Signs of Spring.

Two days ago we had a night storm. Lightening flashed and lit up the sky, the thunder rumbled and crashed and 15 millimetres of rain soaked into the dry earth. Next morning the temperatures had risen to 27C, that is 5 above the average for August.

Now the sap is flowing. It is 4 days to the official start of spring, the buds are forming and once again the miracle of rebirth is taking place.

spring flowers aug-1

The bottle brush (Callistemon) is covered in new buds.

Look closely they look like Brussel sprouts. (“They” tell us that Brussel Sprouts are the new super food)

spring flowers aug-1-2

It is a grey and overcast day today and more rain is forecast.

I went for my walk around the garden and I will share what is happening in our patch of paradise.

spring flowers aug-2

This photo shows what a grey day it is, but look at all the Grevillea buds outlined high up against the sky. This is “Moonlight” a delightful soft yellow.

spring flowers aug-3

This Noisy Miner bird has found one of the Grevillea flowers already open and is tucking in to a feed of nectar. 

The noisy miner (Manorina melanocephala) is a bird in the honeyeater family, and is endemic to eastern and south-eastern Australia. It is a notably aggressive bird, and chasing, pecking, fighting, scolding, and mobbing occur throughout the day, targeted at both intruders and colony members. They even attack and harass the Kookaburra. Since a colony has established in this area we, sadly, no longer have the beautiful native lorikeets and Rosella visit the garden.

spring flowers aug-5

Because I have been at home through the planting season for spring annuals I put a patch of Primula and lobelia along the roadside. I love the variety of colours, and can you see behind them?

The nasturtiums  self seed every year and their happy faces have colonized every bit of spare ground.

spring flowers aug-7

spring flowers aug-9

I’m not sure if this is a member of the caterpillar family, but there are large numbers of them that seem to be eating the fungus like growth on the kale. I think the kale has reached its use by date and will be going into the compost very soon.

spring flowers aug-10

The sweet perfume of this dwarf lemon wafts through the air as I walk by.  “Lot’s o’ Lemons” is a dwarf variety bred for pots and I have only had it for a short while and these are the first flowers it has had. In the past I have not had much luck growing traditional lemon trees so I am looking forward to seeing how this one survives.

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19 thoughts on “Signs of Spring.

  1. Nice series, and your garden is beautiful. There’s definitely a change in the air.


  2. What a beautiful garden you have, Pauline! I’m sure you’re in for an abundance of lemons. 🙂


  3. A gorgeous garden, I hope the miner birds don’t frighten everybirdy else away. I wish you lots of luck with the beautiful lemon tree, the flower is perfect!


    • Unfortunately they have colonized around here, large flocks of them so not much other bird life. The only ones that can stand up to them are the crows and magpies, they are both quite aggressive breeds too.


  4. How can you bear to be away from such a lovely garden PP. I shall look forward to your spring flowers. I am hoping that we get a lovely September Indian summer to make up for the last few weeks of rain… 😦


    • Just short jaunts x 3 over the next few months so I will get brief stops back home to see how things are progressing. I’m really enjoying being home for spring. Well at least the start of it…


  5. We, of course, are moving inexorably toward signs of autumn, although not quite yet. Enjoy those signs of spring and the new life it brings.


    Liked by 1 person

  6. A lovely garden tour – The lemon flower is truly beautiful. Sounds like the bird politics around your garden are tough!


    • They certainly are. It is only in about the past 10 years that the Miner birds and crows and currawongs have chased all the small colourful native birds away.


  7. You do have a little patch of paradise, Pauline!


  8. Nasturtiums are such underrated beauties: I love the way the shapes of flower and leaves reflect each other, and your photo is as always perfect. The circle frame is unusual for you and works really well. But my favourite is that grevillea and noisy miner against a pale background. Superb.


    • Orange and yellow are my personal favourite colour in the flower kingdom. I haven’t been at home for the start of spring for 5 years and this garden is at its best October- November. Thank you for letting me know you appreciated the round frame. I always like them in Jude’s posts.


    • …and of course you can eat them 🙂 Nasturtiums that is, not so sure about the birds 😉


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