Weekly Photo Challenge : Memorable Moments…

This is going to be one of the most difficult challenges WP has ever given.

Cheryl asks us ” For this week’s photo challenge, select and share a series of photographs. You can piece together what you consider an ideal day, recount a memorable day, tell a (visual) story, or show us some of your favorite things”.

Not because I don’t know what to choose for it, but because there are so many memorable days.

Life is full of memorable moments and the older I get the more I have to draw on.

I started this blog in 2009 to chronicle our journey around Australia, so I have chosen just a small sample of magic moments from that year of travel.

 leaving home feb 2010 004_3264x2448

After months of preparation, finding the right camper van, downsizing from a 3 bedroom house into a one room Granny flat, garage sales, giving away and sending surplus “stuff” to op shops. Finally it was time to go. March 5th (our birthday) 2010 and Matilda trundles out of the drive on an epic 12 month, 37000 kilometre journey of discovery around Australia.

This day was a very good day

Yes this was our home for the next year, as Jack put it, “living in a sardine can”….

fog web 030_3264x2448

Waking to a mist filled morning, dew draped like diamonds on every blade of grass and the only thing sharing this hushed and serene moment was spiders waiting for their web to dry and the insects to arrive.

Walking in National Parks, isolated and alone and skinny dipping in pristine mountain streams.

free camp rob & ray 070_3264x2448

So many campfires shared with new friends, stories and a glass of wine shared.

Even one camp shared with a friendly horse that loved cups of tea and muffins.

Giralia camp flowers pc 007_3264x2448

The friendliness and generosity of the nomads on the road.

One memorable evening we arrived late into a camp ground called “funny dunny” miles from any where, but a favourite with the fishing community. As we settled in the neighbour came over and offered us 2 freshly caught fish. Not only that but as we had no idea how to cook it (at that stage of the journey we were still newbies) they gutted, cooked and then shared the meal with us.

It was certainly a year of so many highlights and I am thankful for the WordPress blog that allows me to look back and relive those times on the road.

But finally I have to include these last 2 photos. This is the best sunset of many memorable sunsets I photographed. It was a moment that took my breath away. Words fail me to describe the intensity of feeling as I witnessed, and photographed this glorious vision.

Mic & Wendy 042_3264x2448

It was a moment shared with friends which made it very special.

Mic & Wendy 001_3264x2448

The end of another very good day.

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29 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge : Memorable Moments…

  1. That must be a west coast sunset Pauline, makes me a little homesick, west coast NZ sunsets are not quite so spectacular.


    • Good to hear from you Naomi. That sunset was from the beach at Kalbarri. I see you are making the most of your NZ adventure. We will be back there mid October for 4 weeks.


  2. Great series. What a life. The things you would have seen that city folk can only dream of.


  3. As you say there has been so many.
    I think you chose some good ones.
    Some, but not the sum total.


  4. Wonderful story of your adventures, Pauline. Yes, the sunset image is spectacular, however, it’s the lovely moments of meeting new friends, embarking on adventures and spending moments with your fabulous partner in life, Jack. Good days, indeed!


    • That is so true Jane. The photos remind me of the lovely and interesting people we met ( and that includes a lovely couple from USA ) and the adventures Jack and I have experienced.


  5. Wonderful! What an experience you had, Pauline 🙂 May life bring you many more wonderful moments!


  6. That sure is one stunning sunset photograph Pauline. What a wonderful way to see this beautiful country. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  7. A really magnificent sunset, Pauline! I’m sure those fish tasted so delicious. How kind of your friends to share. You’ve both had so many memorable moments along your journeys. Seems like you’re having the time of your lives. 🙂


  8. stunning pictures !!! loved them !!!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. The memories are as golden and glorious as the photo of the sunset.



  10. I have never seen anything quite like that sunset! Gorgeous.


  11. Your sunset has brought tears to my eye, I can just imagine watching it unfold.


  12. What a wonderful experience. I think nomads are happier and friendlier people. They have no ties to anything which gives the feeling of freedom. This is a dream of mine – to travel for a year but in the United States. The sunset must have been breathtaking. What an amazing photo! Thank you for sharing your experience.


  13. What a truly wonderful set of memories…….


  14. Pauline, that last photo is gob-smacking.
    Thank you!


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