Gold Coast Icons,

Change is inevitable. I look around and see it happening. So before these Icons have gone and been replaced with bigger and better (often debatable) I decided to take my camera for a ride on the light rail/ to Surfers Paradise and walk around to show you what is here at the moment.


This is Pacific Fair at Broadbeach. It opened in 1977 and at that time grew to be the major shopping centre on the Gold Coast. It was the jewel in the crown and a major tourist attraction.

“Pacific Fair opened in 1977 on what was swampland with just 96 specialty stores and two anchor tenants. Since then, Pacific Fair has undergone numerous expansions and grew to have more than 300 specialty stores and four anchor tenants.” (Wikipedia)

But gradually new shopping precincts opened. Robina muscled into the market. Brighter, bigger and all air-conditioned it made Pacific Fair look tired and out dated.

 So in January 2014, work began on a major redevelopment project to meet the predicted regional growth on the Gold Coast. Shoppers will be lured back to ‘bricks and mortar’ retailers from online shopping when the $670 million transformation of Pacific Fair is complete.

Take a look at what is coming….

Click on the following link for a fly-through of the proposed revamp.


This is the new look. What do you think? I prefer the previous frontage, as seen in the top photo. I think it has character and a certain style. This new (improved?) look to me is just a generic clone of commercial buildings, all square and chunky, no finesse…

Just a short stroll along the highway, negotiating the crossings and avoiding the trains, is Jupiter’s Casino.


Jupiter’s Casino was opened in 1986 and has had 2 major renovations in 2006 and 2012.

The seven acre complex includes eight bars, seven restaurants, conference facilities, a ballroom, theatre, health spa, gym, and a monorail which connects the property to the Oasis Shopping Centre across the road. The hotel, with 594 rooms, stands 66 metres (216 feet) and has 21 floors.

But look what is coming…

This is an artists impression of the 6 star hotel complex that is to be built.

JUPITERS Hotel & Casino is embracing the great outdoors with work on the first stage of its $345 million transformation finally under way.  It is expected to be finished before the 2018 Commonwealth Games start.

I hop back onto the G. Link and hop off again at Surfers Paradise, a 5 minute ride.


Across the road is the famous “Hard Rock Café” sign, but a sign of the times is the “for lease” sign in the window. Business has been hard for the traders in this area as the light rail took 3 years of disruption to construct and many shops simply closed the doors and walked away.


Caville Avenue is the main pedestrian shopping and tourist mall in Surfers Paradise, but look how empty and quiet it is. The beach is just at the end of this mall.


Mid-week and it is almost deserted. This is the iconic sign that must feature in millions of photos that go around the world.

The yellow life savers hut, yellow and red flags marking the safe to swim areas and the life savers on duty are icons I hope will never change.

Remember it is still winter,  the weather is glorious, but where are all the people…

Time to head back home…

This is Burleigh Beach and this is where the people are, well a few,  look at all the sun bathers…


Back home and a walk along Burleigh Beach. In the distance, across the sparkling ocean, the iconic outline of the hi-rises of Surfers Paradise line the horizon. The highest spike, in the centre of the row of buildings is Q1. Last week we visited it and from the top viewing deck could see all the way to this beach. But already there are plans in the pipe line to build another apartment block even higher than Q1.

So change is inevitable…

Well here I am, it is Monday and I am joining Jo’s Monday cyber walking group. I made it on the day, just…


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26 thoughts on “Gold Coast Icons,

  1. Joan and Terry

    After reading all comments etc, having lived here for over 50 years,, yes there has been many m,any changes, but would people still like to sit in deck chairs at the movies in Coolangatta, go to Brisbane for anything they did not have on the GC which were many, we love the Goldi and love to think also of the green behind the gold, locals rarely go to Surfers, so much for us all this end of the holiday strip, JUST love all the photos Pauline thankyou so much.


    • Those are very relevant comments Joan I agree GC is much more than Surfers and there is something for every one’s taste here. I must try and get a post about the other attractions around here…


  2. I also prefer the old frontage. It has far more character and style. The beaches look really lovely. What a pity about the Hard Rock. It will be such a shame to remove that gorgeous guitar. 😕


  3. I like the older versions too. Glasgow did well from the Commonwealth Games last year, but I’m not sure how much “legacy” they left, to use the jargon.


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  6. It still astounds me how they can build such high buildings so close to the beach – I’d be scared they’d eventually get washed away (but I am a bit of a scary cat) 😉 And now they’re going even higher? wow…


    • Some of the million dollar properties with gardens going right on to the beach had parts of the gardens washed away in the last big storms. They complained to the council wanting them to put up a wave break!!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Being in the middle of the Pan Am Games (it ended a couple weeks ago, but the Para Pan Am Games start this week) I can pretty much assure you that the almighty tourist dollar will be a disappointing amount. So many businesses and hotels were complaining about their takings during the games.
    And I’m with you – the new look is dreadfully common throughout the world – nothing to attract me, for sure!


    • Every city that hosts big game events seem to report the same. I really can’t see it being any different here in 2018. Now Brisbane is putting it’s hand up for the Olympics in the future!!!!


  8. Goodness times are hard aren’t they? Not too keen on the plans for the shopping centre, progress really isn’t always.


  9. I don’t get how a shopping mall can be a tourist attraction!! Where’s the water and the reflections in the revamps? the last shot is a great photo with the curve and the water sparkle, but oh, the monstrosity of that skyline. Guess what my views on development are?


    • The almighty tourist dollar can only be accumulated by the council, by encouraging people to spend, spend, spend. Fortunately, for them, in this day and age so many people are brain washed into thinking by going on holiday to a place with such “magnificent!!!” shopping complexes they will be happy. Not so many tourists or visitors appreciate the beauty of nature, that is free. I’m with you Meg. Smaller and minimalist are my catch words.

      Liked by 1 person

  10. So much like waikiki. They paved paradise, put up a parking lot. I like the lesser visited beaches of Australia. That is paradise! I have a friend who only goes to The Gold Coast. To shop……


    • G’day Cindy, yes “paved paradise” is a very descriptive comment. I’m so pleased they are leaving our Burleigh Beach to nature. Your friend is going to be in 7th shopping heaven if she comes here in 2018. All the major shopping centres and malls are being given multi million dollar make-overs to cash in on the hoped for tourists to the Commonwealth Games. I think councils are praying to the tourist gods that they send the hoards over here, otherwise I fear we are going to be paying for all this extravagant renovations with our rates…


  11. Heavens, the Gold Coast is looking more and more like California! Are you the 51st State?


  12. Terrific, informative post Pauline. A lot going on in your beautiful area!


    • It is all ramping up for the 2018 Commonwealth Games Jane. I fear our council is on a big spending spree hoping the cash cow will come home in 2018 with millions of tourist dollars….


  13. Well done, you! 🙂 🙂 Well, it’s easy to see why anyone would want to sit on Burleigh Beach, with that more natural backdrop. I can never reconcile skyscrapers and beaches, Pauline. Or shopping complexes either! For me a beach is a natural environment and I would never want it to be any other way. Keep high rise for inner city! But then- I could just be an old fuddy duddy! 🙂
    Thanks for joining me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hopefully “our” beach never changes. That hill in the background is a National Park so thankfully it will never be built on.


  14. I agree. I like the original facades much better. One of the things I like about where we live is that, although we have lots of name brand, upscale stores, they’re in older buildings or buildings that have been built to fit in, and aren’t enormous monstrosities.



    • I like it when the old buildings are preserved. Australia does not have many heritage buildings but in the past they seem to want to always tear down the old and build modern, and often, ugly replacements. Fortunately people power does manage to save some historical buildings. At least making the developers incorporate the facades.

      Liked by 1 person

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