Of course some one has to do the hard work of sitting with the cats!!!

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  7. You’re going to be very fit by the time this house-sit is over, Pauline! The photo of Mitch looking back at you reminds me of my dogs on the walk when I stop and take photos – lol 😀


  8. What a beautiful place to house sit.. and such good four-legged and Two Legged company.. 🙂 Wishing you a wonderful weekend Pauline and thank you for sharing those views along with Mitch for company 🙂


  9. It doesn’t look a bad old life, Pauline, especially if you’re Mitch and someone else provides dinner too. Many thanks for thinking of me xx


  10. what a lovely walk !! but what is that about the lions ????


  11. What a great way to keep fit! I wish we had some hills in Florida. 🙂


  12. Lemonpath

    What a lovely walk and it will keep you fit.


  13. Lemonpath

    What a lovely place to walk and it will keep you fit!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. What a lovely walk, and with a bench and a view. Enjoy your time there.


  15. It sounds like that dog is bossing you around. 🙂 The exercise is good but the views are fantastic. Thanks for the tour.


  16. What a lovely place you’re in! Do you ever housesit in an ugly place??? I’m impressed particularly by no puffing after just three days, and I love the expression on Mitch’s face.


    • Oh I was still puffing, heavily, and going VERY slowly, but refused to stop. No never been in an ugly place, some take a bit of adjusting too, but all are interesting experiences.


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