Off- Season Lifestyle Decisions….

It is now 18 months since Matilda left us.

Goodbye Matilda

Goodbye Matilda

The decision was made not to buy another vehicle straight away as the next year, 2014, was to be spent house sitting. It was a fun and interesting year driving all different types of OP vehicles from an old rusty, manual, 4WD Land cruiser , a neat, zippy Hyundai Getz to an almost new Mazda 6 with all the bells and whistles.

Then early in 2015 it was cruising to New Zealand and 4 weeks spent over there.

Back home, still without a car, I now use my faithful “Giant” bike to get around. This is the first time in over 60 years that I have not had a vehicle.

mixed garden bikes buses pc 041_3264x2448 mixed garden bikes buses pc 048_3264x2448

The shopping centre is only a 20 minute ride, the beach is 5 minutes straight along the end of the road  and the library is 10 minutes in the other direction. With 2 good saddlebags to hold the groceries and any other equipment I need to carry, plenty of off-road bike tracks and flat roads, not a hill in sight, biking is a breeze. It is also off-season on the Gold Coast so not so much traffic on the roads.

There are lots of benefits to biking. Keeps me fit, no parking problems and saving lots of money.

There are also a few cons. Windy weather,  rain and it can get very hot in the summer time. These are only minor annoyances. The other option is to use the bus.

mixed garden bikes buses pc 005_3264x2448 

Without a car more time is needed to get from A to B and planning is necessary. Bus time tables must be studied, extra time allowed if an appointment is to be met. Life slows down to the speed of my wheels.

BUT all that is to change…

Watch this space…

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36 thoughts on “Off- Season Lifestyle Decisions….

  1. Its good you have great cycle paths over there.. Here they are hit and miss.. Although there are good over land cycle routes to enjoy riding in the countryside.. Not so good on the main roads.. with busy traffic.


    • Our council are very conscious of supplying cycle ways and every new subdivision or road has a cycle path incorporated into it. And the fact that we cam legally ride on footpaths means there is always a safe alternative.

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  3. Joy Hall

    I’m watching this space with interest Pauline!!


  4. VERY impressive PP – how about a moped ? 😄


    • We were considering a motorized push bike that would help when it was windy or hilly. But I want something that I can wander further a field in Tina…


  5. Understand about all the extra time it takes to use buses, Pauline! I’m very mass-transit orientated also, but don’t have the bike here, as it’s too hilly. And we get ice & snow in winter. ⛄️ Definitely better to bus than bike (but not for the waistline). 😉


  6. poppytump

    Excited for you Pauline !! You will show and tell won’t you 😀


    • Oh yes Poppy we went out for first drive yesterday. I think it will be a good replacement for Matilda. Now have to think of a name… 🙂


  7. You are amazing. It is great to ride a bike and take the bus. I am so glad to have my car and I don’t think I walk nearly enough. We don’t have much bus service here though!! Country area….I do yoga a lot…keeps me fit :))


    • Yoga is very good for you and keeps you supple I am going to start going back to the gym, I don’t walk as much as I used to.


  8. Riding is very good exercise, Pauline. But now I’m intrigued to know if you bought a new vehicle. I’ll be watching this space 🙂


  9. I think I might ride a bike for fun but only if I lived somewhere flat and safe, but I love driving so a car is important to me!


    • I like biking around here it is flat, fun and easy. But it took quite a lot of getting used to not having a car and being able to just go…


  10. You look like such a natural on a bike, Pauline. The perfect way to get around, especially as there are no hills. Are the other road users considerate of your safety? I would want a special cycle lane, before I would dare venture out.


    • It is good here most of the major roads have bike lanes and the council is now putting in bike ways when ever new developments are planned. We can also legally ride on pavements. So it is very safe to ride

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  11. Hmmmmmmm……what kind of vehicle did you buy??????


  12. Excellent, Pauline….I take it watch this space means another vehicle!! 😀

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  13. Now that you’ve used the other options like buses and bikes I’m sure you’d be less inclined to always use a car if you had one…At least you’ve given it a try and that’s admirable!

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  14. Bike riding is certainly good for you, but with the cons you mentioned. I’d use the bus here, but they only run during rush hours to and from the train stations, not very useful for me. When I run errands, I try to do a whole string of them at once, so I’m not using the van more than needed and then I have to use it to get to my part time job, a twenty-minute or more drive away. Of course, just because we have vehicles doesn’t mean we can’t use the other means of transportation, so we have the best of both worlds. 🙂 This morning, for instance, getting to church by bicycle would leave me totally soaked!


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    • We are fortunate as there is a very good regular bus service and for pensioners it is free between 9am and 3-30pm during the week so will definitely still be using bus and bike, cheaper, no parking fees and no petrol to buy…


  15. Hi Pauline- we have had a lifestyle change too- I hate to admit to it being an AGE thing! However, I had to retire my faithful Mitzi after five great years and many kilometres of travelling in this great country. Am now owner of new Subaru (AWD) and my overnights will now be mainly in catered comfort!

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  16. Toni

    why dont you catch the bus its free for seniors between 9 and 3.30 weekdays

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    • We do Toni and use it a lot. Very handy for us as we are not far away from stops for both Robina and along the Gold Coast highway.


  17. (Comment limbo for me for a week or too now, and maybe not even “likes” – so just assume that I like everything you post. It’s been true so far!

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    • Thanks Meg, I’ll picture you in cyber outer space till you return… I get withdrawal symptoms if I am away from the WP world for too long…


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