On top of the world…

Surfers Paradise is a tourist mecca on the Gold Coast of Australia.  An influx of 10 million visitors pour in every year to soak up the sun, play in the surf and enjoy the many attractions. Locals tend to stay away from this “glitter strip”.

We are just 2 of the 515,000 people that live here permanently. How often is it that when you live in an area it is not explored or appreciated. We have travelled extensively all over this huge country. I am always planning the next adventure. So while we are home for a short while I thought it was time I discovered some of the attractions closer to home.

Q1 Surfers Paradise-1_4000x3000

 We parked our bikes then rode this new form of transport, the new light rail, “G-link” that, after 4 years of very disruptive construction, opened for business one year ago this week. Come for a ride with me.

Q1 Surfers Paradise-3_3000x4000

The destination today is to visit “Q1” (Queensland number 1) Opened in 2005 for a while it was the tallest residential building in the world.

At 77 stories and 322.5 m (1,058 ft) and with a roof height of 245 m (804 ft), Q1 now qualifies as the world’s third[dated info] tallest all-residential building when measured to the top of its structural point (spire),[7] (Wikipedia information)

Q1 Surfers Paradise-2_2905x3873

It is a beautiful day for walking and as we walk toward Q1, surrounded by the other towering apartments, I notice the parking police are vigilant and I am pleased we came on public transport. That 3 story “walk-up” apartment in the photo below, is one of the older style accommodation blocks. 

Q1 Surfers Paradise-4_3336x2437

The media have been forecasting “Arctic conditions” as a low pressure belt sweeps up the coast. Inland the temperatures have dropped to single digits and snow is falling. Last night it dropped to 3C, and I snuggled under an extra blanket, but apart from a slightly cooler breeze it is now a warm 19C here.

Q1 Surfers Paradise-7_3672x2760

Look up….

Q1 Surfers Paradise-8_4000x3000

Now that is impressive…

Q1 surfers Paradise pc 064

We take the fast lift that whisks us up 77 stories in almost the blink of an eye. But there is another way to get to the top…

Q1 Surfers Paradise-9_3497x2465

Here are a group of intrepid troopers ready to scale the outside. I think it will be cool and breezy up there.

Q1 Surfers Paradise-21_3000x4000

The observation deck circles 360 degrees round the 77th floor and the views are stunning.

Q1 Surfers Paradise-17_4000x3000

Looking south I can just see our Burleigh Beach.

Before the 1920’s this was an area of swamp or as it is now called “wetlands” and known as Elston. Then in 1933 a man with a keen eye for promotion, Jim Cavill, with the support of locals, lobbied hard until the place name Elston was changed to the more glamorous Surfers Paradise.

Q1 Surfers Paradise-10_3000x4000

The land was drained and the swamp converted into canals.

Q1 surfers Paradise pc 058

Looking north the canals open out into the Broadwater, a playground for boaties and fishermen

Q1 Surfers Paradise-12_3000x4000


Q1 Surfers Paradise-24_4000x3000 

Far, far below I can just make out the ant-like figures of people enjoying the beach.

Q1 Surfers Paradise-18_3000x4000

It is not too busy today, it is mid-week and of course it is winter!!!!

400 people are allowed on the observation deck, but it is not that crowded today.

Q1 Surfers Paradise-13_3105x2142

Looking up I see one of the climbers peering down at us. See how far they went up…

Q1 Surfers Paradise-14_3000x4000

Time to go back down. There is a dining area and a cafeteria but we have decided to have Indian for lunch. There is no shortage of choice in Surfers Paradise and as we walk by mainly empty restaurants, I wonder how they all manage to survive.

This looks interesting so in we go…

Q1 Surfers Paradise-25_4000x3000

We are the only customers, but the meal is delicious.

Before we take the “G” back home we walk down to the beach and watch the activity going on.

This is a classic case of “land meets water” on my walk around Surfers Paradise. So I will link this post to Ailsa’s travel theme, and Jo’s Monday walks (even though it is Friday. Maybe I can be early for next weeks Jo!!)

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38 thoughts on “On top of the world…

  1. Those views are incredible, Pauline. No wonder so many Kiwis flock to Surfers.


    • We are very happy we live here Jill, even though we are always leaving it. Happily it is always still here for us when we get back.


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  3. Some great views and amazing waterfront developments…we all seem to be craving waterfronts these days!


    • Maybe not such a good idea with the forecast of raising sea levels. But yes people will pay millions for that view.


  4. Wow… Looking up at the building and down made me dizzy LOL… Very HIGH to say the least but the views were well worth it Pauline… I remember in 2000 when in Toronto we went the the CN Tower.. I was brave and stood on the glass floor…. :-).. I used to be fine with heights but as I have got older, my stomach now does a somersault ..

    Hope you are keeping warm in those colder night temp drops..

    I was surprised to see how those canals surround everywhere.. Hopefully the sea levels do not rise too much or that maybe a problem in the future!..


    • You were brave walking on the glass floor Sue. The Sydney tower has one too. Jack recently went to Sydney to visit his son and they went up to experience that glass walk. Jack loved it.
      Some of the million dollar ocean front properties do have problems during storms and high tides, they have parts of their gardens washed away.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, I can see only more high tides in the future.. And no amount of $ can stop the Ocean. … But it does look spectacular from the angles your photo shots show.. x

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Joan and Terry

    Love the Grailx


  6. Wonderful pictures! Is that an Indian place you went to for a meal? Couldn’t help noticing!


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  8. Great views from up there. Those intrepid troopers sure are brave. 🙂


  9. Great views and a stunning building – but I think I preferred looking at it from far away in your earlier post!


  10. Wow – that’s a very high building, Pauline. I’m glad you took me up there virtually because I would never go up in real life. Yikes! I’m scared of heights. What incredible views 😀


  11. And I thought I was indulging in the high life on the 23rd floor! Great skyscraper shots, and great views over the Gold Coast. A thought for a future excursion. Thank you. I was back to Stanthorpe in time for Friday’s snow.


  12. Thanks for the wander, Pauline!


  13. What a great town, I’d like to visit that observation tower but not to live in the building would you?


  14. What a fascinating walk, Pauline! I was so pleased I didn’t have to put that harness on! Going up was a doddle. 🙂 I always witter on about disliking high rise and wondering why people have this compulsion for taller/bigger but there is a fascination to a building like this. Did I say building? It’s a vertical city!
    Me- I’ll just have me a boat on those canals and off I go! 🙂 🙂 Many thanks, hon!


    • Hi-rise do not appeal to me Jo. I think small is beautiful. But I guess to cater for the millions of tourists the hi-rise apartments are necessary. They do boat tours around the canals I think I will have to go on one, in the name of research for WP of course…


      • You introduced me to these canals before PP, otherwise I would never have known about them. The views from the top of this building are amazing – so clear too! I wouldn’t like to be the window cleaner 😉


  15. These are wonderful!
    That place looks really cool.


  16. Lovely photos! So glad you’re staying warm down there. 🙂


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