Swell Festival, sculpture beside the sea.

Yesterday I gave you a glimpse of the Swell Festival.

We went to see it on Thursday, the day before the official opening, but already the crowds had arrived. It is a major attraction and there are entries from all over the world. It took an hour to walk along the beach, then back along the walkway to see all 56 sculptures. Of course I had to take photos and study the intricacies of each piece.

swell festival-7 

A celebration of the female figure…

The wind buffeted this vibrant squid making it twist and turn, straining to break free.

swell festival-34

Blue jellyfish swirled around in the tree with a motion that made them look as though they were in the ocean.

swell festival-28_3637x2728

Look at all the intricate weaving.

swell festival-33

swell festival-14

The wind was so strong that the wind surfer actually lost his kite and it went sailing out to sea. The surf life savers had to launch their rescue boat to retrieve it. Caused some consternation at first as we thought the surfer had also been blown out to sea.

swell festival-29_3000x4000

swell festival-30_3797x2848

This lion was made of chicken wire and was very popular with the children.

swell festival-36_3000x4000

This dragon is created with stainless steel chain, and the children loved him too…

swell festival-37

These are only about half of the sculptures. I wish you could all come over and see them in real-time, it is a stunning view to see all these marvellous creations in this beautiful setting.

I wonder which one you would like best. They had a “people’s choice” award and the winner will be announced at the end of the festival. I know which one I liked best, but it was very hard to make a decision.

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27 thoughts on “Swell Festival, sculpture beside the sea.

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  2. Oh my, what a treat you give us.. I would be in my element here 🙂 Big smiles for the delightful preview xx


  3. Sitting here with a bowl of minty icecream and you to entertain me. Doesn’t get any better! 🙂
    That little girl looks like she’s having the ‘I love this lion better than you do’ conversation.


  4. The lion, ship and jellyfish, but it’s really hard to choose from so many wonderful creations!


  5. Lion and dragon get my vote, though I love anything in wood so the woman form is pretty close. Thanks for the visit PP, so glad I know so many wonderful people in Australia who share their world with us.


  6. wow !!! the lion and the blue jellyfish are my favorites


  7. I found yesterday’s a bit creepy, but I love so many of these. My favourite kept changing as I scrolled. I think the shipwreck, or possible the star fish. What a great exhibition altogether though!


  8. What a great outdoor art celebration – I can see why you wanted to take your time and view each piece. Kudos on capturing the woman in the background of the first shot😊.


  9. Fascinating and fun, Pauline. This is similar to the one in Sydney which I missed. Fantastic idea.


  10. These are lovely!! Thank you for taking the pictures and posting them. I like the jellyfish in the tree ….my favorite by far! (The glasses remind me of a visit we made to a remote cornfield in Iowa at the crash site of Buddy Holly ……. just a big pair of glasses in a corn field. )
    But for this competition ….. I vote Jellyfish!!


    • Those jelly fish were so ethereal the way they seemed to float. Good choice. I’m looking forward to seeing which one gets the most votes. The winner gets $3000…


  11. how awesome is this post?!? thanks for sharing so many shots of this interesting art. love the jellyfish, lion, flying squids and the shipwreck (pixilated ship of fools). this reminds me of Sydney’s Sculpture By The Sea. It’s really cool seeing all of the great artwork and sculptures in an outdoor, nature-y setting, especially at the beach with the ocean as a backdrop. you Aussies do this type of thing so impressively. why haven’t beachfront communities here in US done this yet?


    • I especially like the fact that it is all free. It is lit up at night and that would be an amazing sight too, but unfortunately I will not get to see that this time.


  12. I think my vote might go to the woman shape one, especially because of the woman in the background. and then to any one children liked!


    • I did a chuckle to myself when I saw that woman in profile, and grabbed a quick shot before she moved on… That awesome dragon is my pick. He really dominates his space and has an expression that is both friendly but fearsome.


      • Hi Pommepal
        I stumbled across these photos last night, you have done an amazing job and I really appreciate your sharing them.
        I don’t know if you are aware, but the
        Dragon won both the kids choice and the people’s choice awards
        Thanks again


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