A walk to the Giants Causeway…

Fingal Heads 005_4000x3000

Well I am not in Ireland but walking in the delightful small village and area of Fingal Heads.

When it comes to odd facts, they don’t come much odder than the fact that this charming Tweed village was named after the mythical Celtic giant Fingal who reportedly built the famous Giant’s Causeway in Ireland.

The connection is that Tweed’s Fingal Head has its own Giant’s Causeway – a crescent-shaped mass of hexagonal columns formed when the lava flows from the ancient Tweed Volcano rapidly cooled in the ocean currents. This unique rock formation sits just below Fingal Lighthouse on the headland, reaching towards Cook Island.

This is my first outing in “The Car”. Though Fingal Head is only a 25 minute drive from home this is the first time I have been to explore it.

A sign pointing along a sandy track to the intriguingly named “Dreamtime Beach” entices me to follow it.

Fingal Heads 011_4000x3000

I can hear squeals and shrieks as I approach the end of the track.

4 bikini clad girls are frolicking in the surf. Now I must remind you that it is winter but the temperature is approximately 22C and obviously these girls do not think it is winter.

Fingal Heads 022_4000x3000

Fingal Heads 042_4000x3000

These two are exploring around the base of the rocks as I pass by and find another sandy track taking me round to the headland.

Fingal Heads 046_3000x4000

A bench is conveniently placed to rest awhile before following the steps up to the top of the headland.

The lighthouse is having a renovation. But look at how bright that blue sky is in contrast to the fresh white coat of paint.

Fingal Heads 061_3000x4000

Fingal Heads 059_4000x3000

From this headland there are glorious views of the ocean and along the beach. Being Saturday and such a perfect day I pass many other people also enjoying a day out.

Fingal Heads 068_3000x4000

Fingal Heads 072_4000x3000

Fingal Heads 094_4000x3000

Fingal Heads 095_4000x3000

Perfect picnic weather. I follow along the path. Gulls are swooping and gliding in the air currents. I stand for a while trying to catch a gull in flight. But it is impossible every photo is blurred.

Fingal Heads 109_2535x3397

As I round the corner I am amazed to peer over the edge and see this man fishing. The ocean is swelling and breaking in a frenzy of foam, threatening to sweep him off the precarious rock he is balanced on.

Fingal Heads 115_4000x3000

Fingal Heads 136_4000x3000

This is the Giants Causeway. The might of the ocean is crashing onto the rocks then sweeping through the narrow causeway. The sound and fury of the waves is awesome and this is a fine day, I wonder how it would be in a storm.

Fingal Head boasts some of the most spectacular examples of columnar jointing to be found in the whole of NSW. The local indigenous Goodjingburra clan’s name for Fingal Head is Booninybah – Home of the Giant Echidna: “Booniny” means Giant Echidna. The spectacular columns of Fingal Head resemble the spines of an echidna, and so the Goodjingburra believe that the spirit of the echidna inhabits the headland.

I sit on a rock for quite a while watching the ebb and flow of the waves and waiting to see if the fisher man will get swept off his rock. I have heard that rock fishing is classed as one of the most dangerous sports and a number of people are swept to their death every year. (While overall coastal drowning figures for NSW are significantly down from last year, for the first time rock fishing deaths have topped the list at 26.7%, making it the leading cause of all coastal drownings.)

Fingal Heads 144_4000x3000

This is looking north along Fingal Beach and I follow the track back through the bush.

Fingal Heads 152_4000x3000

From this beach I look back and see the fisher man is still on his rock.

It is lunch time and after seeing a number of families enjoying picnic lunches it was time to go back to the car for my lunch.

Fingal Heads 155_4000x3000

I smile as I follow along behind this couple walking hand in hand. They soon disappear as I stop to listen to the birds. Then I spot a couple of bush turkeys and stalk them trying to get a photo, but I’m having no luck with the bird photos today. So I take photos of some native flowers I see.

Fingal Heads 157_4000x3000

Fingal Heads 159_4000x3000

I have no idea what these flowers are. They look like red bluebells!

Fingal Heads 165_4000x3000

A park is on the other side of the red flowers BUT it is not the park I left “The Car” at. There are so many tracks going in all directions through the bush and I have not been taking any notice of the direction I was heading.

I am lost…

Fortunately it is not a large bush area. So I backtrack along the beach and eventually find where I came in. Phew, there is “The car”…

I decide to go back, in “The car” to the park of the red flowers as I had noticed picnic tables.

Fingal Heads 192_4000x3000

I packed a picnic lunch as I was not sure if I would find any where to eat in Fingal. It was pleasant, an ibis joined me.

Fingal Heads 193_4000x3000

And I was entertained by a mother and her 2 children as they examined an interesting wooden sculpture. Then played hide and seek. The little girl “hid” under a picnic table in full view, but Mum searched around for her and there was shrieks of laughter when she was “found”.

 The Tweed River flowed along the other side of the park so after lunch I wandered over.

Fingal Heads 171_4000x3000

At last I caught some seagulls as they scattered before me.

Fingal Heads 176_4000x3000

Fingal Heads 178_4000x3000

This looks a much safer way to fish.

Almost time to head home, it has been a great day. Then I hear singing and a guitar playing.

Fingal Heads 221_4000x3000

I had to investigate. What an interesting place and live music too. The Sheoak Shack, this groovy café is located on the banks of the river, under the shade of a Sheoak Tree.

Fingal Heads 202_4000x3000

Fingal Heads 204_4000x3000

It was so laid back and a small table in the sun called to me. So I ordered cappuccino and carrot cake and listened to Guy Kachel serenading us.

Fingal Heads 212_4000x3000

This was the most delicious, moist carrot cake to end my day out with…


I would like you to come along with me on Jo’s Monday walks. She has a dedicated group of cyber walkers who share their wanderings with us each week. Go here to join them.

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50 thoughts on “A walk to the Giants Causeway…

  1. Dark Rabbit

    The red flowers you were seeing was the ‘mother of millions’ weed. The Fingal Head Coastcare group have been doing amazing rehabilitation work in the area removing weeds and replacing with natives such as Dianella (beautiful purple flowers and berries) and Lomandra grassy species.


    • Thank you for that information. Unfortunately so many invasive species look pretty but can be devastating on the native plants. Pleased to hear there is a strong Coastcare group in the area. Are you a local person?


  2. Absolutely AMAZING photo’s.. and love how you describe the ocean crashing on the rocks Pauline.. Those views are breathtaking. .
    Many thanks for sharing them… Love them..
    Sue ❤


  3. 22°? I reckon that’s pretty close to summer. And Jo is right, you take us all moseying with you – I love that, right down to checking out your picnic lunch, which I must say looked very healthy. As for the carrot cake – it has veggies in it, which makes it healthy, too!


  4. Beautiful pics, Pauline. Your lunch looks very healthy, but the carrot cake looks irresistible. 🙂


  5. What a great day out and it’s nice to see you exploring in your new car. The beach photos are exhilerating but those flower photos are my favourite!


  6. Great photos. 🙂 such a beautiful area and not unlike the Sunshine Coast. Thanks for sharing your day out. I don’t know if your camera takes videos but sometimes I film a bird in flight and then get a still picture from the video using an app on my ipad. Birds are tricky to capture – and butterflies are even more difficult! Lol!

    Your seagull picture is wonderful. 🙂 Have a great day. cheers, Maria.


    • Thanks for the tip Maria. Yes I do have a video on the camera but never thought of using it for the birds, I will try it next time I am at the beach.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. poppytump

    Wandering along the coastline with you Pauline like that was just the ticket ! Dreamtime Beach only 25 minutes away with that aquamarine ocean .. sigh .. you lucky lady P:-)
    I can see ‘The Car’ has opened up lots of possibilities … the Giant’s Causeway really looks a spectacular geological feature , but oh that fisherman .. way too risky in the light of those statistics . Lots of lovely flowers to photo and never mind those old seagulls 😉 birds I hardly ever – no let’s say never – get in focus either ! Lovely post x


    • Thanks Poppy for the lovely comment. I am spoilt for choice with beaches in this area. But I am not a lay-on-the-beach sort of person, prefer to walk and photograph them…


  8. Pingback: Jo’s Monday walk : City of Norwich | restlessjo

  9. I love this first outing in The Car. What a christening. I enjoyed your street photography and as always your sheer delight in whatever’s happening. I’m glad you shared your lunch too. I also liked your rainbow posts but my connection let me down. Fancy being followed by a rainbow.


    • It was a good first outing for the christening. I kinda think it might just be “The Car” for a while… That rainbow just blew us away, we just kept saying “wow, wow it is still there, must get another photo” but that wasn’t all on that day we picked up a hitch hiker but that is a whole different and amazing story…

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Pauline, I see that while Jack’s away, the cat is playing. So is “the car,” playing with you! What a wonderful outing. I had no idea there was a Giant’s Causeway in New South Wales. That fisherman seems rather foolhardy; I hope he made it home to see another day. I love the name of the beach, The Dreamtime Beach; that would have lured me too. What a lovely outing, and that picnic also looks scrumptious. I’ll have to fight with you and Jude over that carrot cake! 🙂


  11. What a wonderful walk PP – I was with you all the way to those amazing rocks (I never knew there was another Giant’s Causeway), but you didn’t pack a big enough lunch to share so I’m afraid I shall have to eat all that lovely carrot cake 🙂
    Any ideas of a name for “The Car” yet? She seems like an adventurous soul if this trip is anything to go by, though naughty of her to hide from you like that 😉


  12. I shall have a look before we leave on Thursday Pauline. I grew up near the Glasshouse Mts and am familiar withe columnar jointing from my many scrambles up the base of the mountains. I didn’t know of any near here. Thursday is our last day now. Bus is packed and we are heading for Canberra to mind my daughter’s dog and house. Yes in Winter! Then it’s off somewhere. I shall keep in touch. Lots of love your way.


    • Good to hear from you Marilyn. Good luck on your travels. WQe were in Canberra house sitting last winter and it is not as bad as people say, in fact I loved the beautiful clear sunny days. You have to wrap up if the wind blows. Safe travels. Are you going to start your blog again about your travels?


  13. The Tweed is absolutely beautiful. That man on the rock looks like my brother who lives in that area. We often went rock fishing when were kids. My sister got swept off once, but she was okay. I look back now and wonder how we all survived! 😉


  14. Ahh what a fabulous trip ‘The Car’ took you on. I love the beach and those amazing rock formations, the ibis that came to lunch and the redbells all make it perfect!


  15. wow! what a beautiful place! I wanna go…!!!


  16. Pauline, you live in Paradise!! What a beautiful day you had. Such gorgeous pictures! Thanks for taking us on your walk.


  17. What a delightful place & post!


  18. RMW

    What a wonderful day you had. I loved all the photos and your commentary.


  19. Couldn’t have phrased it better than restlessjo above – thanks for that glorious walk, Pauline!


  20. What a glorious walk, Pauline! That fisherman must have had suckers on his feet! 🙂 I like a bit of surf but good grief! ‘Dreamtime Beach’ sounds about right. I loved moseying along with you, just looking at life. You do it so beautifully! Many thanks for joining me and brightening a greyish UK Sunday 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Ha… suckers on his feet, yes that must be the answer Jo… It was such perfect weather for a walk. Autumn and winter are my favourite times for getting out and about in Queensland.

      Liked by 1 person

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